Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today I flunked a test.

I have a pride problem.

I pride myself in being a good girl. I don't remember when the last time I was ticketed for driving too fast or failing to stop at a stop sign. I noticed that my drivers license expired on my birthday, but being out of town, did not tackle that unpleasant task until today. Since my hair is super short (heat plus menopause issues) I put on dangly earrings, and dressed nicely. Thankfully, I remembered my knitting. But, a two hour wait was too much. By the time my number came up, I was so angry I was shaking. My handwriting (signature) reveals it. And when the clerk told me to take OFF my glasses for their new "face recognition" I argued that this was silly as I always wear my glasses. So, my picture on my new license (paper temporary) is so ugly, I will be reminded of my pride every time I have to show it. And since I do all the grocery shopping, I show it almost every day. At least once a week. Today I was ashamed to be a Texan. Two hours to take my $25 and redo my picture. Two hours to prove I could see, and drive. Even the form made me mad, as it asked if I wanted to sign up for a voter's registration card. No where on the form was there a place to say I ALREADY have one. Thank you.
I was in and out of Walmart in 30 minutes. I found everything on my list and then some. And I did not have to wait for a clerk to take my money. Hey, Governor Perry, subcontract out the DMV to Walmart.

Maybe, they need a poster at the DMV that says---we are testing your mental ability. If you find yourself unusually angry after the two hour wait, then maybe you should not be driving !


joyce said...

If looks could eyes would have bore a hole throught their camera...

Bag Blog said...

I start seething at the very thought of the DMV in NM. We are a little luckier here in OK - they DMV's are private businesses - they do a much better job.