Thursday, July 19, 2007

Living with the Literal

My prayer was, "Lord, Please give me joy in the mundane tasks--the toilet cleaning, the clothes folding." So, God answered in a wonderful way--by giving me a husband who does all the mowing, and enjoys order so he picks up bits of trash and paper and lint, and loads the dishwasher and makes coffee. God also has a sense of humor, and showed unto me that the dishwashing liquid named, "Joy" works just as well on spots on clothing, cleaning toilets, and mopping the floor. And it is cheaper than "Dawn". I suspect it is made by the same people. The bottles are shaped exactly the same.

I have a towel that I have accidentally turning into an astronomy picture of the universe. Thanks to a splash of bleach there, and a hole here and the wear and tear of living a long life as a fluffy, then rag, it reminds me of pictures of the universe on the website, "Astronomy Picture of the Day". Expanding gases via bleach.

This month, with our middle son at rotc camp, we are experiencing "empty nest" and the dishwasher reveals a house of lovers: two cups, two bowls, two spoons, two mugs, two plates.

Thank you, Lord, for joy and jobs, accidents in laundry, and a dishwasher load that makes me blush. Thank you for my lover. His curly chest and body hair reminds me of the curly strands that arch out from the surface of the sun. His curlies can be found like gems upon the sheets. They tickle my nose when I give him a raspberry. I don't know why they call it a raspberry because it sounds more like a trombone.

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Bob said...

Tangle with my extension cord, will you?