Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Was that a hot flash?

Wow. Was that a hot flash? Did I just experience my first hot flash?

I was just sitting here, all sweaty, thinking I was sweaty from turkey wrestling, and cleaning the kitchen. All of a sudden, my vision went blurry, and it felt like steam was coming out my ears! Whoa. Was that a hot flash?

Isn't that special? Just in time for my birthday! From age thirteen until age 53....maybe that stage in my life is about over. Forty-five day stretch last month, and forty so far this month... one can hope.

Good thing I was sitting down. Good thing I was too sweaty to mop the kitchen floor or I might be laid out upon it. Whew.

It wasn't low blood sugar. I ate two chicken strips for breakfast with lots of honey. It was a test, really. I wondered if Chick-fill-you-up chicken strips froze well, and re-heated okay. THEY DO! Now I know to buy extra, bring them home and freeze them, and plenty for Sunday! Why buy frozen chicken strips at the grocery store when the ingredients list weird stuff? Why not buy the real thing at Chick-fil-A and freeze them yourself. Voila'.

Update: http://www.breastcancer.org/tips/menopausal/facing/hot_flashes.jsp

What a hoot---one of their reccommendations is to stick your head in the freezer! That one made me laugh out loud. I have already been doing that in the freezer section at Walmart.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_flash and MEN can get them when testosterone is toooo low. who knew?

Tuesday and Overcast

A front came through and broke our string of 100 degree days yesterday. It was wonderful. I was running errands like a chicken with my head cut off. Trying to get 'er done before the heat. I went to the chiropractor, and he put my sore neck back where it is suppose to go. I must have lifted something wrong.

And I restocked my yarn holder. The chiropractor and yarn shop (Hobby Lobby) are both way south. I think I got one of every fun color, and six of my favorite: painted desert. But, like everything else, the price of yarn has gone up. $1.79 a skein. I have paid as little as a dollar at Walmart when they were discontinuing some of these colors. Some Walmarts are discontinuing their supplies of cotton yarn. This ought to last me for a while.

And I did a trip to the post office to mail a package, and a trip to Walmart as Bob needed shaving cream. I got three different flavors---clean, sensitive, and extra sensitive. I will let Bob pick the one he wants, and put the rest in the cupboard for James and visitors.

And a swing by the Krispy Kreme shop. I put the donuts in the freezer, as they are so good hot from the microwave.

But, most of all---I went by the fat lady dress shop and found a fancy dress to wear to James and Amber's wedding. I have not purchased a dress in years and years. I usually avoid them like the plague. I wonder what kind of shoes to wear with this one? If Amber does not like it or the color, then I will take it back. I saved the receipt. It looks hot and heavy, anyway. Maybe just nice slacks and a fancy top would be better. I am not that fond of the dress. I did not even try it on, as I was way too sweaty.

But, may I say a word about clerks?? They will make me think twice about returning to your establishments. The lady at Catherine's fat lady shop, and the clerk at Krispy Kreme. So sorry I was such a bother. I know you had so much to do, and I interrupted you from your busy morning.

It was so fun to come out of hot stores (I think they keep them all at 80 degrees to save money and bake customers) and feel the NORTH breeze. We just do not usually see those until October. And to wake up to clouds this morning---wonderful. A little red sky sunrise, and this will keep us from reaching 100 today. It must be raining somewhere.

We listened to Pastor Mark Driscoll's latest sermon up on the Mars Hill Church site. He alerts through Twitter. Then Bob mowed the back yard. And the white crepe myrtle has alread dropped some blooms on the freshly cut green grass and it is so pretty. The doves have emptied the birdseed holder. They love the stuff the squirrels leave alone. Ben noted that the sparrows flip the seed everywhere as if to say, surely the good seed is hiding under this stuff somewhere.

It was good to be reminded of that Balaam story which Peter clicked and dragged into the New Testament in Second Peter. I needed reminded that when your ass talks to you, then you might be involved in apostacy. Sallycat is looking at me through the window. If she could talk... Bob gave her the butter dish to finish licking this morning. And I forgot to put it in the dishwasher. Oh, well.

Successful pastors of huge congregations need our prayers, Pastor Mark reminded us, because they get offered money just like Balaam did. And sex has brought down so many pastors, and politicians.

What is up with Aunt Candace? I talked to my folks yesterday on the phone. They are headed to Colorado for a church camp retreat, and Aunt Susie will join them for four days, too. And then I got a birthday card from the very same Aunt Susie! She always sends the prettiest cards. And she sent a picture of her and Uncle Rod for our album. I wish Aunt Susie could help the wives of soldiers coming back. She could tell them a thing or two about a soldier (Vietnam) with nightmares, and there are wives on Spouse Buzz that talk about how they can't creep up on their husbands, or slip back into bed without jiggling their foot as their husbands reintegrate. What a word. Reintegrate. Soldiers have to adjust from full alert to living with their families. Spouse Buzz also links to websites of soldiers who have lost legs last month from stepping on mines and IEDs. It is still very dangerous in Iraq and Afghanistan.

One guy I follow online suffered severe burns, and after numerous surgeries, he is looking so much better. They fixed his eye and lips. And he loves cheesecake. His mom keeps the website updated on his progress, and she liked my comment on Chick-fil-A cheesecake.

More later...I know you are just on pins and needles about every little boring detail of my life. Ha ...like turkey wrestling.

I bought this frozen "little tom" turkey thinking it would fit in the crock pot. I thawed it for days and days in the frig just like you are suppose to, and decided today was the day. Alas, it did not fit in the crock pot without cutting it in half, but that was easier than I thought it would be. Watching all those how to videos is paying off!! And man-o-man is Bob gonna be surprised to have more than cereal for supper! Don't tell. And the juices will come in handy for making dressing cassarole. Not that I plan on using the oven any time soon.

Wow. I sat down to cool off. Sweat is dripping off my nose. Who would have thought that a little 'ol turkey could make me sweat?? Maybe it was the cloroxing of the sink. I get so freaked out around poulty and germs. I'd much rather wrestle poultry when alone, so that I can then sterilize everything before anyone touches the sink, knives, etc. whoa. Turkey in the crock pot is usually so moist. So, I cut off all the skin. We don't need the extra fat. We will see how well this works. I could set the crock pot in the garage if the AC starts running constantly. I put a splash of orange juice in the crock pot, too. And sprinkled seasoning liberally on the cut up turkey. OOpps. I forgot the sage. Gotta put sage on turkey. Makes the house smell nice. I will be drooling all day. But, Bob says he is coming home early...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday and Hotter than Hades

Whoa it is hot here. Temps over 100 every day. I came home from church and lunch and filled the tub with cold water and took a lukewarm bath. Felt good. This is the time of year in Texas when the water coming out of the faucets is lukewarm. We don't need hot water heaters.

James, our Army son, will be back home on Wednesday! It sure is nice of the Army to let them have a four day weekend for the 4th of July. Bob gets off Friday--the 3rd. My 53rd birthday. I think I will get a Chick-fil-A cheesecake and just keep it in the freezer for any visitors or relatives coming and going. It is so convenient, as it is already sliced and ready to go, so you can take out as many as you need and it thaws quickly.

Bob is out with Ben and James and Amber watching the new Transformer movie in the theater. Too much action for me. I like sitting here in the cool air conditioned rooms. I will have to venture out tomorrow, as I need the chiropractor to put my neck back in place. Hurts to turn to the left. I had to take tylenol just to make it through church. Must have lifted something wrong. I got a lecture last week when I went to the chiropractor. He said I was letting the stress setting into my neck and shoulders. Kinda bad for a Christian---as we are suppose to not worry. It is a sin. He recommended deep breathing exercises. And to let stuff go. That should not be hard, as I am a basically lazy person, anyway. ha

We tried out Abuleos for lunch today. I would give it another chance. But, I miss the fresh, hot tortillas of Mexican Inn. And we still need direction on who/what to do for a catorer for the reception. Or, is it catoror? Caterer? Ben suggested Chick-fil-A. They have wonderful chicken, and chicken salad, and they do trays. Angelo's does more than ribs. Moni's is close by---but I don't know. Moni's can be messy-cheesy, too.

More blather later...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catfish Night at Cracker Barrel

Last night we called Ben and he was willing (dare I say, wanted?) to go with us to Cracker Barrel for their catfish. I managed to dump a whole glass of ice water on myself. I am so clumsy. But, it was refreshing. Usually, Cracker Barrel is cold, but here in the DFW area we are experiencing a string of 100 degree days. It was good to get caught up on Ben's week. He said they worked in a gutted building in Garland. No walls. Getting it ready for solar panels on the roof. Something about trying to politely work around the other contractors. Our baby is growing up. He even held the door for his old mom without Dad reminding him. Whoa. There is hope.
His ex-girlfriend is still stalking him. Calling every day. Says she lost her best friend. Ben has hardened his heart against her. Desperation is not a turn on to him.

And Ben regaled us with stories of helping his roommate "throw pallets". His roommate has a job with a certain soft drink company, but his job is to go around to the stores in our county and make sure the shelves are properly stocked. So, when he gets behind, and when Ben feels like it, he will help out. Ben has now seen and studied the back rooms of our local grocery stores. He has warned us to never buy from certain stores as their back storerooms are disgusting. He seems particularly attuned to the attitudes of certain managers, too. A study of people, our son enjoys. And I did not know that diet drinks have a three month life span. I don't buy them nor do I ingest all the chemicals of "diet" drinks. Can't stand the taste, either. But, I am a shopper. The main shopper for this family, and I like to support good companies, and especially companies that support the troops. Walmart is my main choice these days. If only they cooled it down a little more in there. Saving money, I know--but then they air condition the outside with the huge open door near their grocery carts.

Yesterday, I tried to go early, and I was on a quest to fill a box for our missionary relatives. I had specific items listed. The challenge was to fit it all in one box. Whew. Hope I got the proportions right. If I sent too much of something, maybe they can share with who all needs it or barter. I don't know. Everything in ziplock bags as it is going to a very humid, tropical country. Walmart had everything I needed. And I had the list arranged by section, as I know how the store is laid out. Got 'er done. And mailed. Why, pray tell, is our post office the place to get a pass port? What exactly does the post office have to do with transporting people? The line is long at the post office because one clerk is busy wading through paperwork that is involved with a passport. Yikes. I don't get it. Grrr.

Usually packages to the tropics take a month, sometimes less. But, the last one took two months or more. Seemed like forever. I tried to list everything so it hopefully all makes it---or at least they can see I tried. Mailed it on Bob's mom's birthday---seemed somehow fitting, to be mailing items to her namesakes. Cool.

Bob is out weeding already this morning. Trying to get 'er done before it gets too hot. James is still abed. And his laundry is sorted and washing in the garage. Just three more of these weekends, and the routine will change yet again. A new normal. I will hand him and his laundry off to Amber. He better help her with it. No more will I worry about fading his uniforms nor making them shine in the dark. No more jock straps. No more stinky work out clothes. No more matching green wool socks. No more. No more Velcro and patches and nagging him about his sheets. He does not remember my talk about how we need to wash these red sheets with the red pillow cases so they all stay the same color. He looked like he was listening when I mentioned it. oh, well. Counting down. I hope Amber can fatten him up some. His has no fat on his bones. Skull is showing through. When I give him super short "high and tight" haircut, there are lumps and bumps in his scalp because he is so skinny. Even his temples are sunken. Please, Amber, fatten him up a little.

Blathering on. Letting Airman Mom's music play. Thinking and praying for certain soldiers in the fight. On the front lines. Hoping they post somethin' soon.

SpouseBuzz yesterday had the story of military wives experiencing re-integration. wow. Amazing stories. Thank a military spouse today.

Friday, June 26, 2009

New Post

"I'll be back" my husband said as he left this morning. So, wondering aloud in the precise and literal way he has trained me to think, I ask if he would be front and sideways, too? Some may mistake my retort for being smart mouthed. No, it is just the way we meld and trade good and bad habits.

Bob and I have this running banter going on his blog. It seems to delight his followers. But, I am trying to listen. Dr. Laura said to listen to what your man is saying. Don't bore him or scare him into silence with what is boring to them. Just listen.

"Let me win" he says. Does he really mean for me to let him win this banter? This game we play of the last word, of expressing, "I love you more." and my retort, "No, I love you more." Maybe I am just over analyzing it. But, wanting to please, and wanting to be respectful, and wanting to be a better listener, have I instead projected an air of superiority? Pride?

It is so easy, when things are good, to get sloppy. Complascent. Lazy. And then set up the dear husband as an idol, and be crushed when he shows his feet of clay. For too many years he judged me as "moody" and when he came home at night, put his finger to the wind, and checked me off, and dismissed me as moody. And when he pointed out the moody he observed, he was punished with a bristling porcupinish wife.

A marriage is not a single thing. I see it as moving and fluid, and having stages. Our beginning was so good, and fun, and an adventure that we kept looking over our shoulders for the problems we'd been warned about. We endured moves, and honeymoon cystitus, and re-occuring bladder infections, and Bob going back to college, and living with his widowed Dad, and cooking for a housefull. We moved six moves in the first three years before we had children. And then learning with each son, how different children can be, and having the almost five year gap between the firstborn and second, but only 14 months between the middle son and the baby. And the double stroller. That stage was one of being tired a lot. I say a lot of my moodiness was just being tired. And not having much interaction with other adults. Loneliness is a problem for young moms.

But, they grew up. And on our watch they stayed pretty healthy, did well in school, and were successfully launched in my humble opinion. And it was a difficult stage to transition from 24/7 high alert to their independence. Learning to drive. Wrecking cars. College. I prefer the baby and little boy stage where they can be bathed and fed and held. I think my sister-in-law prefers the teenage stage where they can be taught and challenged, and directed.

As a mom, almost 53, of grown sons, one married, and the middle son about to embark on marriage one month from yesterday, our stage is now one of cheerleader. Bob has tried to retrain me to ask questions, not bark orders or put out my opinion as the gospel truth. I resist in that ---asking alot of questions angers the youngest of our sons, and it sounds like I am trying to be a damn lawyer or something. But, supposidly it is gentler. One day, right after firstborn's honeymoon, as the truck was all packed, and they were planning their route, I pestered them with too many questions, and firstborn barked at me to shut up.

But, this is the stage of embarrassing our sons, and irritating our children. I am still critical of those that stay out until midnight especially on a church night. You are going to get run down, and catch another cold or sinus infection. Yes, you know who you are. In another month, I am sure you will keep better hours. And if you stay up after midnight, I won't know, thank heavens. This is the stage where I have become my parents and my grandparents---who went to bed with the chickens and arose before dawn to milk the cows. I doubt Grandpa James even stayed up past midnight unless there was an emergency---like starting the generator, or feeding the furnace. I am at his stage where naps are my friend. And you learn to pace yourself.

My sons' marriages will be in the stage we call time of war. The Air Force and Army they are in are at war. Everyone else is at the mall. And while folks in Iran plead for help, and are ignored by this weenie of a president, who every day shows the presidency to be irrellavent, as people are butchered by the evil rulers in Iran, our news media has tripped merrily onto other pressing matters like Sanford's scandal, and the deaths of Farrah Airhead and pedofile michael jackson.

Yeah, I know. seven misspelled words. But when I click on the spell checker, it just highlights them and says its done. I'll have to ask Bob later, how to work the spell checker thingy. It used to give me choices...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Surgical Rain

A little storm is sitting on our heads. We got wet. Our yard got watered. good. water is streaming down the gutters. And dripping off the roof.

Wow. It got over 100 degrees here in the DFW area today, but that little storm that literally formed north of I-30, is giving us an undeserved shower plus 20 degree break in temps. And the whole time, blue sky out the south windows. The clouds are moving so slowly. wow.

An unexpected blessing. A surgical storm. God can make a storm appear out of no where. Amazing. wow. Thank you, Lord. Thank you that I don't have to wrestle with heavy hoses. And an old, little lawn tractor that does not like long grass.

Water is such a blessing. I did not think we'd see any until September. wow

I got to hold a baby last night!

A snuggly, nine month old baby! He was so sweet. But, something in our air, like the cat hair or mold made it hard for him to breathe. I got to hold him upright in the chair last night while Bob and his niece and nephew-in-law and Ben played a complicated board game. Baby Ezekiel went from rattlily-congestion to just fine. Sitting up, he can somehow sleep. Poor little guy---such a croupy cough a few times in the night kept his folks from getting a straight eight hours sleep. And then our talking woke up four year old Isaiah---he is SO smart and full of questions. Amazing little boy. And he looks just like his Grandpa Joel.

It was fun having folks sleep over. But, I sure feel for parents of a baby with allergies/lung/congestion issues. I sure hope he sleeps better tonight and gives his parents a break. And thankfully, we have spare rooms now for nieces, nephews, and all the greats! The Toy Story toys were a hit. But, the Chevron cars needed dusting anyway.

Yesterday, the DFW area saw the first 100 degree day. We will see it again today. Yikes. I am thankful for the AC. And ice. The water thingy went out on the frig years ago, but it still crushes ice!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still Thinking about last Sunday's Sunday School Lesson

Our Sunday School teacher last Sunday went over all the words for "DIP" in the Bible and how its the same word for baptize. Wow. That gave me a lot to chew on. He had challenged us a few weeks earlier to find all the words in the Bible having to do with baptize. And there are many different kinds of baptism. For example---Noah was saved through the water, but he never got wet. Those who got wet all died in judgement. And the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is not a baptism we can do with water. It is a spiritual baptism.

But, when you do a word search through the Bible for the word, "DIP" most are about dipping in blood. Interesting. And what struck me this morning as I looked over the words, was how declared clean was only the first part. The other part involved a sacrifice. Some bird or lamb or animal had to die, and their blood was dotted on the one or the thing being declared clean. Interesting. Very Interesting.

Friday, June 19, 2009

This is a Tweet

ASoldiersMotherRT @jonsac: Crowd at Khamenei's address in Teheran chants "death to UK, Israel and US." (via @Jerusalem_Post) // daym, whad we do? from Seesmic Desktop

This is a tweet from A Soldier's Mom in Israel. Khamenei is blaming the UK, Israel and the USA for violence in his country of Iran.

http://pastebay.com/23186 Go read what they get in Iran for their Friday sermon. Bizarre. Kahameni blames the UK as the greatest evil, and the USA for all the violence. see lines 306, 383 on and 417---he involkes Waco. What a nutjob. Reverend Wright and this Khameni dude have a lot in common!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Make that $644

Pretty sneaky of the Toyota rental car folks to make the ignition key hard to get out. Keeps you from going anywhere.

And while the drive out to Weatherford was a pretty drive---drivers are crazy these days. And I saw two different folks hitting debris in the road. One car hit and snagged a bucket under their little sewing machine car. And tree trimmers are not tying their loads down good enough.

Why-oh-why does the batter fluid need to be changed out at 30,000, I will never know. But, I faked an expression of "very impressed" when the details of all their work was explained to me. I was directed to go inside and pay---they have all your paperwork. But, the clerk you pay wanted to know if all my charges had been explained. Even when I brushed her off with, I'll get it later, she insisted on dragging in the guy who talked you into all this stuff to come wax eloquent.

We are ready for 5,000 more miles. We are ready for more bugs. We are ready for skunks. Another thing Toyota DOES NOT TELL YOU when you buy the car is that the air cabin filter is $44 and it will need changing every six months. Tires were good. Supposidly rotated. But, I can just see the workers back there laughing their you-know-whats' off when they remind themselves that the battery fluid has been changed out. Suppose to get better gas mileage now. Sure. That will make it all worth it. I'm sure.

I ran by Central Market as it is just off one of the exits on the way home. Crowded place. Got Bob some apricots and another "sweetest" cantelope. And some braided bread he likes.

The news is full of the dead pilot. Mark Davis, on WBAP slipped in the "final approach" phrase that made me laugh. He asks the questions the rest off us wonder, but are too timid to ask. Folks die on planes all the time. Was it a heart attack? 61 years old and never got to enjoy his retirement. And President Bush is finally fighting back. Of course, anything President Bush says is labelled "fighting back".

Glad to be back home. Enough excitement for a while. ha. Glad to be inside where the AC is working. Wishing we had more insulation in the attic so the AC did not have to work so hard. And it was a moon roof, but it only went up an inch. And maybe there is a camry convertible, but it is pretty noisy with all the windows down.

$500 Oil Change

We should have bought the full maintenance package when we bought our Toyota. It would have paid for itself by now. We only have 30,000 on our two year old minivan, and the 30,000 mile check up and oil change costs OVER $500.

So pay up front, or pay as you go. I asked what happens if we just do the oil change, and would that void warranty? Yep. If something bad were to happen on down the road, and we could not prove we had been good little customers getting our oil changed, and regular expensive maintenance done, it might be hard to argue about that transmission that went out, etc.

At least they gave me "free" rental for the five hour 30,000 overhaul procedure. Bob pointed out, wow--a free camry for $500. ha. And I don't even fit into it comfortably. Why praytell, do we need so much room eaten up in the middle with the console??? I'll be glad when Toyota starts designing cars for big, fat Americans. It has a moon roof. I have never had one of those. Can't wait to fly down the freeway back to the dealership with that baby open. What fun!!! The temp is still below 80 degrees here, and hopefully, the car will be done before we hit 100 degrees by 4pm. ha

I am thankful I have a car. I am thankful we live in a free, beautiful country with rolling hills and vistas. I am thankful for AC. I am thankful for clean water, clean sheets, comfortable house, and free time to complain about how Toyota should have warned us up front about these maintenance costs.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Marrage Counseling Needed


Maybe my non-preciseness drives my dear husband up a wall.

But, what are the odds? In the whole metroplex of DFW, when the radio story came on the air about the injured ten foot alligator on the road beside the Trinity River and Bell Spur---I knew where that was---near Bob's train station just north of us. When I remarked that Bob could have hit that huge alligator, Bob ARGUED that oh, no, that is 200 yards off, that it wasn't anywhere NEAR his train station...there was gnashing of teeth. my inner teeth.

I happen to know the name of that short road because Bob's car broke down on me in that very parking lot after I dropped him off one morning, and I had to wait for a tow truck. I had to give the nearest street---and who just happens to know off hand the name of the street by the Bell Helicopter train station?

What is it about preciseness in my dear husband? Why can't I be right once? I know I am directionally challenged, but that alligator was not in Irving nor was it in Euless.

Ten footers are very common in New Orleans in my sister's old pond. But, now I gotta confess to her that we have them, too. My sister's old pond alligator man insisted that anything over six feet was gonna get killed off because they are just too big to "rescue" and relocate. I can't believe our game warden guy thinks this ten footer had a "right" to be there. No wonder people drown so much at Lake Lewisville. (and this is a test for Mr. Preciseness. Let's see if he bites. I know the train station is no where near Lake Lewisville, but the warden said alligators are common in ALL our lakes, ponds, and that they probably travelled up the Trinity River.)

That area near the train station was closed last week during one of the turrential downpours. The water was too much for the storm drains in that low area, and that road flooded. I bet Mr. Ten Footer floated near the road then. It sure will make me think twice if I ever have a flat tire on that road. Yikes.

And WBAP is saying stay away from Zicam cold medication as the nose spray has a zinc compound that makes some folks lose their sense of smell and hence, sense of taste. wow. I remember when my allergies were bad in my late twenties and early thirties, that some nose spray would make me lose my sense of smell temporily. I am thankful it came back.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Have we seen a Hundred degree day this year yet?

I would love to find someone to pull weeds out front and give that as a gift to Bob for Father's Day. It is too hot for him to do it, and it would be good to get the front yard in shape for the wedding in 38 days. Not that we are having the wedding here, mind you, but for any guests that come by looking for directions to the wedding or reception. We had such a lovely, green grass of rye in the front yard all winter. But, it looks so brown and ugly and weed-ridden. We had a few workers volunteer--people ringing the doorbell, but I guess the days are getting too hot for it. No one has come by for weeks now. No one has even left fliers in the door.

The back yard is in fine shape in case the granddaughter wants to play in the sprinkler back there. Bob put granuals down to kill fleas, ticks, etc. And the grass is lush. thick. well-watered.

And that company actually came through with the $72 repair re-imbursement. Yes! Got the check yesterday. Sometimes it does help to complain when some product causes a repair call. Purex 3 in 1 sheets embedded with soap and softener should NOT be used in front loaders, even though the packaging says its safe for that. It isn't. The sheets slip through the sides and clog the drain.

More later...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Thank You Pioneer Woman!

http://thepioneerwoman.com/ What a beautiful site. Very popular. Pictures, remodeling, and recipes. I love looking at the recipes, and noticed one today where I happened to have all the ingredients.

I made the cheesy eggs for my breakfast, and I used up some baby swiss that needed using.

Then I made the blueberry coffeecake as I had a tub of yogurt that needed using up. The yogurt had expired, but not molded, so it was still good. And I had the blueberries (frozen) and eggs for the batter. It was easy to do. Maybe I should have added a little more flour. But, I love using up ingredients that need using up. It is thrifty. No waste. It made a huge batch, so I sent a whole cake with James, and made muffins with the rest. Yum. Thank you Pioneer Woman! And she gave me such confidence cooking steak. I cooked my husband so much steak the week before his physical that his doctor insisted he stay on the high blood pressure meds.

Time to throw some clothes in the dryer. I can hear the washer beeping at me.

More later.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back Up

Last night, the lightning looked dangerous and close, and the weather folks were talking about baseball and orange size hail, so I tried to shut down the computer. It hung up on a "don't shut me down, I am updating" screen. I was able to make the stack go dark, but when I tried to turn it back on, it was frozen on that screen. (Gateway computer)

Bob was still awake at 5am at the emergency command center. He walked me through getting the computer to actually shut down, and then it came back fine. Whew. I thought I was going to have to call the Geek Squad. (when I talked to them last night, they said leave the computer off until the storms passed, then F8, but that did not work)

I am back up. I can check weather websites. I can see that the storm went to Houston. I can see that it got up to 100 degrees in Pecos, Texas yesterday, the national high. I can see that Bob is gonna need a jacket when he helps Andy drive their cars through Canada to Alaska.

It is so nice to be back up. I was out of clothes to fold. I could pull the car out of the garage. Bob said he'd be home in three hours. He will need to sleep today. I don't know how he is still able to be awake. wow


do these people still have a roof? those hailstones looks like little ones clumped together into baseball size. wow

Friday, June 12, 2009

500 posts.

500 blatherings. 500 ponderings. wow

Another night of strange weather. Last night the sky was a pink/yellow lit dome. Storms stayed south of us, but tonight, tornados have been spotted west, and the mess is headed this way. I put the car in the garage. Dear husband is at the emergency command center for the second night, as the power company is still trying to catch up from the storm a few nights ago.

I fixed Bob a steak for breakfast, as there was not telling how this day would go. And fajitas and tamales for supper, he said they just fed them.

Time to go look at the weather websites or Fox online.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Trinity River

The Trinity River that runs through downtown Dallas is at flood stage, 32 feet and is expected to crest at 39 feet.

That does not happen every year. Most years the levies are dry.

Tarrant County is in the clear. But, the water in Tarrant feeds into the Trinity, too.

The Clouds are going the wrong way!

What strange weather is this?! When we experience years of drought, we long for surgical storms--and this proves it happens--storms that literally form one county west and train in on the DFW area like pearls in a necklace.

The close to the ground clouds are headed west. But, the weather websites show arrows of storms heading east. Amazing.

Over 250,000 are without power. Every few minutes, the radio interrupts with a beep-beep-beep warning of another storm with hail, flash flooding, or heavy thunderstorms. Yikes. Rush will be talking about one thing, and after the beep-beep-beep information, Rush is then talking about another of obama's dangerous objectives.

Rush is pointing out that the left has blamed the murderer at the Holocost museum on right wingers, but the muslim who murdered the soldier in Little Rock, and injured another was not described as such. Both murderers were left leaning. radicals.

I am finally out of things to wash. Finally caught up. Thankfully, the power has stayed on to get it all dried, too. Wow. I bet I did nine loads yesterday and today. I had purchased some new green towels, but had set them aside until the washer was fixed to get that new fuzz off.

Rain. Rain. Rain. Too much. The lakes and rivers around us are overflowing. High water is shutting down highways. and freeways. Bob could not get to the train station if he tried this morning, as Bell Spur was under water. He drove in just in case they set up an emergency command post to handle the outages.

Amazing jungle growing out back. and the front yard is needing weeding. Vines are climbing up the Nandina and into the oak tree along the back fence line. Soon it will be in the power lines.

Better post before we lose power....

Cardinal just visited the feeder---he looks drenched. The sparrows, too.

11:30am radio reports I-30 and 820 closed for high water.

12:45 pm the weathermen have done an update. and the clouds are headed east. It will get up to 85 degrees today, but thunderstorm warnings until midnight, and one-hundred degrees predicted for tomorrow---is it our first of the year??

The sky is getting lighter. The roof drips. But, the waters are receding. This as been your after noon update.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mr. Dramatic

I highly recommend Mr. Dramatic over at The Lost Fart---my dear husband's blog. He is funny.


And how come one DEAD flea can make us itchy? I found one dead flea on Bob's neck last night. I stripped the bed and examined it in the light of day and found nothing. I bet this one died in his chair. Sallycat loves to sit on the arm of his chair, and walk across his keyboard.

The repairman came today. Halelujah. I can do laundry again. The Bosch warned on the phone of dire things if we tried to fix this ourselves. The error was 13. Clogged Drain. I called the Purex people and they were very nice about it. Their packaging clearly states for front and top loaders and for 'he' (high efficiency models) so they are sending a label so that I can mail them the specimen pulled from the washer drain. The Bosch repairman said ONLY use liquid detergent. And only half fill the drum. The thing uses so little water, that he says if you over fill it, towels have to be cut out of the sides, making for a very expensive repair. I had found headbands caught in the lip of the seal before. And the repairman said to clean the filter once a month. But, no where in the Bosch book does it describe or illustrate this filter. It is like a gas cap behind the circular plug in front. And the repairman had his water vac at the ready.

I have laundry lined up in baskets, sorted by color and material. I have also done the mattress pad to the extra long twin, and put it together. And the light bedspread on the guest room bed as it was covered in cat hair. We slipped James' gifted queen size mattress between the mattress and box springs. Now it reminds me of the Princess and the Pea bed.

Four loads down, five to go.

It has been piling up since Sunday when I went to the laundry mat. I am going to keep an eye out for discontinued/cheap king or queen size flat sheets to cover the beds as thin flat sheets are easier to wash than bedspreads. And I want to keep an eye out for a sturdy frame that works for twin or king. That way, all I need is another extra long twin to make a king. a super king.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The most beautiful drive since we have had good rains, is the Highway 287 between Fort Worth and Wichita Falls, and up 44 to Lawton. Green fields, rolling hills, rocks, and orange dirt. Cows. calves. Flowers fighting for air beside tall green weeds. What are those purple flowers stacked up like little chinese lanterns? The medians and roadsides were full of them.

It is a three hour drive. Seventy miles an hour. Seventy-five in Oklahoma.

Fighter jets buzz around Shepherd Air Force Base. Trucks jockey for position. Maintenance crews need more signage. And I wish Walmart could advertise on the signs like the gas stations and eating establishments can. Most Walmarts have clean bathrooms, and plenty to eat. Many have Subways and McDonalds.

The McDonalds inside the tollway in Oklahoma is sorta sad. Huge space, as if they are ready for a bus or two, but two workers? Clean bathrooms. They bragged about a few flavors of blue bell ice cream, but none of the fancy coffees most McDonalds are pushing.

I drove up without the back seats in the minivan, and picked up the extra long twin mattress and box springs, as James was getting delivered a queen size set. He wanted me to take the used queen mattress someone had given him. He stuffed it in the back with all his might, and we shut the doors. And the delivery men were right on time. They set it up, took away the plastic, and everything. It was great. I volunteered to wash James' queen size sheets, and dry them and put them in his storage unit before I left, as he needed to get back to work. They don't aircondition laundry rooms to save money. If only they had opened some doors, there was a nice breeze outside. I got so sweaty. Next time, I am bringing my swim suit if I do laundry for James there. Nice apartment pool. It would feel good to get the kinks out before driving home.

Home before rush hour got bad. Bob pulled the queen mattress out of the back, and we set it up on the old guest bed, sandwiched in between so now its like the Princess and the Pea bed. I tried it out, and was blessed with a coating of cat hair. Note to self---soon as the repairman comes tomorrow and fixes the washer, I need to wash that bedspread! Maybe that is what has clogged up the drain to the washer---cat hair!

What an adventure, as Bob usually does ALL the driving on trips. To take a trip. A three hour cruise. Singing at the top of my lungs.

I wonder if James got the clean sheets put back on the bed, and the new quilt from Grandmother, and I wonder if he took a picture and emailed it to Grandmother???

Fun. Fun. I am thankful to be back home. I am thankful for airconditioning. I am thankful James' fiancee' is going to have a beautiful, brand new bed. James bought it through a guy at his church in Lawton that gave him a great deal! Thank you, Billy Yoast.

And I am thankful to get a little cruise control practice. Almost thirty thousand on the van now, and I still don't know how to work stuff.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Laundry Mat

One year and five days ago, my husband purchased for me a fancy front loader washer and dryer named Bosch. We had had pretty good service from our Bosch dishwasher, so Bob confidently ordered them online, and they were delivered unto us, and I marveled at the clothes which I could watch going round and round.

Yesterday, with two loads to go from our Ohio vacation, the washer showed and error 13 code. After trying a few things, and calling and googling, and more calling today, the repairman will be along probably between 8 and noon on Wednesday, June 10th.

This morning, I dragged the wet, drippy, half-washed, soapy clothes from the broken washer, dumped the clothes in the cooler, and grabbed the two other baskets of dirty clothing and headed to our neighborhood laundry mat. The one closest to my house closed about 6 months ago. So, I motored down to the one south of us, and found a parking spot right by the ramp. This was great for wheeling my cooler of still-soapy clothes into the place. But, I wondered why a razor blade was lying beside my car along with a used bandaide. And the wind had been strong here having blown the trash up along the curb. Staking out four washers, I set the three white loads and one of dark items going after hunting down the attendant who thankfully gave me change for my twenty. The machines only like fives, tens or ones. And in twenty minutes or so, the clothes were all washed and ready to be hauled back home to dry in the still-working Bosch dryer.

One crazy lady doing laundry with her son or keeper babbled to herself in the corner, and insisted one of the washers I was using was not mine. She had seen me add powdered bleach, and I guess she thought I was either being generous or ruining someone else's clothes. Another lady told everyone who would listen that she worked for a men's group home, and did laundry here every day as their dryer was broken. I saw her fold huge bibbs. And another kind lady helped me pry my box from the machine as her hands were thinner.

I sat and knitted, and ate my breakfast of almonds and prunes. And I was sorely tempted to give everything another wash just to make sure they were properly rinsed, but the rinse water looked pretty clear.

The last load is in the dryer. And everything I could fold or hang up is done. I probably clogged the drain of the Bosch by leaving something plastic like a wrapper in my pocket. Or maybe, one of the new fangled dryer sheets embedded with soap got pulled into the drain. I don't know. I just hope it wasn't one of my knitted sweatbands.

Isn't this the most boring story? I am about to put myself to sleep.

I could blog about driving to downtown Dallas last night. Bob worked late and missed a later train, and was going to be even later getting home, so I volunteered to pick him up and then we'd go get his car at the train parking lot, but the traffic was super heavy from Six Flags to Beltline because of a multiple car pile up, and I sat in the parking lot that was I-30 and enjoyed the breeze with all the windows open. Bob probably would have made it home earlier even riding the late train.

I could blog about getting a haircut yesterday so I'd look nice for Hannah's graduation and pictures, and seeing my folks, but this gal whacked off so much, I won't need a haircut for a few months. Whoa. I know the lady whacked off a lot because Bob noticed. And he was so proud of himself for noticing, and said that James would be proud...'cause usually, James notices first.

Saturday, we motor down to College Station and watch Hannah graduate from high school. It will be fun! And while we will have to start early, James and Amber and Ben want to come, too ! They want to ride with us. So, I have the cooler stocked. All we need is a few bags of ice, and we will go make some new memories.

I remember when Hannah was born, and when she was a toddler, and she has the best little giggle. And she was a bridesmaid in our firstborn's wedding, and now she is headed to college. One of only two nieces---the other eight are all guys.

Happy Father's Day Early

This message is being requested by churches for men's groups, and for Father's Day!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh, Ben-Ben, I am SO sorry

Once upon a time, we had three fine sons living here at home. The firstborn was hard to wake up in the mornings, but I was determined he get a good education, and get into a good college, because I knew he was smart. So, I woke him up and got him to high school every morning. He had perfect attendance. I wanted them to sign the certificate over to me. My sister-in-law, who is a science teacher, said I was enabling. Spoiling him. When the middle son started high school, he was wired differently. He was self-disciplined. He got himself up, read his Bible every morning, came right home, and did his homework. He did his high school senior thesis on being in shape. He did push-ups and sit-ups on his own. He ran, and persevered. He struggled, but got into the local college, and did well. He took every dance class they offered, and ROTC.

When the baby of the family, the clingiest baby became the most independent teenager, he had trouble sleeping at night. He enjoyed visiting coffee shops and finding new friends. He could not wait to move out. With dyslexia and the challenges THAT added to high school, school was not fun. The vice-principal knew Ben by name; whereas she did not even know we had two older brother graduates. Bob said Ben just had bad habits.

I had no clue Ben had narcolepsy. I did not realize it is an adolescence onset thing that can be managed. And Ben has learned to manage it all on his own. Ben says he knows to stay away from caffine. And he has to take a sleep aid when insomnia hits or he gets into that vicious cycle of being too sleepy the next day. When the super-sleepiness hits, triggered by who knows what--stress? wheat? a late night? ---he then has to use caffine in order to drive, as the hum of the engine puts him to sleep.

I am so sorry, baby. I am so sorry I was so blind to the symptoms. I am so sorry we never got it diagnosed. Yours is so borderline, that we did not see. And I am so proud of you for figuring it out on your own. And disciplining yourself. Watching what you eat and drink. A genetic thing that you did not ask for, and got no support or help from us about. I am so sorry I was so blind.

Please forgive me, Ben for yelling at you, and being so mean to you trying to wake you up. Please forgive me for not being supportive when I found the tylenol pm medication, and when I knew you were abusing cold medication just to sleep. I thought it was a bad habit--insomnia, from bad choices you had made, and I listened to your Dad and Aunt Wendy.

I am so sorry. It would be cruel to yell at a person who had diabetes, or some other genetic disease he could not help. What we did to you was cruel. I don't blame you wanting to move out as soon as you could afford it. You were so different from your self-disciplined brother, James, who must not have this and you were so different from your Dad, who is also very self-disciplined and able to drink caffine at any hour.

Please forgive me.

I have so many questions. What is the crash phase like? When that super-sleepy time comes over you, and you nap, do you dream? Do you wake up refreshed? Hungry? When the super-sleepy comes over you, is your speech slurred? Do you have trouble concentrating? Do you feel it coming on? Do you get double vision? What memory do you have after an episode?

Have your co-workers noticed ? How about your roommate?

Does alcohol make it worse?

We need to talk to Dr. Brettmann about it. Maybe he can reccommend something for sleep aid, when insomnia hits, that is more natural, and not so hard on your liver.

I am so sorry I have been so blind. I am so sorry I have been insensitive. I don't want to jepordize your job, but I pray that somehow, it is correctly diagnosed by a narcolepsy specialist, so that you can cut yourself some slack, and realize what all works and what does not to manage this condition.

When we discovered the dyslexia, when you were in kindergarten and first grade, I cried. Because reading was one of my favorite things, and I realized it would never be yours. Yet, you adapted, and learned to love books on tape. And we fought with every teacher from kindergarten on that wanted you put on ridilin because we knew you were not ADD. And I hated the label of 'ld' which meant, 'learning disabled' because you went above and beyond to learn in different ways. You over compensated for the problems with symbols and conjunctions by being a super listener, and you have spacial gifts---you are able to see an object and reconstruct it, a talent many do not have. So, while you were challenged in some areas, you were gifted in others, and things are so obvious to you, that the rest of us cannot see nor notice. You see the world in a special way.

The severe conditons of narcolepsy are made fun of in movies, and Hollywood. It must be a very scary thing to realize you are going to crash, and could be easily robbed or mugged, because it is such a deep sleep you are going into, and you can't help it. Please continue to listen to your body, and staying away from caffine. Please take care of yourself. You are so smart, talented, and generous and loving. God has given you a heart for the ones who struggle. You are compassionate, and caring, and helpful. And so patient with kids, like Cameron. God is using you to comfort others.

Love, mom

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home Again

Home again, home again, jiggidy jog.

From Effingham, Illinois (what DO they have against ham?) to home through St. Louis, and Missouri, and Oklahoma and to a new chick-fill-you-up near Denison, Texas where they were serving brand new peach shakes. delicious. little chunks of fresh peaches!

Over one thousand miles. We saw the firstborn and so enjoyed the granddaughter.

"Mine, mine"

When her Daddy throws her in the air, she giggles, and says, "again!"

And I want to remember the pair of water towers near St. James, Missouri marked HOT and COLD. That town has a sense of humor!!

Washer humming. Car unpacked. Time for bed. More tomorrow...