Friday, December 28, 2007

Abuelita Dolls

Wal-mart is selling Abuelita Dolls. A google search reveals creators who desired to preserve their Hispanic culture. The dolls sing childhood songs. What a great idea.

When I first saw the dolls at the store, I made the connection to what the little guy next door called me.

When I saw the dolls featured in the store mailbox ad, I paused and wondered what exactly do little girls DO with a gray haired doll?? Little girls seem naturally wired to feed, craddle, rock, and put to bed with little blankets, their ordinary dolls, but what do they do with dolls that look like grannie?? Before I went to the website and figured out that the dolls sing songs, I wondered if my granddaughter needed a doll that resembled me to help remember me?? Until someone comes out with a grannie that sings in French, English and German, this one may do just fine. Little kids can sometimes pick up languages easier than us old folks.

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Anonymous said...

I bought one of these dolls because my granddaughter lives in CA and I'm in PA. My daughter-in-law is from Bolivia and will soon be a US citizen. Although we have no hispanic background in our family, I appreciate that she would like her daughter to know her background. She is teaching her English and Spanish at the same time so I felt this would not only remind my granddaughter of myself (who wears glasses and is turning gray) but also help in the teaching process. I just bought a second one this evening because she has totally worn out the first one! It is her favorite toy!!! I plan to purchase the grandfather next...and the babies. My husband loves the idea. And yes, she does put it to bed...hers, with her.