Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, 25 year old JAMES !!! and Happy Birthday, Mother!

Today, our son, James is 25 years old. I is so fun to see him with his own baby boy these days. That little guy lights up like a Christmas tree whenever he sees both of his parents. It is a delight to watch. Baby James is keeping his folks up at night teething, but he is healthy, happy, and quick to grin and fun.

This is also my Mother's 75th birthday. Let's see if I can download the picture of her and my niece, Hannah having fun in Colorado (facebook picture I found today). Happy Birthday to my MOM! I am so glad she is getting to see her youngest sister, and enjoy some much cooler weather.

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Bag Blog said...

Happy birthday to James. I love seeing pics of his little family on FB.

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