Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rain in Texas in July !

James won't believe it when we tell him that it is raining here in Texas in July ! Wow. Glorious, beautiful rain. The back yard needs mowing...but can't do it while it is raining.

My thoughts are with you, James. Wondering where you are. Wondering how you are doing. You are awake when we sleep, and when we go to bed, you are just starting your day.

We are so thankful Amber has been able to skype with you while you were at the Air Force Base. That is wonderful. You made her laugh, and it was so good to hear her laugh. Good for her and the baby. And it was so good to see you smiling in your bunk the other night.

Now we wait. Wait for the next word from you. Take care, and drink lots of water...

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