Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What BO should have said:

Instead of the irritating press announcement which was hard to listen to, let alone believe, BO should have said:

I want to take this opportunity to say I was trying to protect my mother's reputation. My mother got knocked up before she was 18 years old. When she was three months pregnant with me, she supposidly got "married" to my dad, but dad was still married to a woman back in Kenya. So, technically, my dad was a bigomist from Kenya. This is common in Kenya. And he went on to marry twice more.

But, my mom was a "free spirit", studying Russian when she met my dad in her Russian class. Imagine studying Russian in 1960. Unless you were a commie or working for the CIA...

So, in order to spare my mother's reputation, I hoped the short form would be sufficient. Now, for all eyes to see, people can see that I am technically a bastard. And while being a bastard is not my fault, sadly, it is a very common condition today. And I would like to use this release of my birth certificate to bring to light the stigma of being a bastard. And like so many Mexican women who struggle across the border and give birth to their babies in El Paso, my mother gave birth to me in Hawaii. Was I an American because I was born in Hawaii (a new state) or because my mother was born in Kansas? My father was not an American. He was a 25 year old student who could be charged with rape because he knocked up my mother before she turned 18.

My mother stuggled to get a college degree with the help of her parents and food stamps. She later married an Indonesian. You can read the Time article for the glossy story of that part of her hard life.

That is what he should have said. Instead, he tried to gloat. wow. Another missed opportunity to encourage people to wait and have children when they are finished with college, and married.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Springtime in Texas and the United States

(as heard on the radio: WBAP)

Death by:

tornadoes 45

wildfires 2

bees 2

traffic wrecks 4

hail, lightning 0

taliban 11

Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Fantastic Mars Hill Message

The message dated April 3, 2011 must be something I need.

First time through, all I could think of was who else needed this message. That is a red flag for needing to hear it again. ha

Temptations are sure to come. (not if)

Sin and being sinned against: happens constantly in human relationships.

sin is word, deed, motive, comission and omission: doing things we are not suppose to do, and not doing what we are suppose to do.

Sin is not quirks. My husband's excess phyem is not a sin. My incontinence is not a sin. You don't repent of incontinence.

Being clutzy is not a sin. It is annoying. It has consequences--spills, bruises, accidents. But, it is not a sin. Mistakes are not sins. Kids make mistakes. We don't discipline them for spilling their milk. You are the idiot who did not put the sippy cup lid on correctly.

Temptation will come. Do not give into the temptation to sin. You will always have to fight temptation. Don't get discouraged. Jesus was tempted in every way we are but He never sinned. When you do not give in to temptation, that is a victory.

Luke 17

Woe to the one who tempts others to sin. It is an horrendous evil. Our example is important, especially to children, and younger Christians.

You will annoy and frustrate one another. You will frustrate one another. When the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, we need to repent. and forgive.

Repentence is not getting caught, but coming clean.

Repentence is not denying our sin. Repentence is not downplaying or diminishing it.

Repentence is not managing our sin, nor trying to keep it under control. We don't manage our sin. We put is to death. Jesus died for our sin.

Repentence is not blaming or excusing our sin. Be aware of your sin. Pay attention to yourselves. Don't overlook your own guilt and hypocricy.

Do something because it is right. Not to get something.

Repentence is hating the evil of the sin.

The centerpiece of the Gospel: Jesus Christ died for our sin. Jesus Christ rose from death and sent the Holy Spirit, so that we can put our sin to death.

WHEN we sin (not if) ---we repent.

When we are sinned against: forgive.

The sinner is to repent, the victim is to forgive.

Let the Holy Spirit convict. Let the Holy Spirit bring to mind sin you need to talk to God about. And faces of people who have sinned against you...and God asks you to forgive them.

If your brother sins, rebuke them. Don't gossip. confront. Rebuke them in a way that is holy and helpful. Don't be a coward and send an email. Get over your fear of man, and look them in the eye. If it was a criminal activity, bring a witness.

Say: This is your sin. I love you. If you don't deal with it, it will kill our relationship. Jesus is part of all our relationships. You can't be a coward. You can't avoid conflict. If you really love someone, you need to rebuke them. God rebukes us. This starts when the kids are young.

Otherwise, we withdraw. avoid. live parallel lives.

Couples who swear we never fight means passive aggressive. cold, parallel lives.

Repent of wanting peace rather than conflict and resolution. Don't be pushed around.

Forgive means you let go your right to judgment and you leave it in God's Hands.

Either you forgive or you become bitter, and they own you. they control you.

Who do you need to forgive?

Keep rebuking and working toward forgiveness. Illustration: a doctor does not give up on you. When you are sick, the doctor helps you toward healing. We want people to lovingly pursue us, and extend the same grace to others that we would desire toward us.

Forgiveness is not denying or diminishing the sin.

Forgiveness in not ignoring it. Choose to forgive.

Forgiveness is not pretending. Forgiveness is not enabling sin. A wife is suppose to be helpful. If she never points out the folly, and just forgives and forgives, then she is mothering him and enabling. Rebuke, then forgive.

Forgiveness is not waiting for someone to acknowledge or admit their sin.

Forgiveness is sometimes the first part. You do your part. Seek to live at peace with all men.

Forgive and forget is foolishness. When you have had horrendous evil committed against you, you will remember, but you choose to act for their best.

Adultery---you can choose to forgive, and not obcess about it 24/7.

You will still grieve, and need to forgive again. Don't die emotionally.

Jesus will wipe away the tears. It is okay to feel the grief. Forgiveness is not a one time event.

Forgiveness is not full reconsiliation to the original relationship. In the case of child abuse, or adultery, we don't move on picking up where we left off. We don't let a pedafile babysit. That is dangerous for the kids. Forgive and be wise.

When couples that are good friends commit a wife swap or there is an affair, then it would be stupid to continue double dates and Christmas together. The relationship is forever altered. It will never be the same again. It is risky. They can forgive and repent, but the relationship is forever altered.

Forgiveness is not neglecting justice. Did they commit a crime? You can still pursue justice. If/when a Christian rips off another Christian---they still need to pay back the debt. Work toward mediation, but if your credit is being destroyed, pursue justice.

Sinners repent.

Victim forgive.

And remember that Jesus Christ is the King of kings, Lord of lords. obey.

Jesus Christ is the ultimate authority.

Jesus Christ asks us to act in faith, even when it seems like it will not work.

Do your part, and trust God to work on their heart. There is hope. It is not how big our faith is, it is our big our God is. No guarantee that all our relationships are tidy in this life. Do your part. Then get out of the way.

Chain of command. Authority. Master. Submit. We are under authority.

He is our King and Savior. He is our Master. There is a throne, and you are not on it.

Jesus came as a Servant. He knows what it is like to be abused, and sinned against.

He took our place on the cross. He is in all our relationships, and is the center of our lives.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It is amazing what an almost 3 month old can do


worried look with worried eyebrows

sit with someone holding his hands

stand with someone still holding his hands

snuggle on your neck

fall asleep on your chest

pee like a fountain

blast his pants

cry with gusto

stop crying

sneeze, cough

feel with his head

tense up like The Hulk

suck noisily

find his fingers and thumb



love to be bounced

knock a pacifier out of his mouth

sleep, dream, laugh and cry in his sleep

melt your heart.

and grin after urping.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Thirty-Third Anniversary

It was different.

For the last few years, I have been buying us matching tee shirts and then we take a picture in our shirts doing something silly. For example, on our thirtieth, we looked for signs with 30 on them.

This year, I had found some gray tees on sale online at Walmart. And an extra Old Spice gray tee shirt for Bob, which I had wrapped using real wrapping paper (as opposed to my usual use of old maps).

Thursday night, March 31, 2011, I had gone all out and cooked Bob steak, and brussel sprouts. Smoked up the house so bad our eyes were smarting. I had to put the fan in the window to clear the house of smoke before Bob's cute favorite show, The Big Bang Theory.

Bob took off Friday, and greeted me with coffee and cinnamon toast for our first breakfast. For second breakfast, we headed to Cracker Barrel for pecan pancakes and bacon. The opening day of baseball meant that the freeways around the ballpark were already gridlocked...and the bluebonnets were stunning even with the fourth driest March ever.

Bob was napping when Ben and his friend, Albert Nelson arrived about 3:30pm all dusty and sweaty and ready for showers, as they had been working on a Habitat house in Everman. Bob was startled to hear me talking to a stranger, and letting him use my shower, as he did not hear Ben nor had he yet met Albert.

We drove up to Frisco as we had been invited to Bob's brother's for a fabulous meal because Bob's eldest brother was in town with his wife for a wedding--his wife's niece was getting married the next day in Stephenville.

I do not recognize the freeways in north Dallas, and I get the toll roads confused. The traffic was heavy around the Ikea, so Bob went on to the Preston Road exit. Bob's brother, Roy honked and waved when he pulled up behind us. Too funny. We don't turn our cell phones on unless we need to use them. I had been pondering aloud that a phone app with where the clean restrooms were would sure be a help at this point as in Frisco, tall signage is a no-no and we could not spot the McDonalds.

Good visit...but when we started talking about sex, Ben and Albert skedaddled. Aunt Sally had been on a panel for questions about sex with their women's group at church, and I was curious whatall they had asked, and what advice she had given.