Friday, January 20, 2012

Thirty years ago today

Thirty years ago today, President Reagan took office. Our 40th.

I found out I was pregnant with my firstborn. The inaugural made it memorable. I was so thankful my sons started their life under President Reagan.

And now, that firstborn is a captain in the Air Force, and back in the arms of his wife and children. Thirty years later. Touched down yesterday from his six month deployment to Afghanistan.

Thirty years ago today, I found out I was going to be a MOM !!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Before and After

So cool to see how much the children have changed. Abby is taller, and David is more little boy or toddler than a baby.

Bob was naughty

On Monday, I asked Bob if he wanted to be knotty. He thought he heard the other kind, and I hauled in the windchime project pieces. And he tied knots to the weed wacker line and restrung my funky windchime made of things that clang in Bob's old tool box. This one is mower man friendly. No sharp pointy parts. I had seen one at a craft fair years ago and decided we could to this from stuff in our garage.

On Wednesday night, our Pastor has been doing a chapter of first and second Samuel. Comedy comes in spontaneous I encouraged Bob to share on his blog. It was amazing. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We lent our old car to our son while he was waiting for the insurance company and buying a new car this week. I have been taking Bob to the train in the morning and this disel pushes the three huge cars east to Dallas from Hurst-Bell (Helicopter) just six or so miles north of us. It is a back-roads drive down "Greenbelt" to the station through some bottom land and the Trinity River. Most mornings are foggy, and the land there is swampy. I can't imagine anyone ever having a farm down there, but we pass an old hay field, and have lost count of the critters. Coyote, raccoon, possom... on an old two lane road.

At 6:10am it is still dark, and with headlights we creep down the road way too fast for my comfort...and once I drop Bob off, I get back on the Trinity Boulevard road that parallels the tracks for a space. With no leaves on the trees, the train speeds east next to bare trees that shadow it with flashes and once the train disappears under the overpass, it is like the train has entered a portal into another diminsion. My husband is gone from me...disappearing into another time and space of concrete and tall buildings and traffic, meetings and co-workers and computer challenges, for the next ten to twelve hours.

The sun is bright when I go to pick him up. So bright and low that I have to use the sun visor. I get to see the bottomland in the light, and notice they are actually going to build something? stakes and flags and trenches with a guard hut and heavy machinery seen in the light of day. What can they be thinking? When it rains and floods, all these roads are not passable. We have to take other routes. This is a flood plain. Who in their right mind??

But, I want to remember these mornings of warm lips and smeared glasses and the ghostly train that winks out into another my husband enters another world where he works so hard and spends his energy and life, spilt out for us. Yes, he enjoys his job, thankfully. But, his mind is such that he would prefer no interuptions, no distractions. Walls and a door would be nice, but no, the company puts them in cubicle farms like chickens to lay more eggs. While I get to lay about the house and play on this computer, and write of warm kisses and smeared glasses and the lights of a train speeding east to the mean old streets of Dallas.


Waiting for word. Checking facebook for posts and pictures. Captain Andy saw the sun come up in Germany! YAY


Thank You, Lord!

No sign or word that he is headed to Baltimore yet...but maybe in the morning, our time, he will be in his wife's arms at last. I'd love to see it. I'd love to be there but do not want to intrude. I ask too many questions as is.

Months ago, it seems, our middle son, Captain James and his wife asked to use our church's Fellowship Hall for first birthday party for Baby James. One year old already. We knew Captain Andy was due back, but had no clue we'd still be waiting. We asked if we could invite folks from our church, but felt like we were hyjacking Baby James' party. They said they did not mind, but even today, there are no guarantees Captain Andy will make it. And how do you word an email or post an invitation with so many unknowns?

So we wait. And I am so thankful Captain Andy is out of harms way. When I was down yesterday, and needing an attitude check, and a Divine infusion of Thankfulness, I sat in the back yard and prayed. Even before I was done praying, and elderly lady from church called and asked to come by. How do I tell her she was God sent? Then today, before I was done getting dressed, God sent another friend. Dear Heavenly Father, please help me to be sensitive to your leading tomorrow...who can I visit and help? You have been so gracious to me. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Last Wednesday night, at Bible Study, the Pastor did the next chapter in Second Samuel. It has been a while since I read through those chapters...and read together, it was one of those times when I wonder, "Has this chapter always been here??" Abner is being pursued by a warrior in a civil war, and this sprinter runs so fast that somehow Abner's spear goes through the sprinter butt end first.

It caused everyone to pause. The force. Abner tries to get the guy to go away a couple of times, but the sprinter keeps coming, and instead of hand to hand combat, there seems to be the issue of it would be unfair. Did the sprinter not have sufficient armor? Because Abner advises him to take the armor of another. Abner is no spring chicken. What is God teaching us here? Why was this an the whole "insane" Saul versus David conflict put in the Bible? God anoints David king, but King Saul is still around and living out his miserable life of disobedience.

We look to God for direction. Daily. Hourly. We look to God for how to love the hard to love among us. We look to God to dispense justice. We look to God to work it all out in His perfect timing. And sometimes, it won't be until heaven home that everything will make sense. I might ask God, why ten days in Kuwait? What all were you teaching our son? us? Why couldn't Captain Andy make it home just a few days earlier and be there for Abby's fifth birthday? God has His reasons, and He says to trust. Just trust Him. Lean on Him.

And He sends friends to visit. Thank You, Lord.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting my hopes up

Will we see the two captains together at last??

Last year, as our firstborn was headed to A-stan, and our middle son was headed home from there, they had this one week overlap which was stolen when orders were changed, and firstborn had to head out quicker than planned.

Middle son, captain in the Army came home and was reunited with his wife and baby son in a 3am ceremony. Firstborn, captain in the Air Force, his family moved to Texas to be closer to family during his deployment.

Any day now, firstborn will be headed home, and middle son and his wife are planning a party for their son's first birthday. Will the two captains be together? Will we rejoice that both are home safe and sound? Even while two nephews, one with six months to go, and one just starting his year long tour, stay in our daily prayers?

Two years ago, my birthday was the departure date. Last year, it was coming home for one, and departure date for the other. This year, my birthday should see all but one home.

It would be fun to point out the two captains to their high school. How often does that happen? They both graduated from Lamar, one in 2000, and one a year early. One went to A&M, one to UTA.

Those two blue stars in my service flag represent two captains. Captains that are also husbands and dads. They have not been in the same room since middle son's wedding. To share a share a go to the same schools, and share the same teachers...for eighteen years. And then be scattered to opposite sides of the globe. I know it is not unusual, as how often do I get together with my brothers? How do you tell brothers that you will be best buddies for 18 years, and then, flown the nest, it will be a rare day to visit the old homestead at the same time?

Captains, our captains...

Captain Andy...Captain Andy... (Showboat song)

They won't both be captains long. Soon, one will pull away into the rank of major. Then it will be major and captain for a while. And our nephew will be a captain. And both Jameses will be captains for a time. Then Major James M., and Captain James G. Then the Major Jameses? The Major James cousins? fun. fun.

And we will put the miles on the van travelling to see those grandbabies!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I Chronicles 12:32 ...they understood the times...

12:32 From Issachar there were 200 leaders and all their relatives at their command – they understood the times and knew what Israel should do.

Imagine being fit, capable of marching for miles over hill and dale, equipped, knowledgeable of weapons, generously supplied, and understanding the times.

Being able to cut through the liberal, biased media. Being able to discern and be strong. Imagine. Imagine a family of relatives all of one mind.

And then that being what is remembered about you for all time in the Bible!

We have been enjoying perfect weather. Able to open the windows during the day. Clear skies. And the rye seed Bob planted has spouted into the best green grass. He mowed it for the first time, and picked up the last of the leaves.

I heard fireworks last night at intervals. But, went to bed early. We started celebrating with each section of the planet. Our thoughts turned to where our son is deployed at 1:30pm our time. Midnight there. So interesting to read of the folks in Samoa skipping Dec. 30th. No one can claim it as their birthday. They wanted to be the first to celebrate the New Year. Too funny.

In a few weeks firstborn will be home. Reunited with his family. Then we can truly celebrate. And the January birthdays begin: first grandchild turns five January 10th. Then Baby James turns one January 22nd. Then Bob's big six-oh on January 26th. YAY.