Friday, September 30, 2011

Abigail in the Bible

I Samuel 25:3 The man’s name was Nabal, 3 and his wife’s name was Abigail. She was both wise and beautiful, but the man was harsh and his deeds were evil. He was a Calebite.

We studied the story of when future king David meets Abigail last Wednesday night at Bible Study. It is a small group lead by the pastor. I am amazed how the Bible comes alive when studied with other believers under the direction of the pastor as apposed to when I just read it for myself.

What jumped out at me on Wednesday was the phrase about Abigail's intelligence. Is this the only time a woman has been labeled intelligent in the Bible? I wish I had my old search phrase program on the computer as it would tell you how many times the word "wise" or "intelligent" occured, and you could scroll through them and see.

Or, was she wise in contrast to her husband whose name means, "fool". On the one hand, what idiot parents name their kid, fool? But, sadly, though the guy was very wealthy, he lived up to his name. It does not look like they had any children, but Abigail stuck with him. She even went behind his back and saved his life and stood up to David, who was coming for revenge. David's 300 men armed to the teeth were a clue. Abigail fed them with provisions after her servant wisely warned her about how her husband had blown David's servants off.

Ah, to be wise and beautiful, eh? For all eternity she shall be known.

In the story of David and Samuel and Saul, (king Saul) there is this underlying story of insanity---king Saul tried to kill David on numerous occasions. And David though he was annointed, never felt led nor directed to take revenge. Even after Saul slaughtered the innocent priests and their families.

Maybe God is trying to teach us that to take up arms against another is something so monumental that it must be done prayerfully, under authority, and under God's specific instructions. There are a few times in the Bible when they were instructed to take out whole peoples, and ciminals, and fornicators. Even today, the Jews in Israel bend over backward to preserve life.

And I was wondering about the Jacob wrestling with God story. Was that not the most bizarre?? So many stories in the Bible are a picture of the unseen conflict going on above us. I wonder if the Jacob and wrestling story is a picture of God and Satan? Jacob's name means deceiver. tricker. or is it a picture of the Jewish people wrestling with who will be their God?

I cannot imagine wrestling all night with a stranger. A stranger who lets you. A stranger who seems to toy with you. God could have taken Jacob out at any time. Instead, God touches Jacob's hip---an injury to remind Jacob of that night for the rest of his life, and even to this day, the Jews do not eat the hip joint on Passover. God appears and speaks to Abraham. God repeats His Promise to Isaac. And God wrestles with Jacob. It was not to make him worthy. It was physical, and hands on, and with a man probably close to 80 years old...yet only half way through Jacob's life on earth.

Was it a what if? or, a picture of the struggle with God and satan? God is allowing satan to wrestle for a while, but his end is decreed. done. Jacob's end is also decreed, and yet much suffering and travel, and wonders will occur in that play--as Jacob's life plays out. God wrestles with Jacob before the scary meeting with his brother. Is God showing us a part of His character? No where in that physical only match meet does God warn Jacob that he will lose a son, and think him dead, then gain him back. God reassures Jacob closer to the part where they troop back to Egypt because of the drought.

Droughts are a part of the weather pattern here on earth. God can deliver us through them, or make us wise to prepare for them. And last night we were given a half inch breather. Thank You, Lord. We sure need rain to refill the lakes, but You know what we need. Your Will be done.

Please guide and direct us, Lord to know how to prepare for the coming economic disaster, and to know how to stand with Israel. When to fight, and when to help. Only You, Lord, can turn our country back to You. Seems like half the folks have bought into the lie that is progressivism, liberalism, idolatry. Our ancestors would shudder to see this day where the Bible and even copies of the Constitution are not allowed in some schools and colleges having been labeled hate speech.

Please help us spend our money and our time wisely. Your Will be done.

In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.


Bridget said...

Amen!I enjoy reading your blog. Here is a website you can go to to look up words in the bible and their meaning. I hope this helps.

joyce said...

Biblegateway dot com let me count using key words. lots of "wise" men and a few wise women, but only one is beautiful AND intelligent: Abigail.