Saturday, September 26, 2009

It was suppose to be TODAY!

James had her rings engraved with the date they met, and the date they were to be wed. One year from the date they met. Instead, when the deployment was moved up, they moved up the wedding, and have been blissfully married now for two months today.

Thankfully, she got to wear her dress again today! The photographer does an after shoot, called, "Rock the Dress" and so they got up early, and in the good golden light of the morning, in a garden, had more pictures taken. Maybe in a few weeks, we can post those. What a neat way to remember the day....they were suppose to wed. It is a pretty day. Clear. Cooler. Much cooler than in July, but I am glad they did not wait. I am glad they have had all this time together to enjoy each other, bond as a couple, and experience Army life.

Time flies.

And girls are a LOT of fun! I am thankful for my three sons, and my husband, don't get me wrong. But, little flower girls are cute, and having daughters-in-law is the BEST present!

Pictures downloaded from Skype

We got to skype with our granddaughter last Tuesday night. It has taken me this long to figure out how to find the pictures, save them, reduce them to jpegs, and then download them here. Whew.
She read to us, she drew us pictures, she posed, she made us bread in her little play oven, she even gave us a kiss on the computer screen. What a blessing---to be so far away, but able to see and hear her.

Saturday Morning

James and Amber are in town, and presently, doing their "rock the dress" photo shoot. What fun! At a garden in Mineral Wells or Weatherford, by early morning golden light...

We ate supper last night at Cracker Barrel...every Friday night is catfish night, and Ben loves catfish. Ben showed us his new phone. He said he bought it on ebay, and has only had it for three days. So, his old phone called us Monday night and let us hear Ben "enjoying" the Monday night football game at 10:30pm. It left a message on our call notes thingy. Ben did not seem real happy about the outcome of the game, and voiced his opinion on the millions being paid to one of the players. It is a mystery how these cell phones make calls all on their own, unbeknownst to their owners. I remember one day we got a call from our youth pastor who was sitting at a train crossing, and his phone called us accidentally. And Bob says he had a co-worker that had a phone that would call him all the time as being a "B" he was the first one on the guy's speed dial list or something. It wasn't until the guy burst into song one day that Bob figured out who it was.

I doubt if Ben's new phone will call us accidentally. It is a fancy touch screen thing, with arabic letterings.

Yesterday, I got to babysit my friend's grandson all day. My friend was gone to Colorado on vacation, (and I can't wait to find out what they thought of the much, much cooler weather all week) and she usually keeps her grandson two or three days a week, and had arranged for me to keep him yesterday as his momma is a teacher at the local elementary school. The three year old enjoyed dumping all the toys out into one heap.
And matching things. We have a lot of sets---because when James and Ben were little, and only a year apart, we had exactly the same toy for each of them, and their names on the bottom. As they grew and discarded the toys, I kept the Chevron cars, as they are classics, and the Thomas the Tank sets. Soon as James or Ben have families of their own with little boys, I will gladly hand them over. Andy has already relieved me of the huge pillow cases of legos, and the erector set. I am getting too old to be sorting toys and a smaller stash will be just fine. I have been saving the wooden train set for someone, too. It is pretty durable, but the puzzle-type connections do break off if you have a rough player---who gets frustrated easily. And some little guys are just rough on toys. They need balls for throwing, and nerf balls for inside. My little three year old guest was a pretty good guy, but he wanted me closeby, and even in the back yard, sat right beside me and tried to talk me into helping him catch grasshoppers. I got to thinking that he goes to a different place every day. He was wore out by noon, and took a good hour and half nap, but then, the phone woke him, and while he tried, he could not go back to sleep, and I did not insist.

At one point, yesterday, the house was trashed. Coasters littered the floor, and toys made it hard to walk. Brings back memories. I am glad I had put up the Scrabble set, or we'd be missing tiles.

He was sure glad to see his momma when she picked him up at 3:45pm. And his momma frowned when I volunteered to pick up, as things needed sorting. But, I know she is trying to teach the little guy to pick up, so I should have just kept quiet, as I knew I could sort later. He was potty trained, thankfully. Which made it very easy. But, his method is to strip down, and then declare himself "done" so he needs help dressing. They make such cute little undies for boys---not just action figures, but cars from the movie, CARS, and soccer balls. Why don't they make such fun undies for guys now?? I have seen fun boxers, but none of mine wear boxers.

The misquitoes were pretty veracious yesterday. All the ten days of rain, and while I sprayed our clothing, and back of our legs and arms with off, we still say lots. And my bare arms we fed upon.

We get so set in our ways. My computer desk is no longer little kid proof. I should have cleared a shelf higher up and moved stuff up. It was a hoot when the little three year old "helped" me unload the dishwasher---he would put a glass to his mouth and then hand it to me. Another one to be rewashed.

Wow--a pigeon hawk just caught a sparrow or something in the shrubs.

Yesterday, I also noticed spider webs on the windchime. Kinda made me smile to think about the spider who decided this was a good place to build a web---when there was no wind. Like the idiots who build homes in flood plains, or that guy that built his house upon the sand.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

House of Cards

Jack Cashill has researched it thoroughly, as a writer, and another author has now confirmed that Jack Cashill was right! Bill Ayers wrote B. Obama's book, "Dreams of My Father".

See the evidence and learn all about it on the B-Cast !

B-Cast live streams from 4-6pm ET, and then loops the show later. And you can access specific stories on the B-cast page on the Breitbart site.

Michelle was in on it. Michelle recommended him, as they were short on money from the publisher.

Both Obama, and Bill Ayers have denied it. They are liars. They have covered this up. for years.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Phrases

Where have I been?

New words and phrases have been introduced into the culture and I don't feel like I have a grasp of their exact meaning nor usage. I need to pick the brain of my relatives that are teachers.

"getting played" as in trying to take advantage of someone, but ending up getting caught or taken advantage of yourself?



"how we roll"

Is there a hip, new dictionary for us old fogies?

Garbage Wrestling

Here in the big city, we city folks have to wrestle with our garbage so that it is on the curb on the correct day in the correct wrappings. After ten days of rain, the "fresh scent" of the kitty litter was overpowering. So, I ventured out to the huge pet temple of worship and purchased a box of "unscented" kitty litter. "free of perfumes and frangrances" it promises on the box.

And dumping the dust and grit from the vacuum in the trash---that goes to the street, and the bathroom trash cans, and the kitchen ought to smell nice in here now! With just the two of us now, we can go a week and could easily live with once a week pick up.

Now to remember to set the recycling bin at the curb... ha

These New Fangled Communication Devices

When our TV started dying, over 13 years ago. We just let it go, because our boys were struggling to learn to read, and the TV was just too much of a distraction.

I prefer to hunt and peck for my news from conservative radio and online, anyway.

But, when my computer crashed last year?!? (I forget exactly when) and Bob bought me a new big screen, (for these old eyes) and a new stack, the computer came with a TV inside. It took us months to even stumble upon it. And our youngest son was visiting one day, and showed me how to use the remote thingy. The remote is symbols only, and I need words. So, whenever he'd visit, I'd ask for another tutoral if/when I thought of it, but the TV needed an antenae. Ben took the antenae off James' old TV, and attached it to the computer stack thingy, and a few channels came in, but the antenae needs adjusting for them. And the shock of seeing the sad shows available, and the irritating ads made us want to go slowly. We gave it a rest for a while.

When Ben told us that the Cowboy game would be on tv for opening day, as it was sold out, I tried to work the remote, but could only get a jerky video and jerky audio. Bob was ready to give up, but he tried adjusting the antenae, so by the third quarter, we were viewing a pretty good quality show. I saw my first ad for (ahem) cialus? Some product that made you want to do it outdoors, and yet, the disclaimers made you wonder if you should risk it. Blindness? Seriously? And we saw this ad for longer lashes that you paint on your eyelids, and the side effects include blindness. Do blind people care if they have long lashes? And the side effects list is LONG. Beer, and cars. Trucks and cars. More cars driving happily down curvy roads without drivers, apparently. Can't really see into the driver's seat with the tinted windows, and explosive special effects. Cars and trucks pireutting. Like they are on a turntable. or lazy susan. If would make for easier egress from the driveway. ha

Bob and I tried again last night. Some show called "Heroes" but these hero types had special super powers, and some were bad guys. Very gory. I am not comfortable with men beating women on screen. I guess it is all the rage now.

And speaking of these new fangled devices---we got the strangest call last night at 10:30pm. We had gone on to bed, and let the call notes thingy pick it up. But, when I got up to go to the bathroom later, and remembered, I checked the caller ID thingy and noticed it was from Ben, so I went ahead and listened to the message. His phone somehow mysteriously called us and we got to hear him (uhem) "enjoying" a football game. Sounded like he was yelling at the screen, and somehow the 6 million dollar salary the football player received was wasted. We could hear his roommate comment, but Ben's comments were loud and animated. Strange.

Have you ever had someone's phone call you "accidentally"? Either you are on their speed dial list, and they happened to hit the two numbers in their pocket or something? Abby called us once this way. And one day, years and years ago, we got a call from the youth pastor. It sounded like he was in his car and the phone had called us from his pocket.

Wonderful cooler weather made it to our house last night. Powerful string of storms last night, and now thunder and lightning and showers again this morning. Better post this before I lose it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More than just coincidence!

I just love it when God orchestrates a meeting, don't you?

I knew we needed gas, and Bob requested a whataburger for lunch, so headed out the door on these errands, Bob reminded me that we still needed to re-supply our matsa so he could use them in a future Sunday school lesson.

When I got in the car, the you-need-gas light was not lit, so I figured I could both swing through the post office, and run by Tom Thumb to get the matsa as they always have it. And lo and behold, I decided I'd better get the matsa first before I was distracted and forgot what I was shopping for there...and (just happened??!!) to see a lady that lives near by, and get caught up on her news. A lady that we have been praying for, and don't see often, and who used to let us pick up her step-sister and take her to our church. Getting to see her and visit with her was a gift---one which I could not have planned, and yet one which I hope God uses. wow. It had to be God. What are the odds?

I could not wait to get home and tell Bob!

And I even remembered to get gas and his burger! I swung through McDonalds for mine---and there is a language barrier/challenge with the guy taking the order. But, I have learned to just roll with it. He tries. He really does. I just pay what he said I owed, and it makes it a suprise when you get to the other window and are handed two teas. Somehow that is what the order taker heard. okay. It doesn't matter. I was still on cloud nine for being part of a miracle.

Honey Bear is a widower

Honey Bear is a widower now.

We used to have two honey bears. They liked to kiss all day on the counter. But, she slowly lost her head...and then it looked like she was wearing an off the shoulder dress. And now she is all gone. I poured the last of her into the other, and now he looks like he is just wandering around wearing shorts...and they are sagging.

I needed a little honey to sweeten my tea.
And honey tastes good on toast first thing in the morning.
And the baklava tasted a little dry. So, I soaked it in a bit of honey...



Part of me wonders why the present test ? What is God teaching me through this?

We did everything right. We insured our family, paying the monthly premiums on time every month. We taught our boys that every incident, no matter how small, no matter what was said or done must be reported just in case... And now, two years later, we have one of those "cases".

Two years ago, one October day, James drove home for lunch. Turning right onto a busy street, he looked back and not seeing anyone, he proceeded, and assumed the lady in the car in front of him had moved on, and bumped her accidentally. Pictures taken by the insurance company of both vehicles could find NO damage. But, the girl found a lawyer---no, make that three lawyers, and went to a chiropractor, and accrued medical bills---which our insurance company offered to pay---but no, this girl and/or her lawyer want more. So, they are suing James.

Our insurance company rep named Dan called last week and warned that things had developed this way despite their desire to "settle". And to send him everything and anything we were "served".

The courier finally found us at home Thursday night. But, at first insisted it had to be James, even though we paid for the policy, and then the insurance rep, Dan, explained that James was the driver and the owner of the truck.

Bob says it is nothing. Handle it with humor. But, when the courier talked about how he could tell we were a military family, and how we must be proud of our son, I choked up. And Bob called to find out the latest after many calls, and I was still choked up. Silly woman.

It made me think---we don't want to burden James with this. He is busy training. And newlywed. He will never know the hours we have spent dealing with phone calls, visits, paperwork, faxing, copies, etc. And why make him feel guilty? Someday, if he has children, he will do the same to protect his family, and be ready, willing, and able to be prepared for any and all "accidents" or incidents.

And it made me think about how much trouble God went through for us. From eternity past, God planned, and declared, and moved---first to create, but also knowing what all that creation would do. And He continues to move and work for us---most of which we will never understand nor see. And Jesus went to all the unspeakable trouble dying on the cross for all the sins of the whole world---even though many will never appreciate it nor understand. In fact, many reject all the work He did, and think that their pitiful works are enough to get them into heaven. I heard a chaplain at a medal of honor ceremony in the White House pray that the brave service and sacrifice of the troops was going to buy them a ticket to heaven.

Each of our three sons had their share of vehicle challenges---from accidents to a transmission dropping out. And we are so thankful that they did not suffer harm---even when James hopped across the freeway on ice---he did suffer a bump on his head, and the chiropractor was able to put him right. I remember an incident in the grocery store parking lot with Ben riding a grocery cart before he even got his license. And those one-car accidents hitting curbs distracted by a female jogger, and taking a turn too fast.

So, whatever it is we are suppose to learn from this test---I hope we pass the test with flying colors. If the girl suffered injury, I pray doctors help her. And I pray God to curse this girl if she is looking for money to support her lifestyle. I pray this case be resolved, settled, so that it no longer hangs over James or my family. Your will be done. She is on her third lawyer. And the courier called back, and has changed his mind about finding just James. Hopefully, our insurance company can handle it now. They are used to going to bat for our guys in the military.

And I pray for poise. I gotta quick choking up every time...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just now I saw a bit of blue sky...

We had days and days of delightful rain. We needed it. Estimates around the city run between five and ten inches for the whole weekend. On the weather websites, it looks like a big, slow moving hurricane sitting on top of us here in Texas, but I'd like to see how it moved for the whole week---for it kept centering different places. It looked like it was cartwheeling west, but now east back up into Arkansas. Surely, the drought conditions in central Texas are better?

I have fresh black-eyed peas boiling. With a bit of bacon, and a bit of seasoning, the lid is jumping even on the low temperature on the stove. I should have put it in the crock pot. And I have cornbread batter ready for the muffin tins. And then there is some celery to clean and put in a pitcher of water for snacking. A load of clothes waits to be folded, and another will need transferred to the dryer in about 30 minutes. And I have removed the apple crisp from the frig to be re-heated. I don't think it is a good idea to stick cold pyrex straight from the frig to the oven. Bob may not be that hungry for supper having his IEEE luncheon today, but there will be plenty then leftover for lunch another day.

Bob set the possum trap last night, but the neighbor's cat we call Catwoman crept into the trap and ate all the catfood we had baited the trap with, and backed out without it springing! So, we will have to try again tonight to catch that possum.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day!

I was not sure what all to blog about. But, having just had the gift of a skype call from the Granddaughter, that sounds like a good thing to blog about. So cute to see that they have plenty of room in their living room for a tent. The perfect size for a little girl's playhouse. She dragged out the blankets for us to see and of course, Woody, from Toy Story. She can quote the lines about his arm, too.

We have had such wonderful rain all weekend---noisy rain, heavy rain, quiet soakers. Surely the rivers and lakes are full. And we have enjoyed havin the windows open all weekend, too. Fun to hear the birdies at the feeder. The doves are so noisy with their wings, and the cardinal fusses at any sparrows trying to share the birdfeeder. The cardinal announces his coming and going, too with his distinctive clicks.

Good sermon at church. A nap this afternoon in my chair. Bob worked on his Sunday School lesson for next Sunday some, but I can tell when he is farming because the clicks pick up the pace. Harvesting carrots on the facebook farmville game.

A little laundry, a little folding, a load of dishes...and a lazy day looking at stories on the internet. The 911 videos were amazing. And Atlas had the 911 documentary of the French filmmakers who were following a new fireman as he learned his job when the towers were hit. They followed firefighters into the buildings, and they all miraculously survived from that station. It is a beautiful story. I wonder what Jule and Gedeon Naudet are doing today? I noticed on google that they came under attack for their documentary. But, it was done so well. It is like they had become brothers to the firemen.

And the Tea Parties---two million descended on Washington DC and the press refuses to talk about it. Amazing. So many wonderful blogs have pictures up of the homemade signs. One of my favorites: "It does not matter what this sign says, you will call it racist". Bcast has links to the videos, too of the huge crowds, speakers and signs.

Bob works downtown Fort Worth on Monday and Tuesday. So, he will be travelling back and forth between Dallas and Fort Worth by car instead of trains. And the train schedule changes this week, so when Bob gets on a train on Wednesday---10 minutes earlier or later...but somehow shorter trip.

Friday, September 11, 2009

It takes my breath away...

Amazing footage of what it is like in Afghanistan. It takes my breath away when our soldiers find a camera the taliban dropped. When they review what is on the camera, they see themselves being observed from above, and one of their humvees being recorded. And the taliban filmed themselves with their weapons from Pakistan...and Iran.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where do you spend your time?

What/who are your idols?

Wow---good stuff by Pastor Mark Driscoll talking to other ministers at a conference.

What do you worship? What would you grab if your house was on fire?

Where do I sacrifice my time? money? emotion?

Idolatry dishonors God. destroys relationships---because if you worship your mate, he/she will not meet your expectations, or if/when your children sin and fail, does that upset you?

What you idolize, you demonize the others---who do I demonize who dares disagree? Sometimes church fights are fights between idols. Who/whom do you trust? Idols are taking a good thing and turning it into a god. money, family, marriage, children. See the 10th plague. Supposidly, each plague pointed out the gods of the Egyptians.

You can't love what you are "using" as an idol for security, safety, etc.

Idol kids are selfish, self-righteous.

Sexual idols---exchanging the truth for a lie. homosexuality, worshipping the body, do you view the human body as an act of worship? God hands you over to shameful lusts. Sex is the number one religion in the world. Going to bed with someone before you are married is offering your body on the altar of the bed---storing up wrath for the day of judgment. Porn is a worship issue. Porn is an idolatry issue.

Substance idolatry---drugs, alchohol, food. Is your god your stomach? gluttony. What does your denomination hold to as a tradition of gluttony?

When stressed? what do you do? what functional savior do you grab? We even have drive through idolatry--you don't have to get out of your car.

There is morality idolatry, worshipping performance. recycling. pets.
There is people idolatry--fearing man instead of God. Who do you live in fear of? Who do you hold in awe? Who do you want a picture with? or their signature? Do you need people for identity or security? You can't really love them when you replace God with people. From peer pressure to people pleasing to co-dependency which is idolatry.

Does your joy change when the numbers or giving drops?

Does your office/title matter too much to you?

How do you define win? What does your twitter, blog or facebook say about who/what you worship? We are always worshipping something or someone.

Tonight, my husband and son are checking out the newest temple of worship---the new Cowboy Stadium. Is football wrong? No. But, it could be for some folks.

Prove me Lord. Test me and show me what I idolize. In Jesus name. Amen.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blogging is for longer thoughts.

Nine-nine-oh,nine. Neat date on the calendar today. I read on blogs of some getting married on this day, and how the British use 999 for emergencies.

My morning routine usually involves listening to Mark Davis on WBAP, but I turned over to listen to Glen Beck and heard about the call to action to contact our senators about the confirmation Harry Reid is trying to slip through tooooo quickly today, Cass I called Kay Baily Hutchenson's office. It took a few redials. The clerk said she'd pass on the message this afternoon. And she wanted my zip code. Then I called John Coryn's office and a man answered, and I asked if it was true that John Coryn was voting against this confirmation and he said, yes, so I got to thank him. Fun call. Kay Bailey's--not so fun. I sure hope she does not come back to Texas and try to run for governor. Yuck.

Congratulations to Scott and Liz at the B-cast! Whoop! Scott was interviewed live on the radio on Glen Beck this morning. Pam Keys at Naked Emporer News has sent the B-Cast more informative Van Jones connections---Pam and the B-Cast are doing the job the main stream media refuses to do.

Pam found connections ---its all about relationships, and who you chose to associate with---between Van Jones, Obama, Valorie and Pastor Jeremiah Wright at the Black Radical Congress of 1998, and 2000, and 2002--where Obama attended, and spoke at the 2002 one. "Hip hop music is a weapon of community organizers." And the Ella Baker foundation---where Van Jones badmouthed the Minutemen as vigiliantees on Cinquo de Mayo.

The B-cast has all the links. Van Jones whined he was brought down by a conspiracy of lies---wow---lies right out of his own mouth? They have the audio and videos and attendee lists to prove it.

Blogging is good for these longer thoughts. Twitter is good for quicker news to act on, and links. Facebook is good for pictures and chatting with friends and family. But, facebook resists links. And Twitter is no good for pictures unless you have flicker. I need to find a tutorial for Twitter. I need Twitter for dummies---how to retweet.

Congratulations to Mudpuppy! I sure hope he keeps blogging. We need his stories from Afghanistan as a soldier. And now we need his views about what is going on so that we can do our part for the troops over there, and for the ones headed over there soon. I think both Mudpuppy and the other soldier I follow (age 57) in Iraq were featured in the New York Times article.

More later...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What is the story behind the Van Jones story?

The main stream media, MSM has been ignoring the Van Jones story that Fox and Glenn Beck, and the right wing bloggers have researched. Now, we find out, at midnight, the White House releases a statement saying Van Jones has resigned, and not very gracefully, either.

But, midnight??

Since when did the White House release statements at midnight?

We all looked for it Friday afternoon or evening as that is usually their time to dump stories quietly into the vacuum of the slow news cycle of the weekend. And this being a Labor Day holiday and all....

When has another story being so timed by the White House? (as if the White House is a person)

And oh, the spinning has begun---fired/resigned because he said disparaging things about the GOP?? Hell, I have too. If that is a cause for firing, then ALL the czars must go, eh? right. ha

Vicious lies? pesky facts, morelike.

Van Jones did not sound repentent. Did you notice that? Will he still be a friend and confidant to Obama? Shudder.

And I agree with the twitterers and the bloggers---who hired the guy knowing full well his past and speeches of just last April?? Even Nancy Pelosi gushed over the guy.

The msm must think we are stupid. Springing it on a slow news cycle of a holiday weekend is gonna backfire---the sunburned, or rained out, or bored among us, hungry for news, will scratch their heads at this "new" news.

But, midnight? I want to know more about how this story broke. Did they give old Van one last lament? One big going away party? Or was he so bitter and clingy that he held on a day toooo long? Why not release it Sunday night? It must have been sucking the air out of all things obama. Distracting from Labor Day, the propaganda speech to the children on Tuesday, and the "clear" speech on healthcare on Wednesday.

Did Van Jones go to Camp David to say goodbye to obama?

Were workers at the White House kept up all night crafting the spin for the networks?

Mean old republicans, threatening to investigate a green czar that dared to be "truthful" about the social agenda behind the green propaganda front.

Moving Chickens

"Don't you think we'd better try again to get some sleep?"

"Okay, but I'm moving chickens."

"Oh, dear, you give me such blog fodder. Where are you moving chickens?"

"to the other side of my farm."

"Where are they now?"

"in the trees."


Asking Bob about his farming on facebook reminds me of the childrens books about the boa constrictor.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Our Sallycat does not get along with the neighbors outdoor cats.

This morning, we heard major hissing and yee-owling, so Bob wandered out front to investigate, and let Sallycat back inside, if she was ready.

Then I hear the front hose being turned on as if he was watering, but when I looked to the kitchen window, it looked like he was watering the roof.

"What are you doing?"

"just watering..."

"watering what?"

"the neighbor's cat"

"which one? catwoman? hitler?" (poor kitty has an unfortuneat mustache)

My dear husband gives me blog fodder first thing in the morning! I love it!

Here I feed the neighbor's cats, as they catch mice. Our Sallycat will sit two inches from a bird and mee-ow at it. But, the neighbor's cats will catch mice that stupid to sit near a cat. I also enjoy watching the neighbor's cats play in our back yard. It is free entertainment. I even have leftover catfish in the frig from Crackerbarrel last night...

Bob says he was just trying to protect Sallycat as the neighbor's cat chased her up a tree. I will let him comment on that.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Light Rain

Thank You, Lord, for the light soaker rain. We needed it.

I shopped at Whole Foods yesterday!! I did the BUYcott.

Buying to support a company with a good CEO is so fun! No shouting. No standing on street corners. I can't do that. But, I can vote with my dollars. I have been for years and years. And so fun to say something to the clerk checking me out and see his eyes get big. Yes, I am one of those---supporting his store, and impressed with his CEO.

For years, I supported Walmart because I thought they were under attack by the dims. Now I have to rethink Walmart because they are getting in bed with the unions who beat up people at tea parties, and bite fingers off old men protesters.

The sweet young mom that organized the BUYcott, said they have raised over fifty-thousand in receipts. And her family has received death threats---from idiots working in schools, using their school computers with school logos. wow. Isn't it comforting to know these crusaders for the liberal ideals are teaching our children? She said they can't spell, too. Lovely.

It has been fascinating listening to the debate on the upcoming propaganda speech obama was/is going to make at some of the schools. I love what one mom said---here is a president all about himself. Wanting books about himself read to the kids, and wanting the students to write about how they can help the president. Barf. Skipped right over the rules---skipped right over the superintendent, school boards, vetting process, to push his agenda. And sees nothing wrong with it until parents rise up and protest. And another mom pointed out that the president is an idiot to give the same speech to K through 12. The kindergarteners will be talked over, and the kids in their junior, and senior years of high school may vote for the guy next time he tries to run for re-election. Yikes. Now the "White House" has backed down and re-written their lesson plans. How special.

The revolutionaries in the White House are going to keep pushing their agenda. They may water it down for a while, but they have not repented. They have not changed their minds about September Eleventh, they have not changed their minds about their radical ideas. They use people. They are even trying to use the art community.

And I agree with what the PJ website said about how obama uses his logo more than the Presidential Logo. It is all about him. narcisstic.

Hopefully, America has woken up. Hopefully, conservatives realize they have to be vigilant. Engaged. Watchful. On the lookout for their propaganda, and radical agenda. The press won't. The press, NBC in particular thinks they elected this president. They want the glory. They sell t-shirts in their gift shop that read: We did it. And the obama logo.

You are known by your friends. You are known by the company you keep, and obama is surrounding himself with the radicals, the old hippies, and far, far left. It is all about power, and control, and tearing down American and the Constitution.

Let's watch what this administration tries to do with Nine Eleven. Remember? Learn? Recommit to go after terrorists? Or, are they pushing some works, do-good, feel-good about yourself agenda?

And how about our troops? We lost 51 soldiers in August. And even now, in September, our troops are trying to remove the taliban from Afghanistan and we are paying dearly with two dear soldiers a day. And what does the press do? It is like there is a full court press right now to pull out of Afghanistan. Our troops are being ignored in the press. I have to hunt and peck through military blogs to find the stories of the heros. If we were still under the President Bush administration, the press would be grinding these numbers in our faces. The press would be spinning them negatively. And instead, the flag is at half staff for a womanizer? How dispicable is that?

I am getting down off my soap box now. Time to pray.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today is James' birthday. I think he is out in the "field" doing training, but gets to go home tonight. But, he did send a message from his cell phone in the field about great plans this weekend. I hope they have fun.

Today is also my Mother's birthday. James was born on my Mother's 50th.

My water broke at the party store at noon where Andy and I were fetching items for his fifth birthday party coming up --- Saturday, the 12th. Once your water breaks, you are suppose to go check in at the hospital. So, I told Andy we would have to finish shopping another time. Andy asked the lady behind the counter, "what time do you close?"

Andy and I drove home, and a friend met us and babysat Andy so I could go on to the hospital. Bob would meet me there as he drove home from work. Labor progressed very slowly. They had me hooked up to a monitor, and when the doctor came in at 6pm to check on me, she decided to put a monitor in James' skull to check his oxygen levels, and his heart rate dropped. So, they did an emergency c-section. They were in a hurry. Had to get James out fast.

So James' birth was a scary time. And yet, fourteen months later, I would come back to the same doctor for a more relaxed, "planned" c-section. In fact, I was recommending c-sections to all my friends. But, being put under quickly for an emergency c-section is different than the drip method for a planned c-section, so I no longer say they are the way to go unless the baby is too big, or in distress.

My folks took video of when James was coming home from the hospital. Andy was holding a welcome home sign, but when asked how many boys live in our house, Andy said, just him. Just the one. He was about to get a baby brother, and then another a year later, when he started kindergarten. I wonder if Andy's memories of kindergarten include that double stroller and folks making over his baby brothers?!

And we have pictures and video of Andy's fifth birthday. My folks helped out, as I was in no shape. Bob did games, and it is so cute to see little cousins Jessica and Jonathan running around our back yard. They lived in Fort Worth at the time.

James was such an easy baby. When he was learning to talk, he would double up on the name of things: car-car, kitty-kitty, etc. Too cute.

No hair on his little blonde head for years. And fourteen months old before he walked. He crawled on all fours in the backyard as baby because he did not like the feel of grass on his knees. Kinda like an elephant walk, chasing the kitties. In my mind, his baby years are all mixed with his observing older brother, and a partner in crime younger brother. And mischief we will never forget, like flushing things down the potty, and "gassing" up the dryer with the garden hose through the dryer vent.

Happy Birthday, James! Thanks for the memories.

And Happy Birthday to my mom....let's see, fifty plus twenty-three is 73 ! And that means I am 53, as I was born when my mom turned 20.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wonderful Story: Wonderful Role Model

Singing a Prayer

I'm down on my knees again tonight
I'm hoping this prayer will turn out right
See there is a boy that needs your help
I've done all that i can do myself
His mother is tired
I'm sure you can understand
Each night as he sleeps
She goes in to hold his hand
And she tries not to cry
As the tears fill up her eyes

Can you hear me?
Am I getting through tonight?
Can you see him?
Can you make him feel all right?
If you can hear me
Let me take his place somehow
See he's not just anyone
He's my son

Sometimes late at night I watch him sleep
I dream of the boy he'd like to be
I try to be strong and see him through
But God who he needs right now is You
Let him grow old
Live life without this fear
What would I be
Living without him here
He's so tired and he's scared
Let him know that You're there


Can you hear me?
Am I getting through tonight?
Can you see him?
Can you make him feel all right?
If you can hear me
Let me take his place somehow
See he's not just anyone
He's my son
Can you hear me?
Can you see him?
Please don't leave him
He's my son

Mark Schultz