Monday, October 3, 2011

Midnight Call

It had been a few days since I had seen a post or remark by firstborn deployed. When I caught myself worrying, I would pray. And it was so wonderful, when I asked firstborn's wife if she had heard from him...he posted a reply. whew. AND a picture. added blessings. Now we can visualize the mustache. And beautiful scarf his wife knitted him. And he got the packages. yeah.

Saturday night, nay Sunday morning---at 12:43am, the phone rang. There was no way i could make it to the phone by three rings. So, I took my time. Got up without tripping or falling, and went to the bathroom, and then wandered out to the living room to check the caller ID thingy. It was middle son's phone. His wife is 16 weeks along, and they have an 8 month old I called him back. He was walking around outside holding wide awake 8 month old. I could not hear the baby, so he was content in Daddy's arms. Enjoying being held, enjoying being outside, and our son said this was his second night doing this. What to do?

I later googled "baby waking up in the middle of the night" and found out that this is normal for this age. And that sometimes night terrors start at this age. So between teething, hunger, thirst, needing a diaper change, practicing new skills, and night terrors...take your pick. Growth splurt?

I felt blessed that our son was not afraid to call us in the middle of the night. Middle of the night calls are mostly never good. This same son was not afraid to call when he was deployed and ask me to go help his wife. These are treasured calls. He reminded me of when he was little, he used the speed dial on our phone at the time to call his Aunt Sally. When asked why he was calling at such an hour, he told Aunt Sally, I can't sleep. When asked why he was not telling his own parents about this, he said, well, their door is shut, and we are not suppose to bother them when their door is shut. Needless to say, we took them off speed dial.

He said he was tempted to call Aunt Sally again, and explain that the baby that shares his name cannot sleep...

I am not guaranteeing that I will even hear the phone ring after midnight. But, I am glad I got that one. I came back to bed and bragged to my deeply slumbering husband, but he did not hear me. But, he was wide awake when I told him the next morning...

Fun times.

Baby David turns ONE on Thursday. wow. They are coming to visit next weekend. YAY

And Baby James turns 9 months on the 22nd. And might learn whether he is getting a baby brother or baby sister this weekend. Hang on!

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