Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Thirty-Third Anniversary

It was different.

For the last few years, I have been buying us matching tee shirts and then we take a picture in our shirts doing something silly. For example, on our thirtieth, we looked for signs with 30 on them.

This year, I had found some gray tees on sale online at Walmart. And an extra Old Spice gray tee shirt for Bob, which I had wrapped using real wrapping paper (as opposed to my usual use of old maps).

Thursday night, March 31, 2011, I had gone all out and cooked Bob steak, and brussel sprouts. Smoked up the house so bad our eyes were smarting. I had to put the fan in the window to clear the house of smoke before Bob's cute favorite show, The Big Bang Theory.

Bob took off Friday, and greeted me with coffee and cinnamon toast for our first breakfast. For second breakfast, we headed to Cracker Barrel for pecan pancakes and bacon. The opening day of baseball meant that the freeways around the ballpark were already gridlocked...and the bluebonnets were stunning even with the fourth driest March ever.

Bob was napping when Ben and his friend, Albert Nelson arrived about 3:30pm all dusty and sweaty and ready for showers, as they had been working on a Habitat house in Everman. Bob was startled to hear me talking to a stranger, and letting him use my shower, as he did not hear Ben nor had he yet met Albert.

We drove up to Frisco as we had been invited to Bob's brother's for a fabulous meal because Bob's eldest brother was in town with his wife for a wedding--his wife's niece was getting married the next day in Stephenville.

I do not recognize the freeways in north Dallas, and I get the toll roads confused. The traffic was heavy around the Ikea, so Bob went on to the Preston Road exit. Bob's brother, Roy honked and waved when he pulled up behind us. Too funny. We don't turn our cell phones on unless we need to use them. I had been pondering aloud that a phone app with where the clean restrooms were would sure be a help at this point as in Frisco, tall signage is a no-no and we could not spot the McDonalds.

Good visit...but when we started talking about sex, Ben and Albert skedaddled. Aunt Sally had been on a panel for questions about sex with their women's group at church, and I was curious whatall they had asked, and what advice she had given.


Mrs. JP said...

congratulations on 33 years!

Bag Blog said...

Those toll roads in Dallas confuse me too. Speaking of sex, I would probably skedaddled too.

joyce said...

but I was curious what the ladies asked the panel, and whatall Aunt Sally replied. We are suppose to encourage the younger women to love their husbands. But, just how specific...