Saturday, November 26, 2011

What to DO for Christmas

Christmas is about Jesus' birth. Christmas actually falls on Sunday this year. And even though I believe Jesus was probably born in April, December 25 is the time we set aside to remember and celebrate and wonder.

If I got to choose, I'd like a quiet Sunday morning service of hymns, a sermon containing all the elements of the promised Savior, long anticipated. Greeting friends at church. A turkey in the oven. dressing. mashed potatoes.

Then, relaxing at home.

Our daughter-in-law in Houston will probably want to spend this Christmas with her folks, and any gifts we burden them with will need to be shipped/hauled to Alaska for their remaining six months tour there. So, we need to shop carefully. Our almost five year old granddaughter can always use more tape, paper, and drawing materials. The practical side of this old grannie is talking. Clothes. Some clothes for her doll. books. games. I found her a new Veggie Tale dvd.

Our daughter-in-law in Oklahoma may want to keep Christmas just them or with her side of the family. So, maybe it is best to bring presents when we babysit Dec. 10th. We imposed of them for Thanksgiving. Baby James is at the cute age where he will enjoy the boxes and wrapping paper more than the presents. I hope they take lots of pictures.

Our youngest in Austin will probably be he has not acrued vacation time. We will have to visit when it is best for him.

Our thoughts will be with our deployed son...and our deployed nephews. Praying for their protection, and wisdom, and insight, as they do their jobs, lead their troops, and probably not even see each other even though in the same country. I can't wait until they are all home safe and sound. How can I tell one nephew, the Army nurse, that if you run across the other nephew...with a different last name than his momma, will you introduce yourself? talk about how you share the same Uncle Bob and Aunt Joyce?? and under what circumstances? I hope it is a cold and cough and not an injury.

Every Christmas is different. And with all our sons flown the nest, our new normal means travelling to where they are, or hosting them here for visits...but, our house is small. We should knock out the back wall, and add a hotel. That way, our sons and their families might want to come visit. Most days, our house is a refuge, a place to rest and recoup, and eat--a peaceful haven for Bob to come home to after a long day at work. We keep the back yard green...but it will be a few years before the grandkids enjoy playing back there. The bushes need trimming. The windows need washed. And I am thankful everything is on one level. But, man oh man, I gotta learn to pack. I took too much clothing one direction, and not enought the other. I need to make a purse for stops, and a purse for knitting...and a separate bag for the odds and ends. And why don't these cars come with trash bag recepticles? Good grief.

I just remembered my shampoo stash in the car. Left it in the glove compartment. Holiday Inn Express has the best shampoo. Smells great. vanilla peppermint?


Bag Blog said...

May you be blessed in all that you do and may all your children and grandchildren be safe and well. Did you hear? I'm to be a grandmother again - next June.

joyce said...

YAY !! and they had the girls tell you, right? That is wonderful.