Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last Birdie Flees the Nest

Our youngest completes his electrical training at Texas State Technical College this week. He has job orientation already tomorrow, so today I helped him haul stuff home. All I had to do was drive the minivan to college. He loaded everything up. And his spacial skills kick right in, and it was packed nice and tight: dresser, shelves, boxes, weights, etc. guy stuff. Even his bowling ball and shoes. (a new hobby he picked up at college)

We hauled it all back, and he unloaded everything, rewired a front porch light, and took off after supper. Gotta get used to seeing those tail lights. The new job is in Austin. I said something about maybe God has a bride down there for him, but he snorted at such an idea. Cynical from too many snooty girls at college towns. But, surely, there is a gal out there who appreciates a handy man electrician...and in God's perfect timing...

I am happy for him, proud, and yet sad. Sad to see him go. But, Austin will mean a clean break, a new start. A new place to explore. And they have a train. Can't wait to hear his opinion of Austin. Most of the state looks down their nose at the most liberal city in the state. The legislature is not in session, so he may change his opinion next year.

Born in 1987. He turns 24 the end of October. He is not much for ceremony. Did not want the gown/robe thing. Relieved to have a job, as he watched the linemen buddies get snapped up first. Probably not safe for electricians to wear class rings, anyway.

So we will be a place with a couple of guest rooms. Ready for visitor, toddler, babies and grown ups. With grown children scattered to the four winds. Our PTA days are over. Now even our college days of tuition, registration, dorm rent, and bursar are done. And the granddaughter starts pre-school in a few weeks.

Our journey with the education system here in Texas---with Bob finishing his degrees at UTEP in El Paso, to Wimbish Elementary, Shackelford Junior High, and Lamar High School for our three boys...I remember walking home from a PTA meeting, and Bob doing the math telling me how many PTA meeting we had to go. Well, we are done.


Bob said...

At this point I don't think I could begin to calculate how many PTA meetings we went to, but one thing I know: We went to every single one of them.

joyce said...

I missed a few of the high school ones. we ran ourselves ragged when James and Ben were in high school. In a minute I will work up a tear...where are the onions

Anonymous said...

I would offer to let my sweet girl meet your son, we do like Williamsons! The one we know best is a great husband, daddy and inlaw to us all. But I hate the idea of her being in TX. Too far away for this grandma :) Sure miss the girls in Indo. I know you can relate to that. If Ben ever takes a job in Atlanta, call me! ;0 Kaycee (Alegria's mama)