Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What BO should have said:

Instead of the irritating press announcement which was hard to listen to, let alone believe, BO should have said:

I want to take this opportunity to say I was trying to protect my mother's reputation. My mother got knocked up before she was 18 years old. When she was three months pregnant with me, she supposidly got "married" to my dad, but dad was still married to a woman back in Kenya. So, technically, my dad was a bigomist from Kenya. This is common in Kenya. And he went on to marry twice more.

But, my mom was a "free spirit", studying Russian when she met my dad in her Russian class. Imagine studying Russian in 1960. Unless you were a commie or working for the CIA...

So, in order to spare my mother's reputation, I hoped the short form would be sufficient. Now, for all eyes to see, people can see that I am technically a bastard. And while being a bastard is not my fault, sadly, it is a very common condition today. And I would like to use this release of my birth certificate to bring to light the stigma of being a bastard. And like so many Mexican women who struggle across the border and give birth to their babies in El Paso, my mother gave birth to me in Hawaii. Was I an American because I was born in Hawaii (a new state) or because my mother was born in Kansas? My father was not an American. He was a 25 year old student who could be charged with rape because he knocked up my mother before she turned 18.

My mother stuggled to get a college degree with the help of her parents and food stamps. She later married an Indonesian. You can read the Time article for the glossy story of that part of her hard life.

That is what he should have said. Instead, he tried to gloat. wow. Another missed opportunity to encourage people to wait and have children when they are finished with college, and married.


joyce said...

still thinking about this issue:

did BO's mom know her new "husband" had been married before, and had not bothered to get a divorce?

did she just go along with her parents attempt to cover up a bad marriage?

hospitals do not require proof of marriage.

and I can't get over the fact that BO says he would advise his own daughters to get an abortion in the same situation his mother was in.

Greybeard said...

You do realize the Dunhams were not poor, don't you? Food stamps?
Obama was raised in private schools, has known little in the way of deprivation.

And the "Natural Born Citizen" issue is still unsettled and won't be addressed for years because the press won't dig and the Supremes won't touch it... too controversial.

So we're stuck.
Until 2012.
Remember. Don't be fooled again.

joyce said...

YAY Atlas is picking up the subject again. wow

joyce said...

Thank you, Greybeard !

Hey, our first apartment as a married couple was right beside Hunter Army Airfield. 1978. My husband was working at Fort Stewart, but I remember picking him up after some training in Florida at Hunter.

Our friend in Jacksonville talked about her alligators "drowning" in her ditches with a little help from her .22

Greybeard said...

Ahh Joyce, I missed you by about six years.
Bull Street. Victory Drive.
Oglethorpe square. The cobblestones on River Street that made their way to America as ballast on "Tall ships".
What a great town.

Your friend missed a bet...
Gator is a light-tasting meat, and the skins are worth a fortune.
(But they may have "drowned" when it was illegal for them to have assistance when drowning.)

Good for her anyway. I like to hear "Momma Grizzly" stories!

joyce said...

Well, our friend was elderly. Pauline Silcox. We met at a Bible conference in Miami. I don't think she ever ate them. And yes, the city frowned upon dispatching alligators, so, alas, they "drowned".

Yes, we enjoyed Savannah. I loved the old library, and touring the forts. And the beach. And listening to the buy-of-the-week on the radio from Hilton Head Island. Fun times. Great way to start our married life.