Saturday, August 6, 2011

Free At to clean

On Friday morning, I could not sleep, so I got out of bed at 3am, and poked around on the computer. I took the dog outside about 4am, and hooked her up to the cable. When I reached down to pick up the water dish and fill it, my back went out. I was barely able to put water in the dish, and unwrap the dog, as she had already wrapped herself around the pull up bars. Then, I staggered back inside and crawled into bed. Bob got up and let the dog back inside, made coffee, and drove into work. He had a big presentation Friday, and needed the car with the toll tags. I did not tell him about my back. I did not want him to worry.
I was able to sit up, and poke about on the computer. It hurt to get up and down. Taking the dog outside for a potty break took a while, but I knew Ben would be coming home after lunch. Ben did come home, and helped put the dog on the cable for a while when he was putting his laundry basket in the garage. He asked if I had any projects, but I suggested we wait and vacuum once the animals were gone.
I did not say anything to Bob. His presentation went well. I survived. Going to the bathroom was a challenge, and the pain was so severe at times that I was incontinental. When Bob called, to say he was coming home, I asked him to buy milk and pick up some fish sandwiches at McDonalds. Bob came home, we ate supper, and we watched some TV. Bob asked when did I hurt my back? I told him that I was afraid to tell him because he had the presentation, and was planning on taking the animals down to Lauren on Saturday. I did not want anything to interfere with that. The ice pack helped some, but I dreaded going to bed and having to get up numerous times in the night to go to the bathroom.
When I got up at 3am, (Saturday) it is like whatever had slipped out, had slipped back into place. I could get up and down without stabbing pain. I could go to the bathroom. I was afraid to bend over. But, the day was looking better than I had hoped. I asked Bob if he had prayed.
Bob got up at 4:30am, and made coffee, packed the car, and drove off at 7am with the animals. The boxes, the bags of mail, the bags of food for the animals, treats, leashes, cable, books, sheets and crates, Bob packed it all himself. And got down there before noon, off loaded everything, fetched them some lunch, called me, and headed back. What a day.
For 85 days we cared for Andy and Lauren’s big dog, Tifa, and Emma cat. Bob said they travelled well. Bob is so patient with them. He let Emma cat roam inside the car. He does not like to hear her yowl in her crate. Tifa rides in her crate just fine. Bob said he stopped in College Station for gas, and to give the dog a potty break and water. So, Tifa and Emma have now been to A&M where Andy and Lauren went to college.
For 85 days, our time and schedules have been centered around meeting the needs of the animals. Now we are free. No more watching the dog like a hawk. No more fear of the dog jumping the fence. No more food and water bowls. No more fear of being knocked over. No more making sure the cat was not trapped in a bedroom. No more dog poop. No more cat poop to clean, no more cat puke to clean up.
My friend, Mary could not get over how sweet Tifa was. Sweet personality. She leans on you to be petted. She would crawl up into your lap if you let her. But, she could not be trusted in the back yard alone. She was a fence jumper. Not only would she jump and take off, but she did not know nor care how to get home. She did enjoy playing with our 8 year old neighbor boy. She filled an empty hole in his heart because his dog had had to leave the week before we got Tifa. They would play, then come inside to cool off. I kept the frig stocked up apple juice, and drawing materials set out for Pedro, too.
The irony---now that we have delivered Lauren her dog and cat, she is now trapped in Houston. To come up and visit us, she’d have to bring the dog or put it in a kennel. So, I doubt we see them until January when they head back to Alaska after Andy’s deployment is over. We are back to the long distance relationship with Abby and David. We are thankful for their time here, but it was hard on Lauren having to live out of a suitcase, and be so far from her folks and friends. I hope the deployment passes quickly for her, and that she gets lots of help down there.
We hoped and prayed for our other daughter-in-law, that their deployment time pass quickly and peacefully. I hate time to drag…but, time is passing tooo quickly now as grandparents. Our moments getting to hold the babies are short. I hope and pray that Abby and Baby David are not injured by the big, big dog, or cat with claws.
News via email that a childhood friend has died, and the sad news that Gary Horton’s only grandson was killed in a car accident---my heart goes out to both families. Your Will be done, Lord. Please drive away any demonic influence from our families. In Jesus Name. Amen.


Bag Blog said...

It's funny that you seem to miss your grand-animals. Maybe not as much as your grandchildren, but still miss them.

joyce said...

yes, I have this odd desire to wander out into the back yard every few hours...and when our son Ben came by to pick up his laundry before heading back to college (last class Aug. 19) he came in and I heard a door, and turned to Bob and said---we don't have a cat or dog anymore...what made that door close? Bob answered: back pressure from the AC. and it was Ben all along! too funny