Monday, March 21, 2011

Four and Twenty Blackbirds...

I don't think they are grackles. They are a huge flock of black birds with irredescent feathers on their head. They filled the yard finding and eating grubs, squawking away. Then they were gone.

I would love to rant and rave about Sunday's sermon, but that would be gossip, and not productive. Salesmen preachers set our teeth on edge. I thought Bob was going to explode. He kept passing me notes about how we should never "sell" the gospel, nor use the terms of salesmen when talking about the Bible, either. Yikes. And when Bob writes notes in ALL CAPS. Look out.

What to do when a guy in the pulpet is teaching heresy. Walk out? Cause a scene? That seems so rude, so we sit politely, and get ulcers. And vow we will never sit through another of his sermons whenever he subs---which seems to only be twice a year or so, thankfully.

I am sure the salesmen in the audience loved the message. It related to them. It was right up their alley. We did not even stay for the business meeting after. The once a year joke of a meeting where no account is made of a quorum, so why bother.

Bob taught Sunday School for the senior class---I am glad he practiced on me at home first, as it was a tear jerker. And Bob says he feels like he delivers it smoother when he runs through it out loud at home first.

Wow---the black birds are back. Noisy group. At first I thought this was the day the robins migrate through, but no.

We are doggie sitting. Our daughter-in-law left her Yorkie with us for a few weeks. She plans on staying with us a few days before and after her trip to Missouri, but it is easier to visit her relatives and friends in town with Brody here. Brody thinks he is a big dog. He loves to boss the neighbor's dogs, and keep our yard cat free.

I am still puffed up about getting the portable crib/bassinett all put together. We had used the playpen part before but I usually let the guys assemble it. the bassinett part was still in plastic shrink wrap. And the mobile needed unwrapped, too. The directions were more pictures than words, and five different size poles that snap together after been fed through sleeves of differing sizes. Took me about an hour. I think I will just throw a sheet over everything to keep off the dust. I don't know that I can dissassemble and fit it all back in the box. ha

And the bassinett part is only for a baby under 25 pounds, and a baby that is not flipping over yet...that won't be long. Baby James has doubled his birth weight---2 months old today ! At this rate...

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joyce said...

and squirrels. Brody chased a squirrel and I have never seen a squirrel go THROUGH a chain link fence that fast.