Friday, August 29, 2008


I spotted the pin first thing. She is a Blue Star MOM, TOO !!!!!!!! Yipppeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her speech was wonderful. Soon as I find a copy, I will put it here.

Because I know You Did Not Want to Watch it.

Notes from Osoma bin Biden’s speech:

I know some did not want to watch it. I know some can’t. But, thanks to C-span and YouTube, it is possible to study the speech the guy supposedly wrote all by himself. In longhand, we were told. Fed. We were fed this tidbit that he wrote it out longhand. Supposedly, he studied old speeches, and so many phrases are phrases I have heard Republicans say.

Dear Husband Bob, I am not asking you to watch the Osoma?/Obama speech. I am asking you to study it. Pretend you are describing it for a blind person. And I am asking a blind person with good ears to tell me what they heard. You will be astounded at what Scripture he chose to lift. My jaw dropped a couple of times. And if you don’t know Scripture, you’d might think, oh, that sounds familiar, but… The “I wills” are so many in number that he puts satan to shame.

This will be long. I took pages of notes. I have the time. Consider it knowing the enemy. And sadly, he professes to be a Christian. He uses all the right words and catch phrases that, sadly, he may fool a lot of people.

Skim. Take what you like. But, this is an exercise for me in ordering my thoughts, and recording my impressions and keeping my notes. And while I type this---the news is coming on the radio that Senator John McCain has chosen a WOMAN for Vice-President. WOW. And our own Allen Saxe called it. Mark Davis is so excited. Senator John McCain has trumped B.O.

Mark Davis is convinced she will be the first woman president because Senator John McCain is so old. And maybe just a one-term president.

Commercial fisherman. Five children. Eldest in the army being deployed to Iraq. 17, 13, 7 and a downs syndrome infant.

Back to my notes from the most painful, unwatchable speech of arrogance extordinaire…
When you click on C-span, you are immediately directed to YouTube! I kid you not. Whoa. Who thought of that? You are faced with a screen of distractions and comments not all positive. And choices of too many screens when BO gets boring.

BO walks out with such arrogance, condescencion, false humily---and when he says he has “great humility” it just does not compute. Maybe one should not talk about oneself by saying with great humility. If you have to state it, then, uh…it is not believable.

“Let me express my thanks, he says, to the one who traveled the farthest”?? (I am guessing he is going to say his wife, but no, its Hillary!)
And when BO talks about Bill Clinton’s speech of the night before---it comes out as a slap: “Clinton gave a speech of hope as only he can.”

Ah, the love of his life is the next first lady….he must really like Cindy McCain.

Next, BO rewrites his personal history, and then the country’s history. All 232 years. “we meet at a defining moment…out of work, lost homes, credit cards you can’t afford to pay.” Wow---those credit cards are George Bush’s fault ! BO says so. I lost count of bashing Bush comments.

“We are better than these last eight years… and alludes to one in Ohio, and one in Indiana…but he does not give their names as they have sad stories.

Was he having trouble reading his won speech? Prompters? “this country is more desencesnce” what? I re-ran that part three times. What was that word he tripped over??

The stadium looks full. Even the chairs on the grass. The podium stretches out into the field. The blue color is glaring. BO looks tiny.

The last eight … mentioned again.

Eight is enough. They chant it on cue.

McCain’s service is given his words of gratitude and respect. But, we are told the lie that BO believes: “90 percent of the time McCain has voited with George Bush.

His podium is pink. And what is on his lapel?? The teeny-tiniest flag pin??? Not sure. Need a magnifying glass.

BO quotes: “a nation of whiners” but does it without mentioning the name of who he is quoting---- maybe he has trouble remembering people’s names.

Did anyone interview the crowd after the speech? I had trouble understanding his words. I had to back up the cursor, and strain. BO drops his sentences at the end. It is like he is dropping his words in the waste basket.

Did BO’s little daughters ask why is Daddy so angry??? They look concerned. They are the only little children in the whole crowd.

“I don’t think McCain doesn’t care, he just doesn’t know..”

This phrase tells me McCain is ignorant, and ignorance can be fixed. That is a line McCain can run with in ads.

BO says, “McCain doesn’t get it.” “Republican mentality… are on your own…” it is so nice of BO to tell us what Republicans think, isn’t it?

“It is time for THEM to own their failure.” Sounds like a threat. Is BO threatening to imprison ? impeach? Look for a scapegoat?

BO mentions the 23 million new jobs when Bill Clinton was president. McCain can use that line in an ad, and correct BO’s ignorance.

BO mentions a grandfather that served under Patton, a mom who used food stamps, and with those food stamps was able to send O to the best schools, and with scholarships…

South side of Chicago is mentioned. Grandmother taught me about hard work, the typical grandmother?

In the shots of the podium, the too blue podium, BO stands in a circle of dots, and lights cast a long shadow stretching halfway back down his personal ramp. Another circle of lights surround the bottom steps, so it appears that BO is aloof, separate, untouchable, tiny, tee-tiny behind his NOT square podium of orange-red framed in pink. The teleprompters are invisible except the shadow catches the far left or right ones, I am guessing.
“promise…freedom…dignity.” Words I have heard Republicans say for years, so did BO look at Republican speeches, too??

“Government cannot solve all our problems but it should do what we can’t do for ourselves.” “obligations”

We have obligations?? Duties? Tell that to a sullen teenager slumped in his desk at Lamar High School.

“The market should reward drunk? (he stumbled, meant) drive..”

“Government should help us, not hurt us.”
“the promise…we are responsible”

And then he turns the Scripture on its head: “I am my brother’s keeper.”

In the Bible, in the story of Cain and Abel, Cain smart-mouths God with a question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” but, BO uses it as a statement. Wow. Poor choice, there. Is he insane? How about his poor brother in Kenya?

Now BO starts with the “I will”s
“I will” “I will” “I will” and he commands us to “listen now” as if we are unruly little children.

“I will cut taxes for 95 percent of the middle class.
“I will set a clear goal…10 year …no more old from the middle east.

“We will do this..”

“Washington has been…” and “McCain has been there for 26 years…(and how long has Biden been there?)

“Now is the time to … end this (oil) addiction”

I will…I will…I will… “invest 150 billions in new energies…” “Now is not the time..”

“moral obligation” ??? to provide education

“invest in early childhood, hire an army of new teachers.”

Disturbingly, BO equates community service with military service because in his mind, they should both equal the right to pay for a college education

So, the guy picking up trash along the freeway, spending time as if he is on deployment should be paid with the GI bill. Unreal.

“same health care members of congress give themselves.” (a delicious one for McCain’s ads)

“now is the time…” for “sick days, better family leave, for a child or an aging parent.”

The older daughter looks sad or scared.

BO promises to go through the budget line by line---didn’t Reagan do that??

BO calls the crowd: “democrats” not friends. They are just party members. Not friends. And every time BO says McCain, he spits it out, and NEVER uses the word Senator. No titles or respect here.

“Programs can’t replace parents…government can’t turn of a television and make a child do her homework…fathers provide love and guidance to their children.”

“individual responsibility…mutual responsibility…essence of America’s promise. “ BO wants a debate on his temperament for foriengn policy but BO says: “I oppose this war since 911…I argued for more troops for taking out OBL….” (maybe BO should not have put those two lines so close together.)

“McCain says he will follow OBL to the gates of hell…but not to the cave where he lives.” Wow. BO knows which cave? Is BO withholding information on OBL’s whereabouts?

“you don’t defeat terrorists in 80 countries by occupying Iraq.” Bashed Bush again. “Don’t tell me…democrats won’t keep us safe, defend America. “ (okay, I won’t tell you, and there are too many double negatives)

Kennedy and Roosevelt are trotted out as examples of democrats who protected us. Wow. That’s a stretch.

McCain could run with this line in an ad showing how well democrats like Clinton did.

BO promises to rebuild the military to meet future conflicts BUT with diplomacy smooshed in the same sentence. Flag waving. Big and small flags. Chanting.

“These are the policies I will pursue.. I will not allow debate---“ and the sentence is unintelligible. We are told we can’t challenge a person’s patriotism or character.

“I have news for you, John McCain, we all put our country first.” “Cast off worn out ideas…lost….restore our sense of purpose…abortion, reduce pregnancies, hunters, AK-47s. “ Wow, I did not know hunters used AK-47s.

Wow, I did not know gay and lesbian brothers have been turned away at hospitals visits.

“happy talk” (reminds me of the musical, South Pacific”
“Trojan horse” “stale tactics to scare voters” “I don’t fit the pedigree” ?? (pedigree---like a dog?)

“This election is about you” (well, lets go back and count the I wills.)

“change happens” “We people insist on new ideas.”

(We the People, might have been a better phrase to use)

Shots of the crowd, people listening, clapping, giving standing ovations.

Then BO lifts Scripture again: “fix our eyes on what is unseen, for around the bend is the promise of an America…) I thought we were suppose to fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith.

“45 years ago today…to hear a young preacher from Georgia…” (isn’t he going to say his name?? I think BO has a problem with using other people’s names. MLK.)

BO uses a new Scrabble word: inextrippably Once I learn how to spell it.

“America, we cannot turn back…not with so many children to educate…we cannot walk alone…we must pledge to march into the future…and in the words of Scripture, hold firmly without wavering to the hope we confess.”

Again, BO lifts Scripture, and twists it into his catch phrases. To the untrained ear, it sounds like he reads his Bible. BO actually uses the word, Scripture.

“not with” “not with” (too many double negatives, again)

Upbeat COUNTRY music. The Country music song mentions the Promised Land. And in the song is the jaw dropping line about prison to president.) while BO’s family joins him on the stage, and comforts him.

Fireworks spit from the stage pillars. Bidens join. Now magestic Star Wars type music. Podium disappeared, They all stand in the circle of dots. Biden squats. Points. Lovely.

Oboma looks dismissive. Communist. I am sorry, he looks likes he has done his job and wants to leave and get on with it, whatever is next. He gave his speech, not get out. He directs his group to leave. Points to the doors of the fake looking White House. More fireworks from the top of the stadium---no, its bombs. Confetti bombs.

Intense music building. Cue the violins. Oh, a white Biden granddaughter standing next to the daughter of BO.

Cuts off at 50:19. So sad. Mean old C-span.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Friend: A Gift in Our Lives for Thirty-four years

Ode to Skoneeeeeeeeeee

Where to start? Sadly, we were not much in his life here at the end. Separated by geography, and the daily things of life. But, I’d like to write down my memories of a man that touched my life in many ways, and I am thankful for the gift of that fragrance of memories.

When I was a sophomore in high school, my family picked up and moved for the eighteeneth time from Illinois by thy rivers gently flowing to Texas my Texas. It was a culture shock to say the least. And I went from making Cs and Ds in school to straight A’s, so that tells you a little about the lesser quality education in Houston. I also went from a small town high school where guys wore short hair to a hippy culture of smoking areas and an administration that was experimenting with black teachers and all white students in history class.

We moved to Houston for the sole purpose of attending a church that met every night because the idea of needing to eat food physically every day also applied to the need for spiritual food every day, too. I received a lot of worldview values and history and patriotism at church during high school, too, which helped make up the slack from school. My parents enjoyed socializing with folks we attended church with—and that is where we met John Skone-Palmer. His sister called him John, but I only knew him as Skone (prounounced with a long e at the end).

Skone is almost exactly one year younger than my mom. He was bright and gregarious, and thirty-five years old when he started coming over to our house. I remember my Dad and Skone taking me along on rides to fetch stuff from the store, and trying to use that time to warn me about wolves---guys that just wanted you-know-what. Hearing the lectures from my parents was one thing, but Skone backed them up, and encouraged me to listen to my parents. Being the oldest, and the first of my siblings to graduate from high school and later marry, I also saw Skone befriend my siblings, and regale us all with his stories.

Skone was there the night I met my future husband. He had bet my sister and my friends and me a small amount on the spread of the Rice-Aggie game. Not knowing very much about football, or Aggies or betting, we had fallen for his trap. He came to collect that Saturday night, and my future husband just happened to be visiting with another Army buddy my Dad had roped into coming home from church with him. Skone invited us all to pile into his Buick and spend his new-found gain on pizza for everyone. I just happened to sit mighty close to my future husband, and a letter exchange began ending in our marriage that next April.

We kept in touch with Skone over the years by what is now called snail mail. I was a big letter writer, and wrote to friends and family all over the country. Skone would send me a cassette back where he read my letters aloud and commented or answered questions. He seemed to enjoy the pictures of the boys for his refrigerator door.

My sons remember those cassettes, because I often had to borrow their recorder. I think our oldest remembers Skone’s visit one time in his truck. Skone was a semi-truck driver. I think he worked mainly from the port of Houston, but had a delivery to our area once and visited us. I doubt it was a restful visit for him, as our boys were small and our house small, and they were very loud. But, trucks and little boys are always a winner.

When our firstborn was still a toddler, but old enough to enjoy trains, Skone invited a carload of his friends to ride the Rusk-Palestine old timey train. It was fun, and thrilling for our little guy.

We often visited with Skone whenever we’d travel back to Houston to see my folks, and attend church there, too. We got to know Skone’s widowed mom, and his dear sister, Robin.

I hear he ran for office and found a little bit about it on the website when I googled his name. His bio lists his honorable time in the military in the early sixties, and interests in protecting capitalism. I am glad he is spared the anti-capitalism protestors in Denver this week.

Skone suffered a bout of cancer a few years ago, but I had heard he beat it. I guess it came back. And we got word via email from my folks that Skone had moved to be with his sister, but died on his birthday last Sunday.

As Christians, this may sound heartless, and while we grieve for his sister, we are so happy for Skone that he is in heaven reunited with his dear parents and friends and relatives that have gone on before. Oh, what a great celebration, and wonderful party that must be that another faithful soldier has come home.

Recently, I read a poem or story describing what it must be like when we die---how as a ship rounds the cove out of our sight, there is much rejoicing when those on the other shore spot the newcomer. And selfishly, I am so glad Skone will be part of the welcoming party, along with Nance’s mom, and our old friend, Wayne Mitchell, for when the Colonel gets to go home. Colonel Thieme taught us the Scriptures when I was in high school, and we listened to his tapes for years and years. He truly brought the Scriptures alive and daily, faithfully, from the original Greek and Hebrew drummed into us God’s plan for the ages, and a desire to know and please our Creator. We see the Colonel, and our time there at Berachah as a gift from God that helped shape us, and like I wrote earlier, gave us our worldview which I believe is God’s Divine Viewpoint of history, and the order of nations God put in place to keep the human race alive. Without God’s institutions, flawed humanity would self-destruct. But, when God’s order and foundations are taught from the Scripture, there is the beauty that our Founding Fathers intended.

We have not arrived as Christians. We still sin, and make mistakes, and have a lot to learn. And to us, that daily, spiritual learning or walk is such fun !

All this to say, Thanks to God for the life well lived of our friend, Skone. I am so glad Robin was with you at the end of this life, and will make corrections as I learn more. Thanks for all the interest you and your dear sister showed in our boys’ lives. Thanks for your wisdom and encouragement. I am envious, in a way, that you are free of this political season. No more hippies. No more emotional, irrational, left-wing, inconsistent, traitors. No more pain. No more tears.

You lived life big, Skone. You did not miss a thing. Nothing got past you. We will not forget you.

Lantana Looking Lovely

The hardy purple Lantana out front is looking good. It survived the freezes of the past few winters, and is so big it almost blocks the view of the mailbox from our kitchen window. And the wild violets are coming back, too. The Illinois State Flower has two seasons here in Texas if you keep them watered during the summer. It is so good to see new leaves peeking through the dirt.

Dear husband survived his two days of jury duty. The first day in Tarrant County is a cattle call. And I do mean the kind with cattle and shoots and fences. Just making it through security was an experience. Dear Husband said they examined the auto unlock devices on his keychain with great interest both days. Then you get herded into a great room with interlocking seats and get smooshed like sardines into rows so that if anyone has a cold virus, he can share with the rest of the herd. After being culled from this main herd, Bob was told to report today outside a courtroom on one of the floors. Like a sheep lead to slaughter, he uttered not a word. Now, he shared with me his better answers to questions if he had been asked, but only those around him received the questions. I think that kind of hurt his feelings. Being of sound mind and rational thought, he was sure to be struck from this list with his snarky answers of "only if they are Republicans."

And our soldier son is surviving his "field" training. He forgot to pack the mosquito spray and the sunburn prevention, and has complained about slim pickings for their evening meal, but we will try to fatten him up this long Labor Day weekend. At our house, Labor Day actual involved labor just twenty-two years ago...

The Grandbaby's MIMI revealed that the Grandbaby can pray. Wow. Something the firstborn forgot to reveal on the phone last night.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Michael Totten has a GOOD new post

Michael Totten at has a great new post about what is really going on in Georgia. Read it. Educate yourself.

Smooshed Muffins

Sunday evening I decided to make pumpkin muffins. It feels silly to use the oven and the AC at the same time here in Texas. Army son left for Fort S. before they were finished baking, but dear husband seemed to enjoy them. I think he ate four. I wrapped up the rest, and put some in the freezer, some in baggies for breakfast, and some for Bob to put in his briefcase.

I should have called dear husband at work on Monday...or emailed that I was eating my muffins for breakfast, was he eating his?? I should have.

It is now Wednesday morning, and patting dear husband down for the cell phone as he heads off for jury duty, he opened his briefcase and lo and behold... smooshed muffins.

Reminds me of the "treasures" I used to find in the boys' backpacks.

I threw them out into the front yard for the birds, or squirrels.

Those were good muffins. Pilsbury mix and a dollop of mollasses. I should have added rolled oats for more fiber, but they turned out very moist and good.

If dear husband had not discovered them this morning, I wonder how long they would have ridden with him to work? Until they liquified? Drew flies??

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wow, Gagdad Bob is Good Today !

Now you are gonna halfta copy and paste. You did not think I was techno-savy enough to embed this, did you? When I read good stuff, I just gotta share.

Toilets. They are looting Georgia for Toilets ??!!!

What does it mean? What does it say about an army that invades a country with tanks, shoots people, rapes, and pillages, burns houses, and a prize they consider worth hefting is toilets???

And did you see the story of children caught in Georgia visiting their Grandparents?? Yikes. Two were whisked out thanks to the French ambassador. Thank you. But, one news story said we were tracking thirty more.

In my opinion, (and I know, who asked?) Georgia made a mistake allowing the first tank to cross their border.

And the next time the USA promises to be your friend, understand that if anything happens, we have to run to the UN first, so don't count on our help for a week. or more.

Yes, I'm being snarky. I realize our dear troops are being USED for humanitarian missions. aid. Caroline Glick got it right. Take note Europe. The USA may be your friend, but we will not be running to your aid until we check with the UN first. And NATO is a joke.

My heart goes out to the people of Georgia that want to be free of Russia. My heart goes out to the innocent civilians being victimized. The Russians are liars. I wonder if the Russian people are buying the propaganda they are being fed by their press??

Why doesn't our MSM interview the people of Georgia? The ones trying to survive holed up in schools. read it yourself

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Michael Totten Tells us about what is going on in Georgia

Michael Totten has arrived in Georgia, and is interviewing the refugees and telling the truth about what is going on in Georgia. Go read it yourself at

Caller ID and Cat Poop

Today, I changed our call notes (answering machine) message to:

"Because of the long political season upon us, you must leave a message if you want me to call you back. I have caller ID and I know how to use it. Thank you! (and our home phone number)"

I said it nicely. This will keep me from arguing with political callers who think they are exempt from the "no call" list. There are a lot of people who show up as "unknown" on my caller ID, and I guess they did not really need to talk to me because they did not leave a message.

What is with the neighborhood cats who have decided that directly under my car is a great place to poop?? Yuck. Maybe with all the good rain we got, they did not like digging in the yards to bury their poop.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sugar'n Cream: new flavors

When you are not looking---that's when you find them.

I enjoy knitting cotton dishrags. The Canadian company, Lily, has a Sugar'n Cream line of 100 percent cotton yarn. I recently found new flavors at the local Joann's and today, found more at that same Joann's. "Culinary Colors" it says on the label---I guess they are on to us knitters, as to what we are making.

Urban Pastels has a lilac, light creamy yellow, medium teal-green, and white

Bronze Blue had a deep purple, light brown, peacock blue and white

Renegade is a crappy name, but jungle green camo with browns. Husband said he'd use one.

What fun, to find new colors.

Peaches & Creme, made by Elmore-Pisgh Inc., in the good old USA is my other source of 100 percent cotton yarn. Walmart keeps Peaches & Creme in most of their stores. Huge cones of the yarn is only $6.

LION Brand Yarn is harder to find, but Joann's had some today: Sagebrush is a combination of liht golden brown, teal, and off white. Lion labels list New York, New York as their place of the yarn's origin.

Soft Ecru, by Lily, Sugar 'n Cream is so different from regular old ecru, oatmeal, and off white. So creamy. Like real cream.

I prefer light wooden bamboo knitting needles. Number 10 work for me because I knit so loose.

I can knit and brouse websites at the same time. Waiting for a page to load, or reading an article online, I knit. I can knit during a movie, or Scrabble game. Keeping those fingers limber.

Monday, August 18, 2008

More Good Rain

It is Monday afternoon, and we have enjoyed a good soaking rain most of today. Our yard sure needs it. Since it was raining, Ben dropped in for a visit and I convinced him to let me take him to the chiropractor. Gotta seize the day---seize the opportunity when he is willing and able. Come to find out, that step he took through the ceiling on a job not long ago hurt his back. The chiropractor remarked that he has a bulging disk.

And the chiropractor made a special trip in to the office on Saturday to put James back in alignment. We are so thankful. James was feeling better on Sunday before he headed back to Fort Sill. Fort Sill made the news on the radio and blogs with the mold story in the barracks. Yikes.

I changed the sheets on our bed, and am eying James'. And I had a huge load of white clothes, a big load of towels and dark clothing, and the current load of gentle--hang up clothing is in the dryer. I even gave the dryer lint trap a good scrubbing. Using dryer sheets fills the screen holes in the lint trap, and I don't want a dryer fire.

Listening to WBAP from before 5am to 2pm. Dr. Laura got moved to another station and a middle of the night time, so just the sound of birds sqwabbling at the bird feeder until brietbart tv online at 3pm. Mr. and Mrs. Finch had a family, and they have been beak-feeding their striped young on the window sill. Sparrows crowd the feeder and they like to keep a rung free between them. No harmony there. The smaller chickadees are trying to dart in for a seed or two.

Only twelve dishrags knitted, and this box will hold much more. But, I have it lined up ready so that I can see my progress getting a box ready for Suzanne. I found some more cream colored yarn and discovered that soft ecru is much different than plain old ecru even though its the same Canadian company. What do certain colors sing to me? Its the same off white as my wedding dress. Super light yellow, sorta.

Clothes to be folded. Then there is the grocery list...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Enjoying My New Messianic Jewish Bible

Jacob is sixty years old or more. He has just had a huge fight with his father-in-law, Laban. God told Jacob to come home to the Promised Land, and that He, God would be with him. Jacob sneaks off with his wives and possessions, and when Laban catches up with him, he asks, why? Why did you run off with MY daughters, grandchildren, herds, etc.? Why didn’t you ask---why didn’t you say Your God said to leave??

They come to an understanding, swear some oaths, make some promises, and Laban kisses everyone, and says goodbye, and goes back to his country.

Genesis 32:1 Now as Jacob went on his way, the angels of God met him. (verse 2) And Jacob said when he saw them, “This is God’s camp.” So he named that place Mahanaim. (verse 3) Then Jacob sent messengers before him to his brother Esau in the land of Seir, the country of Edom.

When Jacob left his brother, his brother was so angry he swore he’d kill him. Now, some twenty years later, he sends word, and gifts, and finds out from his messengers that Esau, his brother, is coming to meet you and four hundred men are with him.

Genesis 32:7 Then Jacob was greatly afraid and distressed.

He divides up the people into two companies, and sends them on ahead with instructions. And he prays for God’s help: (verse 9) “O God of my father Abraham and God of my father Isaac, O LORD who did tell me to return to my country and to my relatives and I will prosper you.” I am unworthy…

Jacob says he left with just a staff, and on his way out of the country, he had that beautiful dream of angels ascending and descending on a ladder. Now, coming back to the land God promised, he sees a camp of angels. Angels meet him. And tonight he will wrestle with “a man” who turns out to BE GOD HIMSELF, and yet Jacob is afraid of his brother.

Why are we given this story?? Why are we given this passage about a camp of angels?? What were they guarding? What battle in heaven was raging that we are not privy to? Or, was God calling attention to the one Promised to come---from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Jacob has twelve sons, and there is the promise of people as many as the grains of sand.

I believe, that although I am not a Jew that I know of, as a Christian, I am one of those promised grains of sand.

And I hope if/when I see a camp of angels that I do not fear the four-hundred coming with my brother. And I hope that I take God’s promises literally, and trust that He is in control. Trust by faith in Him who knows all about my past failures, present challenges, and future disasters, and sends angels to meet me.

That wrestling all night between God and Jacob: The only words recorded that they exchanged---dwelt with “Let Me go, for the dawn is breaking.” But Jacob said, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” So, (God shaped like a man) asked Jacob his name. And declared: “Your name shall no longer be Jacob, but ISRAEL; for you have striven with God and with men and have prevailed.” Then Jacob asked HIM, “please tell me your name.” But, HE said, “Why is it that you ask my name?” And HE blessed him there. So Jacob named the place Peniel, for he said, “I have seen God face to face, yet my life has been preserved.” Genesis 32:31, 32 Now the sun rose upon just as he crossed over Penuel, and he was limping on his thigh. Therefore, to this day the sons of Israel do not eat the sinew of the hip which is on the socket of the thigh, because HE touched the socket of Jacob’s thigh in the sinew of the hip.

No healing here. The miracle was seeing angels, wrestling with GOD, talking with GOD, and living to tell the story. Maybe the lesson is also that wrestling with God has consequences.

In the story of Abraham we are given a glimpse of the future of Jesus on the cross, when God tests Abraham and provided the ram at the last second.

In the story of Isaac, we are given promises, family stife, warnings, and trickery.

In the story of Jacob, we are given more promises, tests, prosperity, more trickery, family strife, and the blessing of twelve sons and one daughter. And this entry back into the land with a camp of angels, and a human “army” of 401. And wrestling. And what is Your Name?

Recorded by Moses some 400 years later, these stories probably made Moses wonder. In the time of Moses, the snake on a stake will be the test, another shadow of the cross and test to trust. Trust that God is going to do what He promised.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Feed the Birds

The squirrel-proof birdfeeder was getting low, so I took it down to refill it, and it fell apart right after I had filled it. The plastic is getting old, and it is getting tricky to fill. I was able to transfer the seed to a bucket and start over. But, I am wondering how old it is. We have sure gotten our monies worth. Maybe ten years old? The hardware store we bought it is long gone. And our boys were still in grade school...

I read somewhere on the web that America is considered such a rich country, that we can afford to feed our birds. Wish I could remember where I read it.

Chickadees are full of a song of thanks when they visit. The molting finch looks so pitiful these days. And this better seed is not to the hordes of sparrows taste.

But, I think its time to splurge and look for a new feeder. Between dear husband bonking it with his head when he mows, and the doves pecking on the cracked top, and the hail is getting very rickety. Sometimes the doves and little birds will perch on the windowsill outside and peek in at us. Curious? Nosy? Or, just keeping an eye out for the cats? When they peek in at us, we get a close up look at their iridescent feathers.

And the squirrels still try their trapeze acts clinging to the chain after repelling off the roof, and then sliding off the clear dome shaped cover. There is still plenty for them to eat from seed on the window sill and ground.

(TRAPEZE would be a good word for Scrabble. Dear husband only beat me by two points last night.)


Thunder, lightning, maybe two inches of rain and that's how we spell RELIEF in TEXAS !

And maybe we have seen the last 100 degree day for this year. It only got to 99 yesterday !!! Yippeeeee !!!

Thank You, Lord for the good rain, and taking away the dusty, drought conditions here. Now things will green up and we will need to mow until December. I watered some plants yesterday, but it seemed so futile, so drop-in-the-bucket.

I opened the windows for a while this morning. Lit a candle, as the lights kept blinking. Some folks are out of power with power poles down in Dallas. Traffic is snarled, but oh, we SO needed the rain.

I usually do not blog much about world events, but with two sons in the military, I faithfully read the news and blogs online, and the poor folks receiving Russia's insane "punishment" are now receiving humanitarian aide from our dear troops, Air Force and Navy. And Russia has threatened to "punish" any country leaning toward the west, democracy, freedom, and Poland has been singled out for wanting a shield. And amazingly, in their weird pretzel logic, the Russians are being told that its all VP Cheney's doing. Wow.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last Bundle

The last bundle of sticks is ready to be picked up on Saturday. Whoo-hoo ! And before 8am. Before the sun got hot... slathered in OFF, drippy sweaty.

Note to self: knit the headbands smaller because full of sweat, they stretch and droop. But, are otherwise very effective collecting sweat-of-the-brow, which is more like streaming brow.

Grandchild likes getting mail. Bob still can't believe I sent a card with a longhorn on it to known Aggies. Hey, it was a cow. And when asked, "what does a cow say?" Our intelligent grandchild can say, "moo". Too cute. A buffalo is ready to mail with pictures for poor grandchild's homework (parent project). Dang, they start earlier and earlier on homework, I mean, parent projects.


For a laugh, be sure to go the CakeWrecks site. It is a hoot.

We laughed and laughed, and I am glad our son and his wife enjoyed it, too. I am curious---what does a kitty litter cake look like??

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I did not know you can get a blister through a glove. Now I know.

I tried to bundle the sticks out front left from the downed oaks (makes me picture oaks covered in feathers, eh). Got the pile about half done. Uncovered the buried firewood size chunks that are about twelve inches across. One neighbor already helped himself after asking. I have about a dozen stumps left for Mary one street over because they have a fireplace. We do not.

Sweat of the brow was more like streaming brow. I gotta knit more sweatbands. There was a nice breeze, and cloudy, but, alas, no rain.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Three Black Jack Oaks Gone

A guy with a pickup showed up at my door this morning, asking to take down the three dead trees out front. He quoted a very reasonable price, in my opinion, so I agreed.

I don't know if lightening killed them or what, but for the last few years, we have watched the tops die, then woodpeckers weaken them further, and in the last storm, the top half of the tops broke off. Good to have it down before it falls on a car.

Ben called from Alpine, Texas. He is out there installing solar systems at the college there, and he and his buddy had just walked up a mountain, and enjoyed a curious hummingbird. I am glad he thought to call us. Sixty degrees there and rain.

I think it rained all around us---but none here so far. It was cooler today, and did not get above 100 for the first time in weeks. But, I got good and sweaty sweeping up sticks from the gutter.

I taunted Bob with the surprise---of getting the dead trees down. Now if someone will just show up and quote me a good price on putting a new roof on the house...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

LONE SURVIVOR by Marcus Luttrell

It is after midnight. I just finished reading Marcus Luttrell's wonderful book, LONE SURVIVOR. Amazing. I could not put it down, especially the final chapters. Our country is so blessed to have true heroes. May we never forget the precious cost of our freedom.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Boy is Home !

James pulled into the drive at 8:45pm tonight ! He had to get a pass, because more than 150 miles from the fort, they need a pass. Hopefully, he will get to come home more weekends during this now six week course. But, like a child that went to camp---only two uniforms need washing. Lots of damp socks and underwear and exercise clothing. But, just two sweaty sets of diggies. (ACUs)

I vacuumed today, and cleaned toilets. And am reading the book about the Navy SEAL. I also tried to get most of our laundry done up, and folded, and got groceries at Walmart. When I drove through our local McDonalds for lunch and ordered a number 13, fish with no cheese, and no salt on the fries and water---the order taker recognized me and smiled and patted my arm. She is getting used to my quirky order, and word must have gotten back that I called in my thanks. When I called it in again today, the lady asked which McDonalds, and said they don't get positive calls very often. That is sad. When you order fish without cheese, and fries without salt, you are going to get fresh food.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


You know you are a blogging nerd when you drive down the street composing blogging ideas.

Today, whilst headed to the post office to mail off more dishrags of love to Ennis, and a birthday book to the niece, (only aunts give boring old books for birthday presents), I decided to head to the bank for quarters in case we go to north Dallas tonight. I found myself composing a blog about wearable grocery list labels. I have been trying to keep ahead of the new quarters for James' collection, and got their last roll of the new Arizona. Whoop. New quarters are much more fun to use. Hand them to a clerk, and they get excited, too.

Too many times now, I get to the store without the "want" list. Last night, to help me remember to stop and get a gallon of milk at Braums after church (right across the street from church), I tore off part of a label edge to put on my shirt. Bob found it funny that I was wearing a milk label on my chest, so I moved it to my arm. But, for us old folks, need wearable labels. Maybe I will pick up a package of "Hello, my name is..." labels. Then when folks notice: "Hello, my name is tp, oil and brake fluid" maybe, then I not forget what I came to shop for. The "Hello.." labels could also attach to my purse. I have tried clipping a 3x5 card to my purse with a clothespin, but the clothespin hurts under my arm.

And I want to remember how just last night, Bob did a lesson on Christ our Passover, and explored what Paul meant when writing to Gentiles in Corinth to celebrate Christ our Passover. He taught us the blessing said at Passover: Blessed be God Almighty Who brings forth bread from the earth. And how we celebrate by FAITH. When Jesus said, "eat my flesh and drink my blood" He meant that He is the Bread that comes down from heaven, and the Bread that ONLY God can bring forth from the grave. By faith in Him--trusting Him to do all He has promised, not by our gullibility, not by our work, and no boasting about ourselves. Boasting equals the leaven they were guilty of in Corinth. We need to beware the leaven, and lean on God daily. Not just at Passover. All the verses in Deuteronomy that talk about Passover, seen from the lense of the New Testament and the Gospels sing, resonate Christ. The original Passover foreshadowed the REAL Passover when Jesus died on the cross, the Lamb of God, on that Passover in 30 AD. It was easy to be amazed at the Deuteronomy verses---amazed how God declared so far ahead of time that He would proved THE lamb to take away the sins of the whole world.

Then, this morning, reading Trep's blog where Yonah repeated the blessing over his breakfast: Blessed be...who brings forth toast from the land. Toast is right, for when Jesus comes back, He will make toast of all Israel's enemies.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Edoaurdo did come by and give us cooler temps. I think he spit on my windshield, too. Hal Jay on the radio said he got a downpour out of Edoaurdo the tropical storm.

Bob taught our Bible Class tonight. It was good. I had notes to myself to remember that we needed to go early and turn on the AC as both pastors are on vacation. I had the salad ready when Bob got home.

Got my haircut. Leann this time. She gave me a "wedge" as I asked the top be left longer to show off my curls. The salon seemed sorta empty. It is usually teeming with busy stations. I am glad I did not get the same gal as last time---that lady sorta frowned on my confessions of whacking on my bangs myself.

I ordered some more bluebonnet cards. What a deal at fifty cents each for shiny blank cards. Now I am ready for any and every occasion. Check out

After locking up, we got ice cream cones at Chick-fill-you-up. "Fabulous" Erin (he called himself) insisted they are really "ice dream" cones. And we swung by Braums for another gallon of fresh yet reasonably priced milk.

When on the phone with James, Bob noticed my haircut. Leann really cut it super short in back. Tomorrow is James' big PT test. They gave him shots and all today, and the PT test is one of the big objectives. He usually aces his PT tests, because he can run fast if the pace is fast. And he is in great shape.

Time for bed. Gotta get up early tomorrow and take Bob to the train, as two of his sisters are coming back from their Africa mission trip tomorrow, and we have been invited to visit with them if they are not too jet lagged.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tried to Get Errands Run Before It Hits 100 degrees

Found a pretty blouse at the fat lady shop getting more unmentionables.

Hobby Lobby's yarn supply was low. Picked up a few brown skeins.

A few more skeins at Walmart, and some groceries. Wish Griffin could see my frig now, as it is packed. (Eight year old nephew had exclaimed last week that I needed to stock up. I did. I am ready for you now bud---even have the natural cheetos!)

Line wrapped around Chick-fill-you-up, so I drove through McDonalds for a number 13, fish fillet with no cheese, no salt on the fries, and water. They are so friendly about my personalized order since I bragged on them online.

Came home all drippy, sweaty and put groceries away.

Took another bath and I have been feeding the washer and dryer.

Emailing friends, reading blogs, knitting---thankful for the AC and clean, dry clothes. And I am glad I am home to receive James' amazon order, and the books I ordered last week for Meredith's birthday, and for our granddaughter came, too.

Come on Edouaurdo---come on up here with your wind, cooler temps, and rain.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Quiet House

James drove on to his next leadership school, his next Fort. While he was home I think we went to all his favorite places to eat. And got errands done at the Transportation Regional Office here in town that I did not even know existed. We have lived here thirty years, and driven by this place accessible only by the feeder roads off 360 and I-30, but just assumed it was for the men who make the roads. Who knew you could get your registration or title there?? A sign on the door said they would no longer be bothering with personalized plates. But, those are easy to pick up downtown Fort Worth.

James said it is rumored that they will get to come home on weekends, so he is looking forward to that. We will give the washer a workout, and hopefully, he can bring back stuff he does not need, and pick up items that would be useful as his room at this fort looks mighty small. If moms designed barracks, there would be plenty of places to hang up sweaty exercise clothing to dry before throwing it in the laundry bag. Clothes drying racks or clothes lines. James sent pictures with his cell phone so I can picture the room. It looks like a small dorm room.

There is space under the bed, so if he is allowed to put the bed on cinderblocks, he would have even more space. But, this is only a seven week course, so as long as it is a place to cool off in the over one-hundred degree heat, I doubt they bother doing much decorating nor organizing. It brings back memories of when our boys made their bedrooms into lofts, and our oldest’s dorm room of amazing engineering.

One funny thing happened this weekend. When our youngest saw our personalized license plates he reacted with such shock that he immediately called his oldest brother and said its time to pick out our nursing home, that we, his parents, had lost it. Amazing to know we have come full circle---and the baby of the family is tattling on us.

Salad for supper.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Warrior Home

Our Army son is home for a few days. What fun! We have an appointment to get a hitch installed on his truck, and we will probably eat at all his favorite places today and tomorrow...

And we finally got to reveal the surprise--

Bob made me keep it a secret until he pulled into the drive: vanity plates on our car in honor of James. When James was in first grade, his teacher called me from the copy room and showed me what James had done during her lesson, "Fortunately... and Unfortunately..." Apparently this was a yearly lesson because when I ran into her at the grocery store years later, she reminded me that it was time for that lesson again. On the first page, James had illustrated, "Fortunately, I have a BODM," and then, "Unfortunately, I FRTIID..." with a picture of said BODM and little circles for the expressed air. I had to try and keep a straight face with a very serious (at the time) first grade teacher. Sadly, she died this year of cancer, so in a way, this license plate honors her, too.

The State of Texas lets you play around with seven letters on their website, and so the plates have "TEXAS" in big letters on the top of the plates, and then, our special word, and then the state slogan, "The Lone Star State". Or, you can have any slogan from any crusade put on the bottom of the plates. It was so much fun picking up the plates the other day in downtown Fort Worth. Fort Worth is a very laid back downtown. Not too crowded. And never a line. I was afraid they would not allow me to have such plates, because, in some dictionaries, FART, is a naughty word. And I had the cute story ready, how this was to honor a recently deceased and loved first grade teacher that all my boys somehow managed to get. But, the clerk lady keyed it in without blinking. Our plates are also incrypted on the windshield label. One of these days, dear husband is gonna get stopped for his fast driving, and it will be so fun to see the police officer's face.

Now go over to Bob's site and see our nephew in Iraq!