Thursday, April 30, 2009

Waiting on the Lord to Speak

Waiting on the Lord to speak
Lord, still my lips
And help me wait.

Waiting on the Lord to speak
And tell the bride and groom
I Love You.

Waiting on the Lord to bestow
His Blessing upon those
Who wait for His Desire.

Thank You, Lord for options many
Thank You, Lord for peace and joy
Thank You, Lord for chocolate malted crunch ice cream.
Could You send some by angel express?

Thank You, Lord for guidance
Direction. Thank You, Lord
Because You know what's best.

Whisper. Sing it.
With the Wind bring it.
Doves descending
Hearts You're Rendering

Dates engraved in platinum
Will still serve when You brought together
Marry now
Or wait 'til later

Be the Author of Our Story
Thy Will Be Done
Give Jesus the Glory

Be Still, He Said
And know that I am God
Be Still, Moses said
And watch the Work of God

And while we wait
Do not find us idle
Keep us alert
Listening with eyes and ears

And a whole heart
And a sound mind
and a sober spirit
unplug our ears and get us ready

Speak. We desire to obey
Speak in Your Good Time
We desire to listen
We trust only You

Breathe on us.
Breathe on them.
Please answer their prayer

We want Your Blessing

Waiting on the Lord's permission
when He'd have them say
I do!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Praying Out Loud

Dear Heavenly Father,

I confess I have not been praying for Afghanistan. I don't like the way they treat their women. It is not Biblical. What are we doing there, Lord? Our troops are THE most precious and we love them and we pray for them. I was reading today that Afghanistan has been like the doormat of history. Used. Abused. Illiterate. Muddy. Dirty. Yet You, Lord, give people life and breath there. You have shown them how to survive. How to eek out a living. They are poor. Yet proud. And they are following the wrong god. They have sucked down the lie. They have had this religion forced upon them for years. A religion of slavery. What are we doing over there, Lord? What would you have us do? Kill enough of the bad guys so that they have the freedom to choose something else? Or, are we just killing enough of the bad guys to save our own skins. Freedom precious to us, Lord. You have blessed this country, and given us a wonderful beginning based on Your Word, Your principles, Your idea of nations and authority. Please give our leaders clear focus on what is best. And enable our soldiers to do the best job over there. Please protect them and guide them. And for our own son, deploying maybe in December---please arm him. Get him ready to do the best job as unto You. Please make clear to him when to share the gospel, when to give a word of encouragement, when to reach out when he sees the poverty and hopelessness all around him. Only You, Lord, can bring a spiritual change in Afghanistan. Only You, Lord, can empower our troops to remove the evil criminals so that missionaries can go in and share Jesus. I ask that our troops kill the enemy. I ask that they calibrate their weapons to be precise. And when it is time to bring our troops home, please help us do so in an orderly manner. With honor. So many have given their lives to make a difference over there. So many come back injured. So many have had numerous deployments. And our media ignores what has been going on for nine years now. Please break the liberal media. Crush them. They, too, follow the wrong god. The god of lies. Only You, Lord, can bring spiritual revival in our country to heal the divisions and erase the lies of global warming, and social experimenting. Please give us a heart for Afghanistan. Afghanistan needs Jesus. And our military needs Jesus. And our country needs Jesus. Because Jesus is coming back, and He is going to knock heads, and set all things right. And then Jesus is going to rule the world, and it will be wonderful. And those who hate Jesus will be gone. forever. Please take away my anger and pride. Please give me the attitude Jesus would have me to have and show and go out and love others. In Jesus name. Amen.

from last summer

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Foggy Morning

I asked Bob last night what the chemical corps officer did in his unit when he was in the Army. He said his unit did not have one. As a mom, I am having a struggle wrapping my brain around my son's job in the Army. The acronyms are a challenge, and James was telling me 117 Battalion. Pronounced one-seventeen. And FIRES stands for something, and FiB does not mean lie, but Fire Brigade. I am learning. High Five!

Field Artillery. not mortars. not hand-held weapons. Okay.

My question: does the chemical officer run around making sure everybody has done their chemical, biological, and nuke training? Or, when they run into some strange substance, do they call the chemical guy---to come identify something? And in the meantime, do these reports?

I have a lot of questions. Questions that might be too revealing to be answered here. Like, who are they replacing, is there an artillery unit in Afghanistan now that they relieve in December? Man, I'd like to talk to one of their moms---what is best to send, whatall to put in a care package? One blog I was reading online---Mudpuppy, complained that their winter gear was slow to catch up with them. So, the friends and family back home got wind of it, and sent them boxes of warm hats, gloves, etc. And our packages beat the pallets that were getting air dropped. Some of the pallets broke mid-air, or were stolen by the locals. Mudpuppy said they were having to clear the drop zones of little children from the local villages because they did not want the kids to get hurt---these little kids were so desperate for something, or so bored that this was entertainment.

What a roller coaster---thinking James might go to Iraq or Korea and now Afghanistan---and fielding questions from my extended family asking about Afghanistan, the temperatures there, and where exactly is it?? Good grief. We have been at war for nine years now, and some folks don't know where Afghanistan is? I admit, it took me a while to learn how to spell it, and I am a knitter! (afghan---as in that crocheted or knitted throw lap blanket thingy)

We gotta laugh. Wait until James gets Grandpa's latest email on oil to combat plague. My brother, Jay just called---he is convinced our father who art in Houston has lost it with these conspiracy theories. Bleach works just as well or better than clove oil. (I love how cloves smell, though--ha) We gotta laugh. God gives us big families to help us learn to get along, and love one another. Some are easier to love than others.

And that is what fun about being a Christian: JOY! Joy, no matter what. Joy no matter what the test, or fog or confusion or comment. And I marvel at God's tremendous Sense of Humor.

But, my prayer? Please, Lord, help me not hurt or harm others or make their burden greater. I want to help. But, guard my lips---and my fingers as I blog or email. May Jesus be glorified in all of this. I need Your Help, Lord, to be a good wife, a good mom, and a good sister/daughter/cousin/aunt to my extended family. Being a parent of grown sons---is one more of cheerleader, helper, supporter, and observer. We write, we call, we email, we pray. And Dear Heavenly Father, Your Will Be Done. We are here for such a short time compared to eternity---keep us from worshipping idols. Smash my pride, my self-pity. Thank You, Lord for whatever happens. Please put Your Smile on my face, and Your Perfect Love in my heart, and Your Words on my lips. In Jesus Name. Amen.

I am so thankful for online sermons we can access for free. Here is one I think I will listen to again:

Monday, April 27, 2009

James Deploys To Afghanistan in December

James was home this weekend, but when he got back to work this morning, he found out he was being sent to another office, and will deploy to Afghanistan in December.

Wow. We knew this was possible, as a January-Korea had been batted around as the next deployment for a while, but some in his unit were still cycling back from Iraq! I wonder what happened up the chain of command...I wonder how/why this decision was made. Things are boring in Iraq---I learned that the USO is not even sending entertainers because the troops are winding down their jobs there, and are bored stiff. Afghanistan is much more active as our troops go after the Taliban, and the Taliban invade Pakistan.

It sure was a surprise when James called this morning, and my heart goes out to his fiancee. I had been emailing James' fiancee back and forth about what I had read on SpouseBuzz this morning---and the saddest story they had up. Maybe this was not the day to be discussing that, as it is very, very rare. In fact, I hope it never happens again.

I called Ben. Can't repeat what he said. Mr. Encouragement. Not.

Then I found I had about eight emails bottled up in my outbox for some reason. Yikes. Now Andy knows, hopefully. And the story about Afghanistan I had forwarded Bob to his home email takes on much more meaning. So much of Afghanistan looks like El Paso to me. So, I'll forward neat stories of heroism, or neat equipment to Bob.

Watching B-cast---and the story about the Presidential plane that flew LOW over Manhattan today THREE times. Buildings were evacuated. People hit the panic button. All for a photo shoot??!! Good heavens. Outrageous. Training? A huge jet flying over the Statue of Liberty?? I wonder if Andy knows anything about it? 150 feet above the ground. Someone forgot to tell the mayor. (no, Air Force son had not heard about it) 4pm and a call from the grandchild.

Later---almost 10pm. What a difference in the Dad's reaction to James' news and the mom's. Dad was all positive--reminding James that when different ones were sent into different theaters of war, things wound down quickly, so the same will probably happen with him. And Dad cheers up the Mom. And talks to James on the phone, and understands more of the acronymns and details. It takes a Mom and a Dad. If a guy only has a mom, all he hears is the gloom, and doom, and weeping, and worst case scenerio. So, God provided a Dad for balance, and purpose, and mission orientation.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We Watched Galaxy Quest Again.

We had to show Amber. We quote it all the time. And seeing it will help Amber understand random lines James seems to grab out of thin air. I still get choked up at the end. It is cute. A few scary parts, but I know when they are coming so I can go start the washer or feed the dryer or something. Ha. Galaxy Quest and The Dish are two movies we watch over and over as a family. Tim Allen shoulda gotten an oscar for the scenes when he is describing what an actor is---pretending, deception, fake. The bad guy tries to kill them all anyway, so Tim Allen saves the day later... But, when your friends are being tortured, it is hard to resist evil.

No Pleides/Moon/Mars conjunction for us tonight. Too cloudy.

Bob had a good Sunday School lesson this morning. The logic was lost on two ladies sitting behind me. But, sadly, ladies, myself included, depend on feelings instead of logic most times.

The church sermon was on the history of the translations. We need reminding that men died getting us the English version of the Bible. Oh, how the Roman Catholic church fought a version in the "vulgar" language of the people. Even though Jesus spoke the common language of his day as well as Hebrew. Even though.

We have so many choices, and many versions of the Bible are free online. We don't even have to dust the Bible off that is sitting on our shelves. It is at our fingertips. But, some feel strongly about different versions. And some think it is a crime the way the NIV, for example, was translated. If it misleads, if it leads astray, then okay, it is bad. But, only when one studies from an application version, do you get into trouble and miss a lot.

What needs to be emphasized, in my opinion, is the MIRACLE that for over 4,000 years, God has kept His Word pure and available to us. 4,000 for the Old Testament, and 2,000 years for most of the New Testament. What little variances between the translations or versions---little points of punctuation do not detract from the message, the timelessness, and accuracy of God's Word. That is amazing.

Word meanings change through the centuries. Sometimes they flip completely to the opposite meaning. Some words die out. And yet God's Goodness and Love shine through. And when we get to heaven, and meet the brave men like Tindell, and men that died getting the English version into circulation, we will be able to thank them, and let them know they did not die in vain.

I get so frustrated at our "praise songs" because they incorporate so little of the actual words of scripture. Themes, yes. Ideas, yes. Doctrines. Concepts. But, we need to memorize Scripture, and what better way than putting it to song? For some reason, we are not given the tunes David wrote. Just the words, of some of his Psalms.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

To help a niece understand how she is related to ALL these people, let's put it in story form, and group folks by family instead of the generational prayers lists I did a few days ago. I hope this is a story you can tell your children. And as Bob helps me understand from his memories; what he was told...

Once Upon a Time...a gruff old man who would survive the Great Depression, hardship---even the betrayal of a business partner (explaining why he was gruff, perhaps) settled in El Paso and continued to build houses in 1929. The El Paso climate was better for his wife's lungs, and his twenty-one year old daughter, Elizabeth Emily (later to be know as Aunt Betty) got a job at the bank in 1929. (Elizabeth Emily was born in Artesia, New Mexico when WR worked on the railroad) His daughter Marian, and two sons, Bill and Joe finished school and graduated from Austin high school there in El Paso, and after the Great Depression, Bill and Joe went off to war--World War II where they served for four years. Joe was drafted in 1941 and flew for the OSS over Europe in B-24s. The unit was called, "Carpetbaggers". Bill served in the medical service corps--a medical platoon leader, and his job was medical platoon leader. His platoon evacuated people from the field of battle who had injuries. And he has told the story of getting permission to write his future wife while pulling the body of a soldier out of a tracked vehicle that was used to haul tanks. Bill and Mary met in Columbus Georgia (Fort Benning) at the First Baptist Church in the choir, and Aunt Mary was dating Clyde. When Clyde asked Bill to pull the body of a soldier from a tracked vehicle off a battlefield in France, Uncle Bill got Aunt Mary's address--and Clyde's encouragement to write her. They corresponded the rest of the war, and most of the family have heard of that first kiss at a railway station in El Paso after the war. They married, and lived in El Paso briefly before moving to Carlsbad.

Aunt Mary was working for the war effort in Georgia when she met Uncle Bill, but she was born in Michigan to Clarence Martin and Ruth Hobart. Bob tells me that Clarence had attended the University of Michigan, even though he was from the east--upstate New York, and helped survey the shore of Lake Michigan. Clarence had two sisters that settled in Massachusetts---famously known in the family at Great Aunt Florence Purple, and Great Aunt Helen Jackson (green inked letters make some cringe to this day). Ruth's sister was named, Lotta. Ruth and Clarence had three daughters: Mary, Clara and Harriet. Detroit, Michigan is where they were born and raised.

Back to Carlsbad, where the lovebirds, Mary and Bill are starting a family. Sixty-two years ago this Sunday, April 26th, their firstborn son, was named after his father, sorta---William Joel. Often called Billy as a kid, he is back to the more formal, Bill. Mary and Bill would go on to have two more children, Mary Elizabeth and John, but when Bill was still a tiny newborn, Mary's sister, Clara came to visit and see her new nephew and as Bob puts it, the family started plotting to get Clara and Joe together. Joe, you will remember, was Bill's younger brother. (born Joseph Samuel, Joe decided he was Joel Tracy as a little kid! I'd like to see my sons try that! Was Joe---Joel Tracy the first a stubborn coot??!!) (Would someone tell your brother, the third Joel Tracy that he ought be Joseph Samuel the third??)

Bob says his folks, Clara and Joe married in San Francisco, and their firstborn, my nieces' Dad--for whom I dedicate this story--Joel was born in San Franscico but they moved back to El Paso where Joe and Clara continued his father (W. R.'s) construction business, and went on to raise eight children.

So, dear niece, since brothers married sisters, we have the unique situation of double cousins. The eight siblings of the El Paso clan and the three in Carlsbad could point to the same four grandparents, where in other families, there would be six grandparents. Mary and Clara's other sister, Harriet moved to Carlsbad, and the Michigan grandparents moved to Carlsbad too when they retired. So, these eleven double cousins thought it was normal to share the same four grandparents. Bill and Bob both remember playing together and thinking their other cousin, Harriet's son, Dana, to be the odd one, as he only shared the maternal grandparents---not the paternal ones.

Sadly, Mary lost her two sisters in 1974 just weeks apart---cancer took them both. So, Mary and Bill adopted spiritually the motherless---and prayed for your folks, and all your aunts and uncles by name for years and years. Every day. Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill moved to the DFW area ten years ago to be close to their daughter and her family. And Aunt Mary died a few Christmases ago. Now Uncle Bill, age 93, waits his promotion home. He fell a few weeks ago, and even though he had that call device around his neck, he did not have the presence of mind to use it. Sometimes his mind goes back to church meetings long ago. But, if he is not too tired, he recognizes his daughter and warmly smiles as she is the light of his life. Bill and John keep in touch by phone, and visits, and have been so good at emailing us updates. Their parent's love story had such an impact on the whole clan.

Let's review: W. R. and Lena (a Godly woman who shared the gospel with her sons and read to them from the Bible---a woman dearly loved by her sons and daughers) parented Elizabeth Emily, Marion, Bill and Joe. Clarence and Ruth parented Mary, Clara and Harriet.

Aunt Betty had Marian Rae and Judy. Marion (Aunt Betty's sister--not her daughter) had Betsy and Tad.

In the next generation, Marian Rae had six kids: Joy, Phillip, Mark, Elizabeth, Steven and Paul. These would be your Dad's first cousins, but outside the double cousin circle. And since they are much older---Marion and Betty were ten years older than Bill and Joe---there seems to be a generational span here. And easy to get confused as Aunt Betty named Marion Rae, her daugher, after her sister---it would be like you naming your daughter after your sister.

Joy, Phillip, Mark, Elizabeth, Steven, Paul and Judy's kids: Donald, Danny Patrice and Thomas are technically, your generation, but some may be grandparents themselves, already. I have corresponded with Marion Rae---so maybe she will catch us up. And Betsy's kids: Kathy, Kimberly, Todd--are also first cousins in your generation, although they are much older than you are. I hope that makes sense. We could draw it up on chart.

My sons, living in this area, got to know their double cousins---Mary Elizabeth's sons, Doug and David. And we met Bill and John's grown children at Aunt Mary's funeral. I feel like we have always known them, because Aunt Mary was the best a letter writing and calling---way back before the internet.

All this to say---know that you are loved, and part of a huge family that prays for each other. And the double cousins---the El Paso descendents and the Carlsbad descendents have produced eleven precious cousins to start the new century, and honor those Godly, praying Great-grandmothers, Lena and Ruth.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Comments on another sad day in Iraq

Another double suicide bomber--females kill 60, injure 125.

And who do the Iraqis blame? The USA for not providing security. Amazing.

What would drive women to do this? Living a life of dispair? Raped? Living in a country where your religion hates women and treats them as second class citizens.

What is sad to me---the poor victims, who survived a murdering dictator, war, strife, loss, and then to die murdered by your own religious fanatics who have somehow convinced women there is no hope. There is something seriously wrong with your religion that murders innocents.

May I reccommend the Toby Keith interview at the National Press Club? Worth the listen!!!

One question catches Toby off guard when he is asked whether soldiers coming back are dangerous. Why is one bad apple trotted out as a reflection on the millions? 99.99999 of our soldiers come back and make excellent citizens---hardworking, patriotic, raising wonderful families. The press and present administration dwell on one nut as a reflection on all. Let us turn this around on them. Their jaundiced view reflects all the press and all politicians.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I married into this family...

We are getting almost daily email reports on the oldest and the youngest/newest on my husband's side of the family. I try to be careful to forward the emails and news on to Bob. But, he is already on the lists for his uncle.

In his nineties, Bob's uncle has lived alone for a few years now. Sadly, they used the word "dementia" this time after he fell in his back yard, and got bruised up and dehydrated. He had a call thingy around his neck, but did not have a clear enough mind to use it. He has been transferred from the hospital now to the rehab/nursing home. He was there once before. It is a pretty nice facility. But, it has to be confusing to him.

The newest in the family is also on Bob's side of the family---five pounds, nine ounces born on Saturday morning at 2:08am. The doctor wants to keep her hospitalized because she was three or four weeks early. They are monitoring her breathing, temperature, and something else. But, she is not on oxygen.

I can't help but wonder, ponder, marvel at the contrast. Bob's uncle has lived a full, wonderful life. He is tired. He is ready to go home to heaven. God has a perfect time for that homecoming. And oh, what a wonderful reunion it will be with his wife, and siblings and parents.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for Uncle Bill. Please give him a clear mind, and peace, and help him to be good until the end. You have a perfect time to call him home. Please bless all the nurses and doctors and workers that come in contact with him. I pray that they are patient, gentle, and alert to what he needs. Please bless his daughter and sons and their families as they seek Your Will. And for this newest to the clan, please strengthen her, bless her new parents, and give wisdom to the nurses and doctors who have contact with Karen. Please let her go home to that apartment with her parents and show them exactly how to parent little Karen physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Hers may be a life on a mission field far away with her folks. Please bless her and keep her safe. You have a perfect plan for her life, too. Over ninety years stretch between these two---Uncle Bill and great-great niece Karen. I am sorry Uncle Bill may not remember being told about her. And I am sorry little Karen will only know him by stories. But, I hope someday, someone tells her how her Great-Great Uncle Bill used to pray for all their nieces and nephews by name. Every day. Every. day. Since Bob's Mom died, or maybe before that, Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill adopted the nieces and nephews spiritually, and prayed for them. Now those nieces and nephews are grandparents. What a wonderful spiritual heritage. What a wonderful example Uncle Bill has given us. Please help us to be so faithful. In Jesus name. Amen.

Lists added in the comments section. What a clan!

Amazing Sight

We watched at the Moon and Venus were very close. Even as the sun came up, and looking east, the planet Venus touched the bottom of the crescent Moon. It was very pretty. Bob went on to work, and neighbors looked to where we pointed. We tried some digital pictures. Pictures download easier and quicker on facebook. I have never seen Venus so bright during daylight. Spaceweather dot com probably has better pictures.

Click on the pictures below to make them bigger.

Trying to Capture the Moon and Venus Occultation

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Trebuchet. I guess it is okay. I'd prefer Comic Sans---'cause then the "a" is drawn like we do when we write it longhand.

Sure wish blogspot offered more. oh, well.

Be content with what you have.

I am SO thankful...

I am so thankful that Dr. George was able to remove your (Bob's) mole off your back so quickly and painlessly.

I am so thankful that the mole did not have "roots" so it is probably not cancerous.

I am so thankful you did not listen to me when I doubted Dr. George's ability to remove moles.

I am so thankful for the good sermons we can listen to online from Mars Hill Church in Seattle.

I am so thankful for April in Texas, sleeping with our windows open, and not having to use the AC.

I am so thankful for AC in the summer in Texas.

Three things to tell Bob

  1. this dove was strutting up and down and around and around the windchime starring at himself, getting all fluffed up, and then he dived at the window. He thought his reflection was a rival.
  2. I have seen a bee enter the hole in the windchime screw-bolt thingy. I am afraid that next time you mow, you might disturb said bee and get stung. I am surprised the bee does not sting the doves that also perch there.
  3. it is not super windy, but a breeze came up and leaves started falling like rain off the tree along the back fence. The leaves rattle as they fall.

Awesome Message of Encouragement

I never knew that about Spurgeon's life and what an encouragement his wife was. Wow.

This is a sermon I can't wait to hear again. To hear the definition of idols explained so well...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lest I forget..

I mailed the surprise to Aunt Janice from Ben-Ben. Hope she likes it. I double boxed it. And then the box was so big it jammed in the box getting it into the post office. The line was long, so I weighted and labelled it myself. I also mailed some books to the grandchild.

Then I took the boxes of books to Bob downtown. (after rescuing his security badge that had fallen down between the seats in his car) Approaching downtown Dallas on 183 was a hoot. Stay in that right lane minding your own business and you will be forced off. Thankfully, the cell phones were working. (tried just now to give Bob good news on the Dry Idea find, and the Virgin phone company says, so sorry, try another time)

Bob and I ate lunch at an oriental noodle place in the tunnel accessed through Thanksgiving Square. It is really not a square. Lots of pigeons with irridescent feathers.

Then to Walmart---what is up with Walmart these days? They discontinued my cranberry capsules, and now Bob's favorite deoderant---Dry Idea. I went to two Walmarts, and finally found some at Target. Bought six. Whew.

And for the stalkers---if I chose NOT to post your comments, please go away. Thank you. This is a free country. We are all entitled to our opinions. People that copy their comments and try to post them again are creepy stalkers. This blog is an online journal. If you enjoy my musings, then great. If I choose not to post your comments, get over it. The world does not revolve around you.

I did find some super cute pink newborn outfits and mailed them to the newest GREAT niece. And a box of knitted dishrags for my friend in Ennis, Suzanne! That makes four packages at the post office today. And never a smile can be found there. ONE clerk working with customers, three milling around. Long, long lines. I used the do-it-yourself thing at the first trip because I was in a hurry. Rips you off. And it was not even faster because I had to go tell them I had jammed the box again. Oh, well. Postage goes up May 11th. It is a wonder they are still in business. Forty-four cents for first class on May 11th.

There is going to come a time when it is cheaper and wiser to just send money. For example, for what it cost to send them the new baby outfits, they could have bought one more. Or for what it cost to send the books, the grandchild could have purchased one more. Walmart stopped carrying the cotton yarn, too. And a lady at church is nagging me to knit something useful---like wool knitted ski masks for under helmets for the troops in Afghanistan. Unless the directions are super simple, forget it. And wool yarn---yuck. I think I am allergic to wool yarn. It has always bothered this lady at church that I waste my time doing dishrags. Synthetic yarn is bad for getting fried under the helmets. I understand that. But, wool next to your skin is not for everyone. Wonder why some can't use cotton.

It is not polite to tell old church ladies to go to <<>>---- Dear Heavenly Father, why this test? Why won't this old lady leave me alone? Why can't she let me be boring? Dishrags are useful, too. In fact, I knit a headband---and Ben wanted it. I use them all the time. Please Lord, help me watch my mouth, and my attitude. Your Will be done. In Jesus name. Amen.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Sunday Posting

Beautiful day! Wow. Skies are mostly clear. Just the occassional cotton ball cloud.

Bob practiced his Sunday School lesson on me and then we hurried to church. Need not have hurried, as this Sunday School class is very, very slow to assemble. They like to eat doughnuts and chat first. Then there are the prayer requests, and praise reports. Bob told everyone about the newest great niece.

An octogenarian spoke during the sermon portion. This guy was once a chaplain to the Grand Prairie Naval Air Station FIFTY years ago. And then he taught at numerous seminaries. It will be so funny at the Judgement Seat of Christ when this guy waits to see the NIV translator get it. He is convinced that the NIV translator took certain liberties which mislead folks. Then he proceeded to preach on love. And the bookends that are "by this the world will know..." at the Last Supper. Yes, I paid attention during church. But, this old guy was so shakey that I was afraid he'd fall off the stage. His body was shakey, but his voice and fist pounding were strong.

Grape vines are allowed to winter on the ground to keep them alive and sorta warm. So, in Bible times, they would slowly bring them back up in the spring, wash them, and encourage them to bear fruit. The NIV sloppily talks about cutting off the vines that do not bear. Instead, the word is to gently pull up and wash where they can bear fruit. We are plugged into the main branch, Jesus Christ. And washed and pruned, and gently forced higher and higher to bear fruit... neat figures of speech, eh?

We lunched with Ben-Ben who showed up at church and heard the last fifteen minutes of the sermon looking for us. He had been to a trade show, and wanted to show Bob the free light bulb Oncor was giving away. And he had a surprise gift he wanted me to mail Aunt Janice. We went to Chipotle's for lunch. And showed Ben the funny videos on Bob's blog.

I beat Bob at Scrabble. And James collected his clean laundry and headed back to Lawton. I had found him a pretty, and brand new 2 quart glass bowl with a lid for microwave or oven use. Better for cooking Bertolli bags, in my opinion. And I use mine so much, I bought another. Now I can cook dessert in one in the oven, while getting supper done in the microwave in the other. It can be slippery and you have to use hot pads, and being a clumsy person, I have almost dropped mine a few times, but they clean up beautifully, and run through the dishwasher just fine.

James if you are reading this---just do NOT use on top of the stove. ONLY in the microwave or oven. And you can go from the frig to the microwave safely. Great for storing leftovers and then you are ready for a quick reheat.

So good to see Ben today. He said he has been working seven days a week as they hired some new salesmen, and what with trade shows... And since the weather is suppose to be clear all week---he will probably be busy every day. Still waiting on the first photovotaic job. He said they had looked at ten houses, but ruled out eight because of roof issues, or trees, and folks have to want to wait for a ten year return on their investment.

James helped me haul three boxes of books out of the little house which Bob wants to take back to work now that he has room on shelving. But, how to transport...I might just take them to Bob at lunch tomorrow, or take Bob to work and pick him up at the train station after work.

Time to think about supper. And buying more milk. Ha.

I wonder how the new parents are doing. And how was the newest great niece's first Sunday?

Saturday, April 18, 2009


The sky is clearing. We are so thankful for the rain that put out the wildfires, and washed the air of pollen. Friday afternoon, just after a storm, I armed myself with broom, power sprayer, and cleaned the drive of the oak tree pollen strands. Maybe now we won't track so many into the house. There are many strands left on the roof---and once dry, and a good south breeze, they will pepper down onto the drive and cars. Oh, well.

We skyped with firstborn and family in Ohio today! And then I skyped with my folks in Houston for an hour. They were enduring a rumbling storm which has dumped nine inches of water on their drenched city. It was only our second time to skype with them.

A brand new great niece was born this morning at 2:08 am. The little miss gave us all a scare coming too early, but at over five pounds and 19 inches long, and her feet look huge---she may be tall someday, like her six foot six papa. I saw notes about impending labor and when the water broke, and prayer requests on facebook yesterday. So, I waited until 8am to call my husband's sister-in-law this morning to get the news. Then I waited until the super tired couple posted something before blabbing. Ediquette.

James came home Friday night, but showered and was back out the door on a date with his dream girl before Bob got home from work. We did get to see James this morning but, he does not being pulled into skyping with the grandparents 'cause he is busy doing his pre-marital handbook homework. Sometimes I feel like we are just in the way. I know James appreciates us, but he'd rather be with Amber, as it should be. We are no substitute.

I wanted to nag firstborn to take some multivitamins, but he would resist the nag because it was from his mother. He was yawning, and quiet, but I bet he perks up for his la crosse game. Again, we are obstacles in his way. To be endured, humored, but I get the sense that a little of us is too much for firstborn, too. Maybe that is why God said to Honor your parents, because it does not come natural. Life is so short. There are things to do, things to read, things to eat. But, someday, my firstborn may wonder why his own daughter is too busy to give him a hollar.

On the other end of life, we heard of Bob's uncle, in his ninties who fell in his backyard, and even though his daughter found him a few hours later, he got sunburned, dehydrated, and is confused. All the stages are paraded before us. We can't please everybody. My own Mother will whine for us to come visit, see their house, but an hour of skype-ing, and she has learned enough of our boring lives, that she wants to go do something else. I'd break her chairs sitting in them, anyway.

Skype-ing is fun. It is free. Free to download, and sometimes the online video calls drop out or off, and get fuzzy. Free in that we are already paying $100 a month for phone, DSL and then there is the cost of the computer, camera, etc. Cheap. Cheaper than a visit/gas/wear and tear on the car, eating out, hotels, etc. It is like being there---as long as they can stand you. And my Dad likes to multi-task---show/let you hear good videos he has found or been sent. Sometimes we got to see them both, sometimes just my Dad's hair. They shared good books they have read. We shared whatall we are reading. But, Bob was trying to get his Sunday School lesson done, so I let them go. I can see where skype-ing might be used to check on the elderly, like Bob's Uncle Bill. Kind of a baby monitor for the old folks.

Bob likes to be out here in the living room and work on his Sunday school lesson on his laptop. With James home on the weekends, we turned the back bedroom into the guest room. It would be a quiet place for Bob to study, but we would need to re-arrange furniture. The way we have it set up now, Bob can look over my shoulder and see things of interest I find on the internet. And when I snort or laugh at a Cake Wreck comment, he wants to know what was so funny. So, I am a distraction. And if he is up until after midnight working on his lesson, it will be my fault for bothering him during the day. Maybe if we set up the back bedroom into his quiet cave, he could study, get 'er done, and I could skype, talk on the phone, make noise, and watch documentaries without bothering him.

After James and Amber get married, we will want to have a nice, quiet guest room for them to use when they come back to our area to attend Amber's church, visit with Amber's family, and friends. We want them to feel welcome to come here anytime, and use us as a hotel. That is what family is for.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Day After the Tea Parties

Watching coverage, and checking blogs for the great pictures---such creative signage!!! all over the country, from sea to shining sea. Even Anchorage.

Wrote my elected officials and included tea bags.

Listening to WBAP, our local conservative talk radio.

Doin' laundry.

Writing letters to my niece, and to folks who do not email/twitter/blog/facebook/call.

Beautiful day, but storms in the forecast.

More later.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Day

Drinking lots and lots of tea today, and watching the coverage on Brietbart TV online of the Tea Parties across the country. Glen Beck's party looks good in San Antonio. Media bias abounds.

Vacuumed, laundry. Talked to the grandchild on the phone. Firstborn said that groundhogs are plentiful on the base and when the granchild spotted one, "fox!" Was what the grandchild called it. So, we talked about how groundhogs have holes, airplanes have hangars, and cars have garages. And little grandchildren have houses to go home to to see MOM! The grandchild repeats the last word of everything you say. Too cute. "Say bye-bye, Grannie"

Found Benito a half-priced Easter basket at Walmart with a rubber soccer ball inside. He asked for a marker to put his name on it, but his mom took the marker away. So, he showed up at my door again asking for another, but I said no. Mom must have taken it away for a reason.

Soon, Bob will be home. Then church tonight: the more informal Bible study.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Tuesday noonish.

Bob had a good physical this morning. But, the doctor said he'd take Bob's thick mole off. This is bothering me. The mole is thick. I think it needs a professional that deals with these things all the time---not a regular MD, like Dr. George that is happy to do it for you... But, when was the last time he did one? And one that big? and thick? And will it send samples in to be tested for skin cancer?

This mole is on his back. Hard, if not impossible for Bob to see.

Dr. George's attitude is that it is just going to get bigger, uglier. Good grief. What does ugly have to do with it?? Who has ever heard of a 'pretty' mole? What medical doga is that?

Did Dr. George feel it? Did Dr. George take cell samples?

He is just a drug pusher, in my opinion. I wonder what the drug company gets by giving him all the samples? Why would they give away pills they sell for $3 each? It doesn't make sense.

at the Diovan HCT website:

What side effects may occur?

Side effects cannot be anticipated. If any develop or change in intensity, tell your doctor as soon as possible. Only your doctor can determine if it is safe for you to continue taking Diovan or Diovan HCT.

  • Side effects may include:
    Abdominal pain, allergic reactions, back pain, blurred vision, cough, diarrhea, dizziness, fainting, fatigue, headache, joint pain, low blood pressure, nausea, rash, runny nose, sinus inflammation, sore throat, swelling, swollen mouth and throat, upper respiratory infections, vertigo, viral infections
Bob has at least five of those side effects. And just how, praytell are you suppose to exercise and lose weight when your joints hurt and the medication is causing the joints to hurt?

And I just read on the side of the container the warning---don't take alone and drive. Yikes.

But, take it the same time every day....with food, so you can drive.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, the day after the first Sunday after Passover

If we were Jewish, we'd start counting fifty days until Pentecost.

After Jesus arose, He walked and talked with folks for forty days. He appeared to the disciples, and the women, and thousands. He arranged a BBQ fish breakfast beside the Sea of Galilee. He gave the disciples instructions to tell the world that He had come, died, and rose again. That is the Good News. The Gospel. And when He ascended forty days later, He gave them specific instructions to wait for the Holy Spirit ten days later. He was sending the Holy Spirit as our Helper. The Holy Spirit would help them spread the Good News. And at a time only God the Father knows, God the Son, Jesus will come back. We are to live our lives looking. Ready. It could be today. It could be a thousand years from now.

This time, the disciples obeyed. This time they met where they were suppose to, and received the Holy Spirit. This time they knew. And believed. And they started performing miracles that pointed to Jesus as the Messiah. This made the authorities mad, and they beat the disciples and threw them in prison. But, the disciples were not afraid this time. And Christianity was born.

Today, back in 33 AD or was it 30 AD, doubting Thomas doubted no more.

And the two men on the Road to Emaus marveled at the greatest sermon every heard---where Jesus Himself, freshly arisen, explained Himself starting with Moses and the prophets.

The First and Only One to rise from the dead walked and talked and ate with His friends.

Someday, we too, will rise from the dead and walk and talk and eat with Jesus. Jesus showed it can be done. It is just a matter of time. Right now, Jesus is seated at the Right Hand of God the Father. Praying for us. Waiting for that perfect time to come back and collect us. Then He will set everything right. He will rule the earth for one-thousand years after the seven years of the tribulation. Just as He promised. Just as the prophets foretold.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

What a wonderful day! It helps to get up before dawn, because then you have time for a nap before church!!! Nothing better than a nap before church. It helps the disposition. It aids in digestion. It helps energize you for the lunch marathon to come. Silly me decided yesterday that steaks would be easy. Ha. And I should have bought strawberries for snacking instead of trying to use up nine apples. The apple crisp took hours to bake. And the kids were wanting to leave by then. But, I did get all those apples used up, and as a secret ingredient, put a dent in my McDonald's maple syrup stash. (I prefer honey on my pancakes, but I just could not throw the maple syrup away---can't waste food, you know!)

I guess its my ears, because the music at church was aweful. Awe--in how many they packed on the stage with their microphones, and music stands. or maybe that was the "full" part. I think the rain kept many at home. It was a big crowd, but not overwhelming like some Easter/Christmas/Mother's Day nod-to-God crowds. Maybe the awe(add expletive of your choice) was in the choice of the songs---rocking, hard to know when to join in, or just poor doctrine in the songs. Oh, well. The music is worse at other churches we have attended, so I guess it is just my ears. I wonder what God thought of the song service. I wish He'd tell us it is bad and needs to be changed before just ripping the church out with a tornado.

Tornadoes, wildfires, the weather---seem so random. Some of the wildfires were set, and I hope they find the criminals. But, the wind and the rain---a blessing for some, and a curse to others caught in a flood or extremes.

Amber and James and Ben came over for lunch. And Andy and Lauren called from their car---so we all talked and sang to the grandchild. Then the house got real quiet after everyone left. Bob took a nap, and I did, too. I am very thankful Bob filled the dishwasher for me after lunch. He noted that we used almost every pot, pan and dish we had. Ha.

A full load is humming away again---things that did not fit into the first one, and some dessert dishes. I was not sure yesterday who all was coming, and as we are flexible, I tried to get things that would work no matter who/what. I wish I had gotten some Easter candy for decoration---but Easter candy does not last long around here. Benito brought me a carnation and a red rose. He was happy to take away a little orange. I had given him jelly beans yesterday, and he reported that they tasted good. It said something about coldstone ice cream flavors on the package, and so I wondered about them.

I got so sweaty-drippy during lunch. More exercise than I am used to, I don't know. The house was nice and cool. And I had windows open for the smoke. But, it is embarrassing to be serving food with sweat dripping off your nose. I need to learn to delegate better.

Maybe I should have skipped church and gotten the apple crisp in the oven sooner...
Maybe I am looking for an excuse to ship the "music" portion of the service.

But, it was fun to see eveyrone and hear from Andy and Lauren and the grandbaby, and the skies cleared, and it is looking like a beautiful spring day. At 5am this morning, there was lightning and storms and heavy rain. That swirl may come on back and get us later. A storm that started over the four corners area, and gave us quite a show. We needed the rain, and Oklahoma especially needed the rain to put out the wildfires for good.

More later...

Saturday, April 11, 2009


It is Saturday. Yesterday felt like Saturday with James and Bob home. And I kept referring to tomorrow as going to church/Easter/Sunday, which drove Bob and James nuts.

I repeat: (for my own benefit: It is Saturday) It is Saturday. Today is Saturday.

Saturday is it.

Last night we had so much fun skype-ing with the grandchild. Wow. Bob was sitting near the mouse and took a ton of cute pictures. We even got one of the Firstborn dancing with the grandchild. I emailed them to my folks, and the grandchild's other set of grandparents.

Without revealing too much about the grandchild, (in case of stalkers), James and Amber asked the grandchild to be a part of their wedding. The ringbearer/flower girl part. I got to thinking that what a contrast---Firstborn with his shaved head, and Ben-Ben with his flowing locks. And James with the length "just right". The groom will outshine them all, as he should.

Something is wrong with our oak tree in the back yard. This tree straddles the fence and is entwined with the power lines, so it gives shade only to the storage shed. And the leaves look like dried green shrivelling branches of a tree the moisture has been sucked out of. One branch here or there is still green and lush with normal, healthy leaves, but the whole tree looks dried out. We felt the leaves yesterday when I noticed it, and they are dry and crumbly, too. I bet they charge us extra to get it out of the power lines. But, if it has oak wilt, it will have to go. So sad to lose a tree. The birds use it to perch in their swoop to the birdfeeder.

More later...

8pm. Rain. Storms coming up from the south. That ought to wash the dust and pollen and smoke from the air! Bob is still working on his Sunday School lesson. I am probably not helping by making noise at the computer, so I shall go read my Mark Levin book! They came in the mail yesterday! Big Whoop! Ordered them March 24th, I think as well as some books for the grandchild.

I did make it to Tom Thumb grocery story and stocked up on a few meal ideas so that we do not have to fight the crowds at the eating establishments tomorrow. Not sure who all we will have for lunch--it may be just me and Bob. But, I am ready. I'll hold off and buy Easter candy on Monday when it is half-price. If I need a chocolate fix, I can just dip the spoon in my fudge-in-a-jar from Tastefully Simple. That stuff is too thick to drip onto ice cream. The jar says refrigerate, and so I did. Tastefully Simple's caramel sauce is great with apples, too.

Tomorrow is Sunday: Resurrection Day!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wild Fires to the West

Yesterday morning, the air was full of a heavy mist that dripped off the roof. Then around noon, the skies started clearing from the west, and the wind picked up.

And then about 3pm, the sky turned brown-orange and smelled of smoke. I pulled up the weather websites, and the distinctive smoke signatures appeared on the weather maps.

Shortly after that, my folks Skype-ed with me for the first time. We were online for almost three hours. It got to be close to when James was coming home, so they stuck around to see him, and then Bob got home not five minutes later. My Mom went on to her job of caring for an elderly gentleman, and my Dad fell asleep while we ate supper. I had planned on some thick steaks, but they were hard to cook. To get the insides cooked, we practically had to burn the outside. I will need to ask for them to be cut thinner next time.

This morning, after sleeping with the windows all night, everything smells of smoke. And there is a sooty dust on the counters. I should have closed windows before we went to bed, but it was still eighty degrees inside. James is home for a four day weekend. I nagged him to bring sheets home and he brought all his blankets, too. I wonder if we can get them clean, folded and put up without getting the soot on them. Soon as they are dry, I will fold them and slip them into my big, super huge baggies. Then he can slip them into his trunk.

Hal Jay says this is the 30 year anniversary of the bad Wichita Falls tornado. We would have been living in Savannah, I think. Or, maybe we were in El Paso at the time.

Coffee is done.

Two hours later--muffins turned out very moist. I added maple syrup. I have been accumulating maple syrup cups from McDonalds and looked up how to use them in cooking online.

WBAP--Hal Jay just told the story of a girl that sent ten-thousand text messages in one month, and her folks received a bill for $4,000.00. It is hard for a child to incur such a huge debt unless they wreck the family car, and then that is why we have insurance. Sounds like parents need to take out phone bill insurance to protect themselves from their children. wow. I am so glad we are past that stage. And we held out for a long, long time and told our sons they had to pay for their cell phones all by themselves. After they got phones, I was amazed what great leashes they were. But, I am still glad that we insisted the boys pay for this luxury.

Would some SEAL sharp shooter please take out the pirates and rescue that poor captain??

Thursday, April 9, 2009

How funny

When I tried signing in through the regular way, it insisted that cookies had been lost or blocked. But, when I came to my site via Bob's----it is like I am already signed in. Weird.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I bought some goodies at Whole Foods, and searched in vain for wines from Israel. I know they had some last year. I found more matza, but even after workers called the "wine person" all she could scrounge up was one bottle of the super sweet Passover wine, so I purchased that. That is like drinking straight sugar. Sweeter than grape juice! And I cooked chicken for supper with sweet potatoes and washed, fresh strawberries for dessert. Bob gets home at 6:10pm, and by the time we eat super, I barely have time to slip the dishes in the dishwasher and set it going before we bolt for Wednesday night Bible Study at church where Pastor Mark is working through Luke. Small group, but worth it. Bob and I went by Braums after church to stock up on milk, juice and coffeemate liquid for the weekend as James has a four day weekend. And we go through more gallons of milk and juice when he is home. And I like to keep orange juice at the ready in case Ben drops in.

I listened to more of the Mars Hill Church messages on spiritual gifts. I did not realize we can have not just one, but maybe two or three. And I needed reminding that the gifts point to Jesus. Beware the person who says, "I have the spiritual gift of ______ and God told me to tell you ________. Run. Look for someone with the gift of discernment. And I liked what he said about how if you have the gift of _______, you will be drawn to doing it in a quiet, humble way. Pursue Jesus, and not the gift. Use your gift or gifts in a loving, Biblical way, not to divide or call attention to yourself. Of course, Jesus had ALL the gifts, and demonstrated them perfectly: healing, healing the sick or hurt or demon oppressed, prophecy, faith, administration, encouragement, miracles, wisdom, truth, discernment, ability to read people. And all of these, Jesus did in the power of the Holy Spirit. Evangelism, Pastor---some can only be done by men, but there are so many others, like teacher, encourager, wisdom, faith, discernment, prophecy---these can be done by women if God the Holy Spirit so empowers them. His illustrations made me cry. To be able to supernaturally help strangers---and see through the evil when Christians try to hide their sexual sins, or abuse, just highlights the fact that God sees everything, and brings to light things the enemy tries to hide.

It brought to mind a time in my life when things looked so bleak. Our church we were attending with numerous family members on both sides was undergoing a vicious split. And I remember sitting alone in church crying about the brokenness and wondering what God would have me do, when this stranger, a kind lady, came over to me and just simply hugged me and said she was given a word that everything was going to work out. And it did. I still have regrets about that time, and wish I had done things differently, but God used that split to scatter us to local churches where we all serve, and teach, and some of Bob's brothers even pastor! The split motivated one brother to go to seminary.

And I remember another dry time spiritually, when I visited a friend in St. Louis, and she shared a near death experience she had had after a dangerous bladder infection where she had been hospitalized. She shared, and it was encouraging to me. I was amazed at the timing.

Miracles still happen. And they point to Jesus. And they glorify the Son of God.

Have you experienced the gift of a miracle or two?? Have you been amazed when God used someone to comfort or encourage you? Have you prayed for God to restore or help you love someone who is difficult to love, and seen God answer that prayer in a mighty way?

Next Sunday is Easter Sunday. Resurrection Sunday. Let's pray for our pastors and church workers, as this is their busiest day.

Dear Heavenly Father, We are so grateful that you sent Your Son to die for us, and Rise from the dead three days later, just as He promised. We are so glad we serve a Risen Lord. Thank You that Jesus appeared to His disciples, and the men on the road to Emanus, and to thousands before He ascended into heaven forty days later. Witnesses watched Him ascend, and angels promised that this same Jesus is coming back. And He will set all things right. Until then, please bless our pastors and their families and our church workers and volunteers with Your Supernatural energy, wisdom, faith, so that they can speak Your Words to the folks who only come once a year to humor their relatives. Please help our Pastors present the gospel. And make it clear. It is such Good News that Jesus came, and died, and rose again the third day just as He promised. Now help us live lives that honor and glorify Your Son. I pray that the spiritual gifts you have given each of us reflect Jesus, and make this Sunday and every Sunday a day to worship You. We don't know how to worship. We need You to show us how. We marvel at the story, and I pray that you make it fresh and new to the pastors so that they don't lose heart. Hedge them in and fill them up so that on Resurrection Sunday they have something to give, something they are fired up about. And make it so obviously from YOU. Please correct our attitudes, give us patience, awe, and most of all, Your Perfect Love for one another. May we not grow weary. Help us persevere until Jesus comes back. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What is your spiritual gift?

What spiritual gift did God give you to help point others to Jesus??

Maybe you have more than one?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

While It Is Fresh On My Mind

Bob taught Sunday School this morning...a good lesson.

James and Amber came by this afternoon. We had a good visit.

And tonight we had Communion. The Lord's Supper.

Our church does not do it but a few times a year. And when they started doing it, just a few years ago, they did it more of a feely-good song service. Not what we were used to, but we hung in there. We were raised with lots and lots of teaching about all the elements, and history, and Greek and Hebrew. But, our church, which we have attended now for over 12 years, decided to do an actual supper. The first time, they served ham, and I about fainted. Pork at a passover-like meal? Whoa. I think they served lamb once. And an actual Passover re-enactment by a Jewish guy helped understand where Jesus was coming from. But stuff has been added over the years, and best to go back to the original.

God instituted the Passover to help the Israelites remember God's deliverance from slavery, from Egypt. God gave them specific instructions about killing and eating a lamb, and putting the blood on the doorposts and lintil, and eating unleaven bread with your traveling clothes on. To be saved, "passed-over" by the angel of death, all they had to do was believe. Obey. Wait on the Lord's deliverance. And every element of that first Passover pointed to Jesus who would die as the Lamb for the sins of the whole world.

I like how Bob explained how substitutionary atonement is more like a soldier dying for his men. Dying to protect his men. Taking their place. It is a hard concept to wrap our brains around, but that one helps a little. I have no idea what the Jews thought for thousands of years when they killed a lamb and pondered the innocence of the lamb and how it was going to take their sins away? Without the Temple, they don't even slaughter lambs anymore. But, even the unleaven bread and cup of wine are pictures of Jesus, the Bread from Heaven that came up out of the ground. He arose. And how His blood was shed for us. We don't do anything for our deliverance. Just believe. Trust that what He said and did is true.

Re-reading the chapters in first Corinthians where Paul addresses a wild church of folks doing things wrong, Paul repeats what Jesus said at the Last Supper, the night before He was betrayed, "Do this in remembrance of Me...for when we eat the bread and drink the cup, we declare the Lord's crucifiction UNTIL HE COMES. I focused so long on the declaring the Lord's death part, and forgot about the three other words: UNTIL HE COMES. Jesus is coming back. And He will set everything right.

The Jews of the Old Testament were commanded to commemorate the Passover every year looking forward to the coming of the Messiah. We commemorate what Jesus did on the cross looking back, but also forward to the fact that He is coming again. He loves us and wants the best for us. And as we marvel about the stories and commandments and instructions of the Bible, I am amazed how there is something new and fresh every time. All we do is believe. Trust. Listen. And wait on His deliverance. It is all there, in the elements we can touch and taste and feel---the pierced matsza, the cups of wine or grape juice, the sense of community---done as a group, a church, a family as we eat and drink and often act goofy. We can't help it. Someone tells us this is a solemn occasion--and the mirth breaks out. I saw Mr. Steve throw a napkin at Donna's husband tonight while we were singing---and we are SO thankful that the singing came after, when we actually have something to sing about. wow. Thank You, Lord!

Some communion services focus on our sins. the importance of confessing our sins, what we have done, so that we will somehow be clean, fresh, and not die from celebrating the Eucharist full of leaven. But, tonight, we tried to focus on how it was right in front of them all along----hidden in the elements----the picture of what Jesus had to do on the cross to save us. The matsza, wrapped in linen...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ben-Ben dropped by!

Ben had a delivery to make at a trade show, so he was on the clock from 7am until 10am. Then he dropped by our house for a visit. And we fed him a late breakfast and got caught up on his news. He has two male kittens that are over a year old now, and starting to fight. He says the fur really flies sometimes. They were litter mates, and kept each other company growing up. They are strictly indoor cats. Ben says they jump each other, while one is using the litter box, or eating.

And we talked about that windy day. Ben said they have to tie off the ladder to the roof when it is windy. Yikes.

He liked the t-shirts I found for him at Walmart that were not too snarky.

James left to spend the day with Amber about thirty minutes before Ben dropped by.

And Benito just dropped by. I had some cookies and some playing cards for him. We cleaned out a drawer the other day, and found some playing cards that still looked new, and asked Ben if he wanted them, but Ben said no. They might entertain Benito for a little while.

I wonder if Andy is watching cartoons with the grandchild this morning??

Bob is working on his Sunday School lesson. So, I need to be good (quiet). This is hard because when I have a thought, it is out my mouth...

Amber and James came over at 3pm. Wonderful visit!!!

I baked up the rest of the cookie dough Cynthia gave me--gave them to James and Amber to take away. I am glad they like them. Good hot.

It got above 82 degrees inside, so we shut the windows and turned on the AC since Bob is studying. It is hot outside, and the cool front is stalling up by W. Falls.

Jay called---bragging about what a hard and good worker Ben is. How Ben will go far. How Ben will do fine. That was encouraging. Everyone is tired of hearing me say it out loud---that Ben is so much like my brother, Jay, that that has given me hope for many years...that Ben will do fine.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I have heard numbers thrown around about yesterday's wind---40 mph and 50 mph. I believe it.

Is today the first day of baseball season? Is today opening day?

Then there is the race activities at the race track north of Fort Worth.

The final four basketball games this weekend? And hockey winds down for us. (Stars)

Busy. Busy. Bob will be teaching Sunday School this Sunday AND doing the 20 minute prep for the Lord's Supper Sunday night.

The doves have found the safflower seed on the window sill. And I saw a squirrel pigging out on it yesterday---so the selling point on the bag of safflower seed about it being disgusting to squirrels is a myth.

The doves look like they are wearing powder blue eye shadow around their eyes. It has to be powder blue teeny tiny feathers.

Bob skunked me last night at Scrabble. He bingo-ed THREE times. He re-used those blanks all three times. He is deadly with blanks. 431-254 It was obvious that he was winning at the end, but he seemed to take an agonizingly long time to try and play his V. I was ready to scream. I should have suggested we play another game just to move it along. Yikes.

More later. I am clean outa thoughts. ha

Did y'all see Cake Wrecks yesterday? All the nose cakes. Let's see if new cakes are up today!

(8:21am alas, no. not yet. still baking...)

8:37am. Cakes are done. Animals, critters---can you imagine asking for a piece of claw/eye/horn/tongue? Not me. Yuck.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I have Rush going on the radio. And I am listening to Scott and Liz's interview on blogtalk radio.

And I got an email from my niece --- so I am off to Walmart to work on her list. I love a quest.

Facebook makes it so easy to download pictures and take pictures! What fun.

More later...

Whoa, was it ever windy! Dangerous-grab-the-door-and-fling-it-out-of-your-hands windy.

Bob said they had to lean into the wind to go to lunch between the tall buildings downtown Dallas.

And the wind blew so hard it knocked over trees! The streets were littered with branches and leaves as if we had had an hail storm. Now that is windy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Musings about the rest of the day...

We tried to Skpye tonight with the firstborn and his family, but our sound did not work, so we had the screen going, and the telephone in the other hand...

Bob reloaded the camera thingy and found an option toggled wrong. So, it should work next time...

Ate a late lunch at PF Chang's. It was okay. What is with the sauce flourishes?! I am for fighting it, and asking them to take away the tray. Bob is for just telling them to do a light seasoning, and letting it sit. Strange doings. Why make a sauce and then we had nothing to try it on? Pei Wei is the same company, and closer to where we live, and the food is hotter because it is a shorter distance between the kitchen and the table. ha.

Bob has been loading up his laptop. His laptop oughta be heavier now with all the new files. ha.

In researching and loading stuff, Bob went through the drawer of floppies and bagged them for disposal. Wow. We have lots more room in the drawer now. Our present stack does not even have a floppy slot thingy.

Yesterday, we picked James up from the airport. His flight was fifteen minutes EARLY. I just love that SW Airlines. They must have had a tail wind coming back from California. James had a great time meeting the in-laws, and seeing Amber's favorite places. I am so glad.

Ben called. And we got cards from relatives and friends. And we took pictures with the digital to update the blog and facebook--but facebook has this ability to snap pictures with the camera on the computer. It makes it SO easy to upload pictures. Facebook takes the "face" in facebook seriously. I had trouble downloading an "album" in facebook, but at least we updated the profile picture. The old one was a year old.

Legs are aching from sitting too long. Time for bed. Did anyone suffer April Fool pranks??

Thirty-one Years: April Fools!

Clouds from the storm the other day