Monday, January 7, 2008

Wacky Texas Weather

While the rest of the country suffers storms of sensational proportions, here in Texas, we have slept with the windows open for the last three days. It got up to 77 degrees inside yesterday while we played Scrabble.

I love having the windows open. But, the pollen count has skyrocketed with the balmy winds from the south. Mountain cedar pollen is our curse in the winter months. Why the Mountain cedar trees can't get it done in August when our windows are shut tight and the AC going, I don't know. I started sneezing and the drainage and eyes scratchy, so I closed up the house, changed the furnace/AC filter, and turned on the AC. I don't remember ever running the AC in January. And as long as I take a shower and wash the pollen out of my hair and change the pillow cases, I should not have to take the sleepy-groggy inducing allergy medication. Benedryl. But, we fifty-something women multi-task: we can sneeze and pee at the same time. (I read that on a blog somewhere, it is not original).

Maybe it will rain and wash the pollen out of the air...

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