Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

The wind was out of the north! I doubt if we get above 90 degrees! wow

Bob and I were childrenless and guestless this weekend, so we went to Mexican Inn for lunch. Then home for a nap.

Ate the rest of the apple pie for supper. Aren't we naughty!

Was yesterday's 30 degrees in Minnesota the first freeze of fall?? The storm we got Thursday night and the cooler temps means we can't complain here in Texas.

Scrabble on the horizon.

Read some blogs on the Anchorage Daily News site. Interesting. Their state fair has started. Huge one hundred pound cabbages that have been known to explode. Yikes.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I don't know why, but I have a hankering for bacon. Strange. Maybe it is all the bacon ads on the radio. I even ordered bacon on my McDonald's angus burger. Yum.

It has been years and years since I have purchased and cooked bacon. I don't need it. But, I was trying to remember how we cooked it in the microwave with paper towells---like a book of bacon. Couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd suprise Bob with an actual breakfast! Bacon, eggs, toast...

it is 5am...soon as he wakes up, he is going to be suprised!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

"Whatcha doing?"

"Planting bell peppers."


"I am trying to earn a tractor so I don't have to click so much."

Farmville has captured my husband. Farmville game on facebook.

He is even too distracted to play Scrabble. Call the doctor.


Oh barf. Top of the news at 10am, radio announcement that obama has ordered flags at half staff for ted. yuck.

Why not flags at half-staff for every soldier killed in battle?

Why not flags at half-staff for every soldier killed by an IED during Ramadan???


On Brietbart TV the other day, Scott quoted an author who said that Obama was "a scold" and that there is a "joylessness" about him. I know I saw it online in a blog, too. Who was that author? Still searching...

But, how would you like that put on your tombstone? He was a Scold. And JOYLESSNESS. Not exactly the fruit of the Holy Spirit, eh?!

Found it over here at the Jawa Report. I knew I had read it somewhere, too.

Need to practice linking and embedding: Fouad Ajami's at WSJ:

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gleaning Isaiah 25 and 26

Maybe its not written to me. But, God's instructions seem like they apply to all---and seems to answer, what is our job? what is our mission?

Isaiah 25:9 Wait on the LORD to save us. Wait.

Rejoice, be glad in His salvation.

26:4 Trust in the Lord forever.

learn righteousness
deal justly
perceive the magesty of the Lord

Monday, August 24, 2009

Love Seat

Years ago, Cargo furniture used to have stores in the malls. Sturdy, functional furniture---great for houses with boys. We purchased the Cargo bunk beds, and now they reside at my nephews'. We purchased the Cargo love seat and coffee table, and we still play Scrabble on that table. But, the love seat has been moving around. I pawned it off on James when he got his first apartment, after it was gathering dust in the spare room. But, yesterday, we picked it up in Lawton, as he not longer needed it. And Amber has found it a new home back here. We will probably deliver it to that new home on Tuesday or Wednesday. Right now it sits forlornly in the back of my van.

This is the love seat that James gouged with clippers one day when he was bored/mad. Ben sanded it out, and restained it, so you can't tell. I have replaced the cushions a few times, and the cushion covers three times. It would work as a junior bed for short children. But, have I mentioned that it is sturdy? Not the most comfortable to sit in, yet it has been the place of many a family picture, and while the longer version might have been better, it fit in our little house okay.

James and Amber gave us back the brown recliner, too! Our set is reunited. And now we have more comfortable seating for guests! Getting fancy around here.

I have a few errands to run---to the post office, and a Walmart run---and the love seat will keep me company. I am glad it is getting a good new home.

And that drive to Lawton is such a pretty drive. We watched some clouds turn into anvils.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Perfect End to a day...and a week...

Friday night we ate catfish with Ben-Ben. Bob and I played a game of Scrabble. Then Bob vacuumed as I mopped the floor and cleaned the bathrooms---because James and Amber drove here! And stayed. overnight. finally. Yippeee! And they got here about 9:45pm, and then we skype-ed with Andy, Lauren and Abby in Alaska! And Abby entertained us all by dancing, first in her Daddy's boots, then on the floor. It was such an infectious dance, that her Daddy joined in...and we heard her shrieks and giggles as her Daddy did arm lifts with her. "Again" she'd shout. It was so cool to see them in their new house, and to see our granddaughter so happy just to be with her Mom and Dad. I want to remember her dancing and pretending to talk on the phone, and how she loved us singing to her, and how cute it was to see her twirling around. She seems to be adapting to Alaska just fine.

Friday, August 21, 2009

How does Wendy do it?

Today, I get to keep my nephews today!! Griffin, Colby and Tanner.

Griffin is going into third grade, Colby into second, and Tanner will turn five in a few days. How does Wendy, their mom, hear them when they all talk at once!? Three way stereo.

They are having fun getting reaquainted with the chevron cars. And we made a run for Happy Meals which, thankfully, came with lego cars. How cool is that!

And thankfully, James left his old tv and dvd player all set up to play Veggie Tales. Too hot to play outside.

And they said they over heard their dad talking about dropping them off at his sister's. So, at last they know that their dad is my youngest brother. That has been a concept long in coming! Aunt Joyce, over and out.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am thankful for the pastors who dig out the nuggets

I was saved when I was ten years old. And when I was in high school, we attended a church called Berachah that met almost every night, because even as we need to eat physical food every day to nourish our body, we need to eat spiritual food every day to grow as Christians. I can read verses all day, but when I read that verse where Jesus said: go and make disciples...I heard, share the gospel whenever God gives you opportunity. That is not what it says. Go. Make. Disciples.

Go: from here. get off your you-know-what.
Make: invest in the relationships. time. lots and lots of time. And leave the results to God.
Disciples: not just baby believers. mature folks who can go forth in the next generation.

I did not dig this out for myself. A pastor missionary nephew was used by God to point it out to me.

And that walk on water story in the Bible----great story, fun story, but I have not been near a lake in a long, long time. And I have no desire to go near a lake. Lakes are dirty. The lake near us eats people. Every time you turn on the radio, they are talking about another idiot that got too close to that lake and drowned. or is it just plain old, drown. Is drown the past tense for done drowned? I digress.

A pastor dug into that story for me recently, too. Our church takes a break on Wednesday nights right as school starts, so we were fending for ourselves, visiting other website-church-Bible Studies, and Pastor Mark Driscoll is off on a tour of the Holy Land with his cute family. So, I clicked on the Denton Bible Church website---our other place for a Bible fix, and lo and behold Pastor Tom Nelson has had a bad heart attack! And that guy was in shape! Worked out every day. One doctor said all of Denton was checking in for their physicals with the news that Pastor Tom Nelson had an artery clogged one hundred percent. They got to it in time. But, wow--listen to his last sermon before the big heart attack---knowing what we now know. Whoa. Makes that story come alive in more ways than one. What? Jesus says to go across the lake and talk to those evil gentiles?? And here they obey, and probably muttered to themselves, just what are we gonna do when we get there...and Jesus waits until it is storming real good before walking out to them scaring them to death. They thought He was a ghost! Then Peter gets all bold and wants to try it. And the story applies to us? Now? I never saw it just reading it for myself. God provides pastors to dig out the nuggets in the story for us. God does not want us to sit home and be islands unto ourselves. God does not want us to hunker down in our little compounds and homeschool our darlings. God wants us to enteract like a family, and all the messiness that that entails. (with entrails) Does God have a sense of humor or what?!

Sometimes God even sends special preachers across the pond to give me a special word. To slap me upside the head and remove all doubt. That has happened twice in the last eleven months! And the second time...whoa...I thought, this is getting to be embarrassing. I definitly do not give enough to cover that guy's plane ticket! Isn't God good? When the pastor covered my favorite Bible story of all time, the woman with the alabaster jar, I thought I was going to become a holy roller. And my family thought so, too as I would not shut up about it.

But, back to Pastor Tommy Nelson's message: Jesus is going to send you places, and then a big old storm will come up and you will think you are dying, and then Jesus will draw closer, and help you walk on water, and He won't even turn off the storm test until He has joined you in the boat and enjoyed the storm WITH you. I could have read that story all day and never seen that one. Whoa. I gotta share that one with Suzanne. She has had some big old storms hit her little boat recently. And try cleaning a graft, check blood sugar, and blood pressure in a rocking boat! Jesus, please get in the boat with my dear friend and show her how to walk on water. And after a little stroll in your arms, please guide her back to the boat, and get back in with her, and ride out this storm of family members having surgery---her daughter-in-law, and grandson, and husband. She is bolder than Peter in sharing the gospel. Help her make disciples.

And next Sunday will be the tribute to The Colonel. God kept that man faithful, persevering to the end. Please comfort his family, his dear wife, and son, and I pray that the memorial service honor You.

Thank you for all the pastors in my life. Shepherds. Guides. And I pray you use my husband to teach our Sunday School. Infuse him with what You'd have us know.

820 wbap day

Today is 8-20-09, and Mark Davis at our local conservative talk station, WBAP says it is their favorite day because their call sign matches the date. How cool is that! From the conservative truckers show from midnight until 5am, to Hal Jay and his crew in the mornings, to Mark Davis from 8:30 until 11am, and Rush from 11am until 2pm---I am an all day listener sometimes. WBAP is warning of possible hail storms tonight. I think the garage is ready to pull in a car. We sure need the rain. My violets and moneywart are all withered and sad. And the purple lantana quit blooming.

Bob and I made an alarm run this morning at 3am. I was wondering if we were still on the alarm call list because we just have not had any in over a month. I'd warned folks when Bob was gone, because the alarm company will only talk to him. And I don't know how far down on the list we are. But, if someone left a door unlocked up at the church, or if the wind blows and sets off the alarm, we get a call. At 3am, as we got in the car to drive over to the church, I kidded Bob that it was like a date to see the stars. Bob did not even stop to put on shoes this time, as the police found the open door, and had walked through the building. Yikes. I would not want that job. Hope he had a big flashlight and his gun drawn. We don't pay our police enough.

Time to shave.
Time to run some errands.
Time to feed the dryer.
Time to take my vitamins with iron---

All whilst listening to 820 on the AM dial. WBAP

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sallycat is back in the house

While we were busy with wedding doings, and guests coming and going, and Bob out of town for eighteen days, and the granddaughter here, and then great niece Karen here, the cat was banished to the garage. I had a fan going out there, and the doors cracked open for air, and so the neighborhood cats were also coming and going---eating Sallycat's food, and helping themselves to Sallycat's water and liter box. I don't mind feeding the neighborhood. It seemed a small price to pay to keep Sallycat out. Sallycat does not get along with the neighborhood cats. Many a day I'd see the neighbor's cat chase Sallycat up a tree. Sometimes there was major hissing and re-arranging of items in the garage and the fur would fly as they worked out their peace. (more like taking pieces of Sallycat's fur out in clumps)

Next door, we have counted at least three or four adult cats, and presently, three teenage-size kittens. They are so cute as they patrol the yard, pounce on each other and every moving grasshopper and bug. They have gotten somewhat used to me hauling out dirty clothes, and feeding the washer and dryer.

I'd prefer that Sallycat be an outside only cat. She has some bad habits when inside, and I don't like a cat walking around the counters where we eat, nor the beds. Those same paws that just dug through the cat litter walking about where we eat is just gross. And the butter must be covered at all times, because Sallycat is a butter licker.

Something about the Skype noises drive Sallycat over the edge. That and our singing. Whenever we sing, she yeowls. And whenever we Skype or test the video or sound in order to be ready for that call that might come in from Alaska, Sallycat comes from wherever she was sleeping/hiding from the vacuum cleaner, and claws us as if to say, stop, it hurts my ears.

Sallycat is James' cat, but what with the many training schools and moves, and now too small apartment, James has no room. And Sallycat is getting old, and set in her ways. I have had to pray about my attitude toward Sallycat, because I will not risk a cat scratching a child in our house. And there is murder in my heart because I want her outside and Bob wants her inside with all her bad habits. Bob thinks I should be punished because I insisted on getting Sallycat, and cats are forever in his mind, and shall not be disposed of until they commit some unforgiveable crime. So, it is my lot, and my punishment to endure this cat that sheds, and scratches and walks on the counter. Counters can be scrubbed, and hair vacuumed. Sheets can be washed---and it is easier to cover the blankets and comforters with a sheet to protect the beds from the cat hair. We shut the door to the back guest room. That saves a lot of cleaning.

I have had cats put down for spraying my windows. And Ben's cat Marbles was put down because she scooted her butt across the carpet leaving a trail daily. Bob says we should house James' cat as a service and gift to him. James loves his cat. Therefore, I don't want Sallycat to die on my watch. It is so sad that she does not get along with other cats. Bob lets her walk all over his chair, computer laptop, armrest. He calls her a good cat, but I doubt he'd miss her for long if she wandered away.

I'll never forget how she dissappeared when James was in junior high and came back on his birthday as an answer to prayer. Because James loved his cat, and we were afraid she'd been hit or taken. The cat with the best personality, Ben's Hannahcat, died of cat leukemia. Sallycat does not even purr. But, she can scale a tree in a flash. Sallycat treewalker.

Maybe God puts a Sallycat in my life to teach me to get along with others---all others, even the ones I don't particularly like. The prickly ones. The whiners. The inconvenient ones. The ones who throw up on the carpet and make me gag. The ones that bite and scratch. The hungry ones. The thirsty. The stupid. The ones that yowl and pounce and are afraid of their own shadow. The ones who don't get along with their neighbors. The immature, and needy, and the ones who hate vacuum cleaners. The ones that want you to wait on them. The ones who are so tired all the time. But, know that if you harm my family, I will hunt you down and send you to kitty heaven. I will treat you for fleas and spoil you with greenies (cat treats) and give you fresh water (even though you'd prefer to drink out of the faucet fresh running water) and you will never go hungry here...but, if you do not like it here, if the accommodations are too small or too crowded, feel free to move on.

And I will continue to pray that God give me His Love for you. Because my love is flawed. conditonal. emotional. moody. lazy even. God's Love is perfect, pure, full of patience, kindness, longsuffering, and God's Love serves, gives, speaks quietly, pets gently. Sallycat is God's creature. But, I think she has an old cat nature, and needs daily grace, just like me.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Putting the house back together

Seems like I have been doing laundry for days and days. Sheets. And I attempted to take down the portable crib today. Yikes. Not for the faint of heart. Should have left that job for the more mechanically minded. No way are all the parts gonna fit back inside the box. But, the portable crib comes with a bag to hold the mattress and frame, and all the extras went back into the box. We have not even opened the mobile or the diaper holder or the frame for the changing table. They are all still in their plastic. So, one more set of sheets from the portable crib.

The washer was not going into the spin cycle for some reason, so I opened up the drain plug thingy, but nothing lurked there. About half a gallon of water spilled under the washer, so I cleaned the portable fan and aimed it at the floor to make sure I get it dry.

Bob bought this syringe thingy with ant poison and put a bead of it along the wall where the carpenter ants have been coming and going, here in the living room. It seems to have done the trick. We wanted to wait until all our guests had gone so as to not harm the babies.

James called last night! I got to ask him the question about Mauricio. I nagged him about getting more sleep. Well rested individuals do not get sick as often, and make better husbands.

It was fun telling Bob's nephew the old family stories. Bob has blogged about so many of them, but I don't think all the nieces and nephews have time to read his blog. Reading them is fun, but telling them...even better. I find it strange that Bob's oldest brother did not share the tricks his evil brothers and sisters played on him growing up.

My errands list includes getting more birdseed, dropping off the disposable camera for development, mailing three things, and fetching Bob some more multivitamins from the health food store. Come to find out, we need to support Whole Foods these days as the libs are boycotting them.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Colonel Was Promoted Home Last Night

I just got word that The Colonel was promoted to heaven home last night. What a wonderful spriritual legacy! And all I can think of are all the wonderful friends and family welcoming him there: Mrs. Karn, Wayne Mitchell, Sue Rhode, Nance's mom Barbara, Skoneee!

His son had been told it would be soon. And so at Berachah yesterday, the sermon included a tribute. John said there was not a dry eye in the place. And Bobby, the Colonel's son and now pastor at Berachah said he whispered in his Dad's ear, and said, "if you can't hear me, I'll repeat it when I get there" or something to that effect. And Bobby said that both his parents seemed to be in prayer.

What wonderful news. Because, as Christians we know for certain that this is truly a promotion. A celebration. No more pain, no more tears, no more restrictions of old age.

I am so thankful for The Colonel's faithful teaching from my sophomore years, through high school, and all those years and years of tapes and FX and books as we moved from Savannah to El Paso to Fort Worth.

Thank You, Lord for raising up and training such a Godly man to teach Your Word, word by word from the original languages, verse by verse for over fifty years. I know You have already told him, "Well done." I just don't know that The Colonel appreciated how the Lord used him to touch so many, many lives---the original mega church will be lined up to shake his hand. I can't wait to say, "thank you!" God used you to change my life. And change the life of my family growing up. My folks picked up and moved from Illinois to Houston just to attend the daily Bible studies at Berachah Church. What a wonderful legacy. I remember one of the first messages on tape that caught my attention was the series on Genesis. It all made sense! And we could not get enough.

Going to Berachah Church, I learned more about history, economics, government, patriotism, family, and life than I ever learned at school. Thank You, Lord!

The Talk


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Morning

Bob's nephew and his wife and four month old came to our house on Thursday afternoon. I just love seeing a hands-on dad!!! I can't help but crow about it. Bob's nephew is a tall, tall guy. And he has big hands, and to see him holding, hugging, juggling, their little baby girl is so fun!!! This baby is going to be used to the deep voice of her daddy. And the sweet, sweet family time. Baby Karen gave us all a scare at her beginning. She was a month early, and spent eight days in the hospital---which seemed like a month, and you'd never know it now as her momma's milk must be straight cream. Baby Karen smiles, and listens with her eyes, and was so centent yesterday afternoon to just lay on the floor and wave her arms and legs and be close to her daddy.

And I must recommend to my friends and relatives to entertain missionaries in your home---as I got to ask him all my questions, and hear all about their adventures in training and travelling so far. Once they have their support lined up, which includes a year of travelling to sending churches, they will fly to Indonesia to be missionaries there with NTW.

We attended their wedding May 2008, and met Bob's nephew's wife at the wedding. Best to introduce brides to our huge, crazy, spread out family at the wedding...too late to back out. I am sure our newest daughter-in-law thinks we are just pulling more relatives out of the woodwork, but we can't wait for our newlyweds to meet these cousins---as it has been at least eight or ten years since our sons have seen this nephew. And it has been so fun to hear more details about how they met, and their courtship, and wedding near Atlanta. We merely showed up as guests, and it has been fun getting all the details.

Ben-Ben, our youngest came over last night, and we all went to Cracker Barrel. I don't think Ben had seen his cousin since the last family reunion in Kansas City when the youngest cousin at that time was in a stroller...and now he just graduated from high school...

It felt good to laugh last night. Laugh at the old family stories, and laugh as their four month old got pounded on the back. It is just hard for guys over six feet tall to be gentle. Everything about them is big---their voice, their heart, and the contrast with this little bitty baby girl---who obviously relishes her parents, and is thriving in a wonderful way herself, is marvelous to see. My parents' generation had defined roles, where it seemed rare to see a hands-on dad. Bob changed his share of diapers and enjoyed our boys as babies, but this next generation, my sons' generation of dads are very hands-on, bathing and holding, and burping and putting their babies to sleep as well as hauling and serving their wife. It is so good to see because I know the little girls---our granddaughter, and this little great niece, as well as the little great nephews we have seen--are going to be so well-rounded, and know that they are loved.

And I can't keep quiet. I have to warn this new generation of parents to enjoy every moment because it flies by. And before you know it, the babies fly from the nest to start new families of their own.

So, we have been blessed this weekend. Bob's nephew will speak at our church on Sunday. And I hope they will get to come back through here a few more times before heading overseas. It is going to be so fun watching this new adventure for them and watch their little baby girl grow. She will probably speak three or four languages, and like her other first cousins, see more of the world and tromp through tropical jungles as her playground.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My body alarm clock goes off at 3am!

Looking at the honeymooners neat pictures on facebbook. Looks like they had a great time! Was that the Gaylord? I have never stayed there. But, I hear their advertisements for the winter ice festival on the radio at Christmas time?

Bob mowed the front and back yard. Whew. Looks better. But, we both got so sweaty. And the mosquitoes were out in full force.

Bob caught up on sleep, and plans on going back to work today.

Let's see if there are any Persieds.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bob is home.

Bob is home. He took some neat videos with James' digital camera of what Anchorage looks like from the air. You can see the glaciers. The sun was still way up at 9pm when they flew out. And six hours later, I picked him up at terminal D at DFW. He is tired, as the airline seats are mighty uncomfortable. He is plowing through the junk mail I saved up for him. I figured he'd want to see what kinda junk mail his own company puts out. ha

Kittens are frolicking in the yard. So cute. Ambushing each other, and the older cats.

I did not sleep much last night. I kept waking up, and then having trouble falling back to sleep. Drifted off just as the alarm went off... and man, the drivers on 360 are crazy at 5:30am. Where was the fire? In the dark, shouldn't we all drive the speed limit? Just a thought.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

They got ON base housing!!! YIPPEEE

Wonderful, glorious news. Andy and Lauren got on base housing! And it is brand new. And it has a playground right across the street for our 2 and a half year old granddaughter. wow. And their furniture comes tomorrow!

And Bob flies home tonight.

I am amazed how things were sorta quiet all day as I waited for news. A little cold front came through. I don't think we made it to 100. It was ninety degrees at midnight, so that might've been our high. But, 85 feels good outside. I still sweat hauling trash to the street as tomorrow is trash pickup day and recycling day. And I hauled a box to the post office. The post office frowns upon recycling boxes. They'd charge you a lot less for one of their pretty white ones. oh well, I am always learning when it comes to all things post office. Most days, I guess---like when I emailed my friend four more dishrags. I had this cutsey box and it weighed 7 ounces, so I guessed...three stamps of 44 each, and 14 one centers. That is what I came up with on the calculator. But the post office has special rates for thickness, etc.

And I did a mass mailing of the new addresses to friends who do not email nor blog. I had the newsletter all ready, I just needed to add the new Alaska address. Fun. Fun. And their furniture comes tomorrow. Talk about timing. Wow.

And honeymoon pictures are up on Amber's facebook page. Wow. Looks like they had a wonderful time. I wonder if I can steal from facebook and import onto here----hum... I love the picture of them above the clouds on Pikes Peak. Wow. Looks so deliciously cool. And what a cool cabin. And I am guessing the Gaylord hotel?? I need to inquire on their pictures. There is a place for comments.

Amber called today. James' lymph nodes are still swollen. Too bad we can't get him to the chiropractor, as he'd work him over good. Amber found some castor oil remedies and apple cider vinegar. Wow. Should I tell her those things come in tablet form?? naw. What a true sign of love. What a man. What a groom! I don't think I have ever had castor oil in my life, but I remember my grandparents talking about it---it helped cured what ailed you way back then.

Maybe I'd better quit having so much fun on the computer and eat some supper and head off to bed. I need to go to the airport at 5:30am to pick up my groom.

Waiting around all day, I kept thinking, I bet they got the on base housing as they have not called or been online. And then Amber called, and then Lauren left a message, and then my friend Mary left a message...when it rains, it pours! Halelujah. On base housing. I am so relieved. So much safer. So much cheaper. So much better for our granddaughter. And when Andy has to go to Fairbanks, so much better for his family to be close to help if they need it. wow. Thank you, Lord. And their stuff gets there tomorrow, too. wow. Such wonderful, wonderful timing.

I am amazed. And so grateful. A box of goodies is on the way---a little girl's fancy wedding shoes, a little girl's stuffed toys. My firstborn's blanket his grandmother knitted him so many years ago. Their mail. Oh, yeah, I forgot to encourage them to go online and change their address. It is so easy to do online.

BO promises not to pull the plug on grandma

At a "town hall" meeting, a little girl asked a question about the "mean" signs, and how does a kid know the truth, and why do we need a change in health care, and BO answered, NOT HER QUESTION, but went on and on about how they were not going to pull the plug on grandma. The little girl did not ask about her grandma. It is astonishing that a president that is also the father of two girls has NOT a clue how to answer a child. What an idiot.

Maybe it does not matter what questions are asked at the staged town halls, because the president has talking points he needs to get through no matter what you ask. wow.


Worst case scenerio---let's say the dims plan passes, and a horrid healthcare system is put in place that does not deliver---then will the very idiots who voted for BO turn on him? or will BO find a new scapegoat? When will the union thugs turn?

Since the dims like the plan so much, go for it. But, let the Republicans keep their old system of free enterprise, insurance companies, and profits. There is nothing wrong with profits. The dims like to demonize profits as a bad thing. Profits motivate growth. Socialism is slavery. Simple.

Trying to legislate compassion kinda backfires big time.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Notes from Sunday church and Sunday School...Keith Small spoke

Okay, Lord, now I am embarrassed!
You sent a missionary across the pond in October to minister just unto me, and now again---same missionary, giving me another message I needed to hear. Thank you for using him to speak to me. Of, course.
Sadly, I don't remember the crisis in my life in October, and my computer crashed since then, so all the notes and blogs---well, maybe not all was lost. I will have to go back and look at my blog in October. I don't remember the crisis, but I remember the comfort that sermon gave me---as it was about one of my favorite stories of the woman who boldly walked into the male party and anointed Jesus' feet with costly perfume.
Jesus had to get in the disciples face and tell them to stop being horses asses. "why do you snort and fuss at her, Jesus said, she has done a good deed to Me." The snort word in the Greek is the word for a horse snorting.
Today's lesson was from Acts. And how Paul dealt with opposition. Acts 19:8 Paul spoke out boldly for three months. Some were hardened...for two years, all who lived in Asia heard. vs 11-20 records of miracles and riots, yet Paul writes to the Christians in Corith: "but I shall come to you...for a wide door has opened to me AND there are many adversaries." Note the word, AND, not but. Adversaries are a measure to success. normalcy. The NT presents opposition is normal, and it is part of the response the gospel provokes. Sometimes we get defensive. We think there is no opening, and we go silent. But, Paul speaks of opponents in almost every letter. His faith was born in battle. He devoutly opposed Christians, and God appeared and humbled him. Paul's faith was born for battle. Opponents within and outside. He was pioneer in the midst of a long religious tradition. And from the outside, Paul threatened the pilgrimage trade, to the temple to Diana. God opened a wide door of opportunity. Paul goes from 12 Christians in Ephesus to a large church, and effective church. ALL heard. Paul preached, persuaded, miracles, exorcisms, and the expensive sorcery books were burned at great cost to the owners. Acts 19:17 The fear of God fell on all. Christ was magnified, and talked about. Paul wanted to wade into the riot, and he directly engaged with Truth, persistently. thoroughly. Jesus, at his birth, it was told "for a sign to be opposed". As Christians, we are born again to be opposed. Some run to the conflict. Some are warriors. Some of us are reluctant warriors. 2Tim 3:12 we will be persecuted. And there will be the temptation to compromise--but, Jesus IS the One Way. The only Savior. There will be the temptation to lie or hide our light. or the temptation to fight back in ungodly ways with personal attacks, or ungracious remarks. There is the stereotype of the angry fundamentalist. How did Paul handle inside opposition from the Judiasers?
Handle internal opposition as graciously as with brothers and sisters. Yet firm. Confrontation over ideas, not personal attacks. Stand firm on the essential: trinity, Bible as our authority, use clairity and grace. Continually evaluate the essential. In Paul's outside opponents, like the institutional ones---Islamic governments, or the European Union, we are not to dehumanize the enemy even as they dehumanize us. Islam hates, and justifies that hatred from their Koran--they are instructed to hate Christians, Jews, and polytheists. Allah hates his enemies. There is NO command to love your enemies in Sharia law. As Christians, we love the people of other faiths, treating people with tolerance, patience, love, we are to return unfair with grace. It is not a fair fight, but we have God on our side when we respond with grace. God performs miracles. First Cor. 9:12 says we endure anything rather than allow obstacles to the gospel. A student stood up in one of Keith's talks and said put your family on one side, and I will put my family on the other and we will call on Allah to curse the one who is wrong. Keith answered, "no. I won't do that. My Savior commanded me to bless my enemies, not to curse them." "You go ahead and curse me. I think God wants us to deal with different evidence first. Consider these historical things about Christ." And the enraged student, breathed a sigh of relief, and sat down. And afterward, they talked for two hours! He had converted TO Islam and he had questions. Meet opposition with truth and grace. Truth and grace is powerful. (There is murder, revenge in my heart, Lord. Please remove it. It is not my job to punish my parents. You say so. Please help me show them grace and truth respectfully even if they see it as weakness. Only You, God, can protect all the women my dad comes in contact with from his inappropriate flirting.) God is performing miracles in Iran, and Egypt. Four million in Egypt have turned to Christ. In Sudan, Muslims trust Christ because they have seen the real Islam, and they want the real Christ.
Our God is not hindered by opponents. Our opponents need the gospel, not our anger. Satan is the real enemy. Satan and sin.
And conversation starters with Muslims: Do you have peace with God? Many Muslims are turning to Christ. Many Muslims are fed up with Islam.
Keith talked about how when debating calm, reasonable Muslims in a college setting, when asked what they think would solve the world's problems, the chilling response: "Islamic government over the entire world, re-establishing the Islamic calaphate."
Keith explained why the ancient texts are important. In the British Library, there is a copy of one of the oldest OT copies from 350 AD. Greek. Now online. The St. Catherine's monastery in the Sinai also has some of the pages from this Bible. When a scribe made marginal notes, or even erasures, the scribes were trying to help understand the text. Never change it. Whereas with the old Koran texts, there were 15 texts written compiled into one, and the original 15 destroyed. And while Muslims think their Koran is unchanged, it has, in fact been changed. The Muslims think our Bible was changed, and that is why Mohamed was given the Koran to replace the Bible, and the Koran mentions Jesus some 80 times, but denies the crucifiction, as well as the deity of Christ. Muslims say Jesus is just a prophet, not a Savior. There are sufi Muslims that think there are many paths, so they reject Jesus as the only way. But, it might help to point out Isaiah 53 to them and show how 700 years before Jesus was born, God declared what kind of Savior He would be.
Keith mentioned passion---how Muslims respect your passion, because they are passionate about what they think is the truth, and they respect passion about God and people. The PC crowd--appeal to the fact that we value critical thinking. We uphold a standard for all religions, and the Bible upholds that standard. Appeal to our right to our opinion. plurality. Let them know you do not want them to go to hell, and let them see that you are a serious Christian, and they respect that. Living out your faith, doing kind things gives opportunities, and go with what comes up in conversation, ordinary every day things---when presented with a family need, offer prayer. Go with topics they bring up because they love to discuss politics and to them politics and religion go together. Go with the root problem in the Middle East: sin. Satan. Jesus died on the cross---this is an historical fact confirmed by Josephus and outside Roman writers. Tell them Jesus died on that cross and rose again as a fact of history. And that I have looked into it. God has changed me. Use your personal testimony.
Jihadist Muslims are polite, calm, but push a political agenda akin to the Protestant Reformers...a passion for the truth and to get back to the best source.

Sorry this is a jumble, but I typed this from my notes taken at church this morning. I wish Joel and Alegria could hear Keith as they are going to be missionaries in a heavily Islamic place.
Missionaries from South Africa were there, and they appreciated the instruction on how to witness to Muslims in their country, as well as how to deal with the opposition from staunch reformed church stuck in their old traditions.
And this seemed to help me understand better ways to deal with the union thugs sent to combat the tea party protesters. We desire to live peacefully. And stand up for what is right and good. Maybe it is time to mix our relationship with Jesus and our politics! Because we believe our country was founded on Christian principles. And those principles need to be defended, respectfully, calmly, reasonably, without anger. And as an opportunity to talk about Jesus.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Have the people in the Middle East read Isaiah?

I would not be buying real estate there.

Nothing Like a Little Yard Work in the Morning...

to get the blood pumping.

And the cats scored! I am guessing a dove. One feather looks like a blue jay feather, but the rest resemble dove feathers. The fight wove its way around the AC unit outside, through the bushes around the corner of the house...into the bushes out front. Wow. I did not hear a thing. I am guessing from the feather trail. wow.

I wonder who the hunter was? The new kittens sure got a lesson in exstacy. No body. No bones. yet. But, I am not poking too deeply into the bushes. No thank you. Let's let nature take its course. Unless I see a buzz of the garage...

And my sage bushes are blooming. They are scraggly bushes. Not at all lush like the ones at the train station nor like the ones at Braum's. Did you know I have sage bush envy? Yes. I a must confess. I desire lush, thick sage bushes. Their purple flowers are so pretty.

The day lilies are done. I pulled their dried reeds and bundled them neatly for the garbage man. Two white kitchen sized bags of trash. And I am resisting putting a bow on the day lily reeds. The Lantana yellow and purple blooming plants are going great guns. I thought I saw a hummingbird, but it might have just been a giant bee-beetle thingy. I saw one of those this morning. The vines are invading the honeysuckle. And the vines out back had completely blocked the view of the neighbors by climbing up into the oak tree. So I did surgery. I pruned the links and used gloves to pull the vines. I have a nice pile to show Bob. I have been wanting to do it for weeks. Just waiting for the temps to dip below eighty. We need to do severe pruning in January, as the wild bushes out back grow twenty feet each summer. I want to cut them fence line height next January and start fresh. This will allow the good bushes---the Nandina to flourish. The Nandina filled out real well where I gave it breathing room last January.

Sallycat scaled the oak tree while I worked. She is a tree-walker.

Scandalice things I have done whilst Bob is in Alaska:

I have left the garbage bag out of the side yard trash can for a whole week.

I have left the garbage bag liners out of the trash cans inside the house for three hours now.

I have fed the neighborhood cats. greenies.

Beat me. Whip me. Call me trash.

Aren't I a rebel? Whoot! And I have misspelled too many words to count.

So there.

Blogging is fun. You get out all your aggression. Ha.

You can write LOL and IMHO, and no one cares. LOL

Wow, I can see the neighbor's roof. There is sky between the Nandina and the oak tree. Nice view.


Alas, I am down to my last bag of wedding bread. I will start rationing myself to four small cut pieces a day and see if I can stretch it out...

Poor me. Forsoothe. And forthwithe. And I only have to make coffee every third day. A pot divided into a tall jar still yieldeth enough for two huge mugs day one, then iced for days two and three. With even enough for splashing on the milk to make coffee milk treats. It is almost time to order more coffee. We have almost made it through our first five pound bag from Coffee Select. I has been consistently good coffee, too.

I need to email Bob---that the persistent and insistent virus/trojan alert thingy must have been a fake, as my own scans reveal nothing. It only asked if I wanted to "keep" astronomy picture of the day. wow. Good thing Bob said to be suspicious of alerts, and shut down, and run my own scan. whew. I really don't want to crash the pewter whilst Bob is gone. That would be embarrassing. Why, I might have to call the geek squad (which we signed up for). I have a list of geeky questions if ever we do need to call them: How do I unload instant messenger? Why is instant messenger fighting live cam for skype=ing? Why do some sites take "forever" to load, like Cakewrecks? Why won't the new pewter let me watch NASA live tv? and old faithful live cams?

As you can see, I have it so rough. Sigh.

I sit in air-conditioned comfort, and wake up to blinking radio clocks which signal unto me that there hast been a power outage in the night whilst I slept. Being the sleuth that I am, I compare the wall battery powered clock to the oven dial mode clock and determine that we were without power for fifteen or twenty minutes sometime in the night. And reset said clocks...trying to make sure the radio clocks are set to AM or PM correctly.

My husband is plotting a diabolical skeme to get me on a cruise ship. Ha. No way Hose-eh. Not on your life. Hasn't he read about the food poisoning aboard cruise ships? Hasn't he read about having to wear patches to keep from vomitting? Vomitting and Vacation are not synonymous, in my opinion. Then there are the tight spaces---I get claustrophobic just thinking about getting stuck in some space saving loo aboard ship, falling or slipping. NO thank you. Just go on one yourself. Preferably with your next wife. Shudder. I have NO desire to travel.

A star studded mountian top cabin sounds fun. Ranger Peak sounds mountain enough, too. Why, I'd be grateful for a trip to Oklahoma City to see the memorial. I'd go this weekend by myself, 'cept we have guests coming. I was so tempted to head thataway the other day, when delivering a load to Lawton. So tempting to turn left instead of right and check out Oklahoma City. But, I was not in my most reliable car at the time.

James called yesterday. They bought a new couch. Did I want to haul the old one home? No. The Cargo couch is sturdy, but heavy, and uncomfortable to sit in. It has sentimental value in that this is the couch James scored with the clippers. gouged out a place on the arm rest, which Bob and Ben sanded out, restained and resealed. I had moved it to the guest room, and it was getting dusty when I was able to pawn it off on James to fill his first apartment. I hope they find a good home for it. We still have the cargo table, which needs sanding to even out the wood for Scrabble. Abby had trouble getting Buzz Lightyear to stand on the wood as it curves in places. She calls him Buzz Nightyear, which I like better. And she calls Woody, Boody. Too cute.

Bob said they are going to the Alaska State Fair today. That is great! I cannot get Bob to go to the Texas State Fair, so this is amazing. And to go with the granddaughter! I hope they remember the camera.

I wonder if the Alaska State Fair has quilts?
I wonder what all they sell food-wise at the Alaska State Fair?
Do they feature livestock? A food and fiber pavillion? A butter sculpture?

And I am curious about the people of Alaska. Has Bob seen natives? Eskimos? Tree huggers? gangs? Independent types that live off the land? and wash their clothes with propane powered washers?

Does Anchorage remind Bob of a tourist town? Does he feel like he is in Colorado? New Mexico? Are the people friendly? eye contact? waving?

And when Bob gets home in four or five days, he will be amazed at how green the back yard is. The tuffs of brown mowed grass are almost completely covered by new, green growth. And the front yard greened up, too in the monsoon that was the last week of July. He won't believe his eyes.

Better post all this goodness, before the pewter eats it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Eating Baby Food

Sounds funny, huh? But, I had bought a bunch of food for our granddaughter who is two and a half years old. Some of the prepackaged stuff I can donate to the food pantry at church---in fact, it sounds like they are patting us down for donations on Sunday, so I am armed and ready. But, the clementines, and bananas---and the puffs---I can't resist. Gerber makes these puffs that are supposidly sweet potato, or apple or strawberry banana. But, the ingredients list starts with rice flour, whole wheat flour, wheat starch, sugar, whole grain oat flour, and then---awe, there it is, dried sweet potato puree. Then the phosphates, "natural" flavors, extracts colors, zinc, and not just iron, but electrolytic iron. wow. It tastes great. A light cereal to start the day in a handy container that reminds me of a vase or tall cup. Did they design the container to fit cup holders in our SUVs or for little hands? If a toddler reached inside, he or she would get a handful, and have to dump out the product or get stuck up to his elbow. So, I bet most of this product ends up on the floor of cars. But, it is tasty.

And the reduced fat milk---I have added to this morning's coffee to use it up. It expires today. And I like milk in my coffee. I am pretending that it is just iced milk. We have another baby coming to visit, but baby Karen is only four months old, so I doubt she will be able to help me with the puffs or Gerber grape juice. I just pretended it was an adult beverage---grape juice slushy. Finished off the opened quart last night.

The boxed apple juice will keep. Ben-Ben will probably help me with that.

I got to skype last night with the new Anchorage residents. So good to see them all together, but my, oh, my they needed sleep. They are in temporary furnished quarters---little bit bigger than a one bedroom apartment, but resembling a hotel room with a kitchen. They find out Monday about possible on base housing. That would be too good to be true. Dare we even hope? And if they get on base housing---is there somewhere to rent some furniture until their furniture comes? in a month?

This time change will take some getting used to. I need one of those clocks on the wall set to Anchorage time---like you used to see on newsroom walls. I saw one at Target about a year ago. I should have gotten it then. For example, it is five am here---which is 2am in Anchorage. I think.
So, we woke Abby up at 4am yesterday to get to the airport, which was 1am Anchorage time. Then they flew all day through Seattle, and arrived at 5pm Anchorage time, which is 8pm our time. That poor little girl had been up for way too long. And only a short, short nap, Lauren said, as they were arriving. Andy said she got another micronap on the way to the base. Poor baby. She is going to be so confused as to when to nap, and when to sleep for the night for a while. And when she is tired, it is hard to make decisions. She won't be this mixed up until she has teen overnighters.

Mine is such a hard life. not. After the wedding, I had to plow through bags of frozen grilled salmon. And salmon does not seem to have much roughage. Are we aware that Eskimos are probably constipated? I still have a bag of sliced bread in the freezer which I am slowly consuming as toast. Now, the baby food. I may pawn off one of the bags of oranges on Pedro next door. And I guess I could freeze the bananas---for more slushies or smoothies. Better than the banana bread path as that path involves heating up the house with the oven. When daily temps are one hundred degrees, it just seems silly to use the oven. Even with spotty power outages, I should not have to leave the house being fully provisioned. Resetting the radio clocks, however, is the highlight of my day!

The radio truckers show woke me up this morning with the sad, sad news that our president---the one I did NOT vote for, has called out his dogs to combat the conservative tea parties. Now, if President George W. Bush had encouraged conservatives to disrupt and get violent at liberal protests, he would have been impeached. But, the dims get away with it. I hope the dims are happy with their choice. It is a sad, sad day in America when the president of the United States calls out his dogs to scratch, hit, jump conservatives assembling peacefully. And our brave policemen, distained by this current administration, will be the ones who suffer, as they try to maintain order between conservatives singing GOD BLESS AMERICA, and the shrill, angry rabble sent to attack them.

Also in the news---the Secret Service officers detailed to Carter are revealing what a fake he was. He only carried his luggage when the cameras were rolling. And he appeared to go to work early, but closed the curtains and took a nap. What a fake. Be sure your sins will find you out.

And the Hollywood gushing of the day---Great movies??? Rebellious teenagers? Not what I'd call great movies. Sorry. Call me a party pooper. A movie director/actor died at age 59 of a heart attack walking with his family in New York City.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Day and a Half already

Lauren, our firstborn's wife, wanted to be at the airport by 5am, so I went to bed early, but couldn't sleep very well... Woke up before the alarm went off, and started cooking the bite sized quiches. Took a shower and got dressed, so that I could help with the sleepy little two and a half year old, our granddaughter. She was ready to get some more shut-eye on my shoulder, but we had to wake her up in order to have her sit on the potty.

Suitcases in the van, and on our way in the dark to the airport, we made it with plenty of time to spare. And thankfully, Alaska Airlines was not crowded. But sandwiched in between Delta and Air Trans, it was hard to tell. Two bags on rollers each, and Lauren carrying the heavy carseat, and the diaper bag loaded so heavy, the stroller was doing wheelies, we paraded across the parking lot into the terminal. After some minor reshuffling, and me, grannie, squirting apple juice on the baby, (note to self---sip some out of the juice box before giving it to the toddler!) they were off into the security lines. Barefoot, stuff in bins, I could no longer help. What a horrid way to say goodbye. Best to say goodbye at home because we have allowed the terrorists to dictate our goodbyes at airports now.

Home by 6am, as the sky was turning purple. Time to put away the toys, and start a box of stuff to mail them once they get an address up in Alaska.

Sad day. Sad day. I probably won't see Abby in person until she is almost six years old. Thank heavens for skype. Now it is GrandDad's turn. His flight home isn't until next Tuesday, so hopefully, he can help babysit some so Andy and Lauren can check out houses to rent.

I left a kiss on her forehead for you, GrandDad. I hope you find it there.

update: they made it! Sounds like Abby was glad to see her Daddy and GrandDad. And all their luggage. It is like fifty degrees cooler up there---better for wrestling with carseat, luggage, and stroller. Abby's new home for the next three years. Welcome to Alaska, Abby!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

found on Maggie's Farm blog

'Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.'

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bob requested I blog about our new squirrel bait

the ants seem to be ignoring the bait traps, but the squirrel is chowing down on the pile of bait granuals I left on the outside window sill. he just can't get enough of the stuff. maybe if I beat on the window he'd go away...nah. I just hope he dies somewhere other than our garage or shed where he'd stink up the place. They need to rename that fire ant bait, squirrel feed. wow. grape nuts for squirrels. he is licking up every last granual. amazing. this will keep the doves and sparrows out of it. suppose I should tell the ambro people how much squirrels like their stuff? in the whole time I have typed this, the squirrel is still banqueting off the ant bait. some granuals are sticking to its snout. i am so mean. please don't report me to Amy Baxley. She loves squirrels. maybe if I set the trap with ambro fire ant bait, I could catch more squirrels. oh. the squirrel is a she. she is gonna have a tummy ache tonight. love, the squirrel poisoner.

All is calm, all is bright

Little precious girl is sleeping. Taking a late afternoon nap.

We all got up late this morning, and explored the Arlington Highlands a bit. Mostly Bed, Bath and Beyond and then the Red Robin for lunch. They make a burger too big to fit in your mouth.

Lauren is looking for long sleeved shirts for Abby. I pointed her to Northeast Mall. The fall stuff is in the stores now. Just in time...

One more day, and then Lauren and Abby fly away on Alaskan Airlines super early in the morning. Good thing I wake up at 3am these days without an alarm. So, tomorrow is my last day with my granddaughter for three years, maybe. Next time we see her in person, she will be five or six years old. I am thankful for skype. We can see her, and she can see us a little. What wonderful new adventures await them in Alaska.

Bob and Andy should be getting into TOK tonight. I hope we can skype with them so Abby can see her Daddy and her GrandDad.

Things are so green here. Even though we are having a string of over 100 degree days.

All is calm. And the sun makes it very, very bright in this cloudless, clear sky.

Where's GrandDad?

Lauren drove back here today from her folks' in Austin. They pulled into the drive about 7:30 or 8 pm. The phone rang inside, but it was not a number I recognized, and the scroll read, "unknown". I went outside to greet Lauren and Abby. Abby had been watching Beauty and the Beast. She had not napped, and her little eyes were tired. But, she was glad to get to stretch her legs, and it looked like she had grown in just one week!

We came inside, and Abby looked at the beanie babies I had pulled out of the little house. But, she went back to the toy bins and looked for her old favorites---Buzz, the puppet dinosaur, Mr. Potato Head, and Lauren showed me pictures of their trip. Mel, Lauren's mom, had called at 3 to let me know they were on the way. I am so thankful they did okay. Lauren did say they had to sit in traffic around Waco. Traffic accident.

While playing with the sticky hair removal roller on a handle, I was trying to explain to Abby that we used it to pick up cat hair from GrandDad's chair---and asked if she could roll the device on GrandDad's chair...and her little voice asked quietly, "Where's GrandDad?"

Where indeed. Andy called Lauren's phone as they pulled into the drive, and from the message GrandDad left---they are in Haines Junction without phone connection, and without internet. They are on the edge of civilization as we know it. Hopefully, in TOK, Alaska they will be back to internet or cell phone coverage. Bob left a message with a pay phone--I could hear the operator or recording say to deposit fifty more cents. wow

"Where's GrandDad?" Abby asked.

Lauren says she asks about her own Daddy two or three times a day, too. On Thursday she shall fly up and see him---and GrandDad. Maybe on Thursday, she will ask, where is Grannie? And Mimi and Pops? And all the greats---in Clear Lake and Tomball...

"Where's GrandDad?" Abby wants to know. I tried to explain that GrandDad was riding in her Daddy's jeep through no man's land on the way to Alaska. She can say, "Alaska". and she smiles.

I can't wait to tell Bob about what Abby did while the next bride was trying on her dress. Lauren took pictures. Abby just loved seeing Ashley in her dress, and the long veil and train. But, lying around, were foam, uh, pieces that dressmakers or the ladies that fit the dress to you properly use to uh, make things look, uh, properly proportioned. And Abby stuck the foam forms down her shirt. At the tender age of 2 and 1/2, she has noticed that she lacks enhancement in this area---and she knows where to put the foam forms.

Where is GrandDad? He needs to hear. He needs to know what Miss Abby is doing. Her blankie is in the washer again. She is not constipated anymore. Love you GrandDad. Love you Andy. Please drive carefully, because there is a little girl that is growing up fast that is missing y'all.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bob will blog about this in a funny way

Bob and Andy are in the Yukon. They said they had a lot of vertical roads today. And if they got behind another car or truck, the dust clouds made it impossible to see. That and the smoke from forrest fires. They bought a 10 gallon gas can to increase their range. Apparently, gas is in short supply way up there. The roads are so rough that Emmacat is stressed, and making loops inside their jeep. When she gets up on the dash, Bob holds the steering wheel until Andy can see again.

Bob says the views are beautiful. spectacular. They lunched at Muncho Lake at a German log cabin lodge. Many of the communities in the Yukon are on evacuation notice because of the forrest fires. Folks are packed up ready to go. That is probably adding to the run on gasoline. They found one burger joint open on Sunday evening. A converted house. For sale. $10 for a buffalo burger sitting at a picnic table, on flimsy folding chairs inside. The misquitoes were bad at Sign Forrest. 65,000 signs that people have signed and left---even crime watch signs which they signed!

And Bob said they learned everything there is to know about the Yukon and the Alcan Highway in a sixteen minute video at the museum. wow

Ben mowed for us!!

Yea! Ben!!! Ben mowed the back yard for us. Whoopie. Now Bob won't have to bale it when he gets back. The grass was still too wet in spots, so the mower kept dying. But, he got 'er done.

I am overrun with ants. I bet I have killed two dozen on this computer table. Where are they getting in, and why? We have had plenty of rain. And there is plenty of fresh, green grass out back. Yuck. I have put out ant bait, and will vacuum it up before Abby comes back. No where does it say don't use it inside.... they are big. half red, half brown.

My Day so far... on this first Sunday in August

Dear Bob,

I have so much to tell you, so forgive me that my words run toooo long. And I am trying to decide what is safe and appropriate for blogging.

I went to church super early this morning, as we had left the freezer door open to defrost, and I wanted to mop up any water before the old folks fell. But, the freezer was completely dry. So, I closed it up, and turned it back on. We will see how it does. May need to replace it. Just think, it could be something we do and put on your company buy plan, and it won't go to the music ministry or to them that badmouth Mark Driscoll...when we are wealthy. ha

Anyway, I gave all the white tables a good scrub. Windex. I probably just pushed the dirt around. But, a few were dirty. So, all sweaty, I go sit down in our Sunday School class. And Effie and Joyce J. ask about the wedding. I talked about how fun it was, and how smoothly it went. And when I got to the part of Amber and James went on their honeymoon to Pike's Peak, Mary W. INTERRUPTED me with her stories about Pike's Peak. So, I stopped sharing. And let Mary W. have the floor that she wanted so bad. And I even asked her questions enthusiastically---about our rain, and everything else she is an expert in/on. what a hoot.

G.G. was saying something in Sunday School. I composed a letter to the newlyweds.

You missed a full-grey-bearded Billy M. "leading" the singing. I think it was leading, but all at once he would burst into his own rendition. So I think we were in the way, and he raised his hands, and seemed to be having his own religious experience. I did not want to interrupt.

During the announcements--we were told, and I know you will be glad to hear this: they are charging admission next week to church! Yes, you, too, can come as long as you bring TWO or THREE cans. I don't think you will get in for just one. The food pantry is so low...that whatshername from the back of the church yelled about how they are just so desperate as there is a desperate need.

Tim N. gave the Colorado report about Summit ministries. four guys plus Tim went. And Tim N. assured us that God would bless you if you give to Summit ministries. now we know. each of the four guys spoke: Miachael D. said that it was a life changing experience, and how they are ready to answer Q about Islam, worldview. or go to Andrew B. said they were taught how to engage the worldviews, and that the 2 weeks was definitely worth it. Tyler S. will probably be working there next summer. He said there was 187 students from all over the world, Egypt, New Zealand, and a total of 250 with staff, and that "DOC" (David Noble) is the smartest, funniest old man I have ever met...Tyler said. And Tyler said he cried like a little girl at a video of attrocities around the world.

Next Sunday, Keith Small talks, SS and Church.

Then Sunday, August 16th, the Sunday Joel Tracy Williamson speaks during the SS hour, it is youth Sunday, so they do the music and sermon, and an 8am pancake breakfast by Donna S.---Joel Tracy needs to be there at 8am for pancakes, and music practice. Too bad Joel can't do the sermon, too, and give Justin and Tim a break. I think they need a break. Joel can say something youthful, IMHO. LOL

Then, at the next song, Bill M. shared that during the 18 months lawsuit, he has learned that the lawsuit was ordained for us by God! And it taught us many things. there was a resolution this week, but he can't share the details, but please pray for the man he used to work for, and his wife, that they be saved...

Pastor Mark taught from Acts 10

It was so strange for me to be at church, in the gym, this first Sunday "back" since James and Amber's wedding. Technically, I was there last Sunday, but just to pick up food, and clean the kitchen. Lauren did not want to go and subject Abby to more strangers after a very eventful day of the wedding. And she was still catching up on her sleep.

I could imagine James and Amber dancing here. And sitting at their special table right under the pulpit. Here we danced, ate, and kids blew bubbles. Here is where Amber's parents sat. I should have visited with them more. I don't want to ever "use" these facilities again except for when we can invite the whole church.

Some seem incredulous that I am enjoying my time alone. I have time to blog, read blogs. Time to eat celery and peanut butter for lunch. Time to clean. Someone said cleaning is theraputic. Time to get organized for the next group of guests. I have time to process the good and the bad. I want to remember the decorating night when we met Amber's folks, and the airports--picking up Tim, then Andy, Lauren and Abby. I want to remember the details of the rehearsal, dinner, the wedding day, and wonder what James was thinking as he saw his freshly dressed bride?!

That is what you missed. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program... Love, Joyce

Bob is helping Andy drive his jeep to Alaska. This was an email I composed to let Bob know whatall he missed at church today. I sat by myself. The lady behind me who shares my name, started coughing, so I shared some cough drops. But, otherwise it was very uneventful. ha.

When something happened that I considered bizarre, I just wrote it down and put it in this email to Bob. As you can see, I vomit up everything for him. No secrets between us. Should he read this, he will also know that I took down the rusted clothes line as the storm took down three strands, and I did not want our granddaughter to hurt herself, or whoever mows... And I picked up a bag of leaves in the sideyard. But, dirty leaves got Bob's ladder all dirty. Or maybe it was the rainstorm, as dirt is embedded on the inside of the ladder as if it has been sitting in muddy water. Skpye is up and ready, and I am doing laundry. ho-hum. Now Bob knows everything.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Skype-ing with The Guys

I don't have to wish I could transfer the picture I took on skype to here. I did it! I think Bob and Andy have the same smiling eyes. Different eye color, but they do resemble each other! It was good to see them. But the connection was jerky. At least they could see me, but the sound was off. I think the microsoft version is fighting with the skype version. I need to figure out how to unload the instand messenger mess with video.

Honey, I'm Home!

Yesterday, Amber called from downtown Dallas, and asked if I was still willing to drive some of her stuff to their apartment in Lawton. I said, yes! And so, yesterday afternoon, James stuffed the old plymouth minivan with Amber's belongings from Pastor Robert's house. I got to see Faith, and had a good visit with the family Amber has been living with for two years?? They have known Amber even longer than that from California.

So, today, I drove the load to Lawton. I want to remember the huge storm I punched through starting in north Fort Worth. Whew. I hate hydroplaning. And this old plymouth needs a lot of brake room. I had looked up the weather online, and knew what I was facing. But, the clouds were very dark and ominous. At Decatur, Texas, I saw blue sky! And then a field of buzzards. They must have been ready to feast upon a cow. I have never seen so many buzzards in one field. It looked like something out of National Geographic.

There was this cute Country and Western song on the radio---something about how I'd like to see you by moonlight, and I'd like to check you for TICKS! Too funny. On the trip home, there was another Country and Western song about how the kids leave home, and follow their dreams, and the house is too quiet. Fitting.

Things were very green today, thanks to all the rain we have been having. And as I approached Fort Worth coming home, the clouds were the biggest I have ever seen. Soon, they blotted out the sun. And I was driving from the west!

James unloaded the minivan for me, and Amber made delicious croissant sandwiches. They were delicious. I did not stay long, as this is still their honeymoon. I left home this morning at 9am, and got home before 5pm. And that is with a stop in Bowie, Texas. The Walmart there had the catfood I needed, and the foil pans to replace the ones we used last Saturday at church.

One week ago today, we were enjoying the reception after a fun wedding!

Bob and Andy said they'd be in Dawson Creek tonight, with mountains, on their way to TOK, Alaska. And they are on Pacific time now.

And Amber said they got their Wii hooked up. I don't know anything about Wii, but I think she said something about car races, and workouts.

All I know is that this little piggy went to Walmart, and this little piggy is now home. Next weekend, James and Amber go to the beach! I used to work for an orthodontist, and he would take his family down to Padre Island every summer. They loved it down there. Suppose to be better than Galveston.