Thursday, October 27, 2011

Today, my "baby" turns twenty-four

Empty nesters are we. Today, my youngest son, my "baby" turns twenty-four years old. 10-27-87. I got to choose his birthday. His was a planned C-section. I enjoyed walking to the hospital that morning, as I knew the drill. I needed the exercise, and it was a deliciously foggy morning. Fog this time of year always reminds me of that morning. My Mom was watching my 14 month old and six year old.

Now he is grown. Flown the nest. Moved to Austin. Enjoying his new career. Working for an electrical contractor firm.

He called me yesterday. His background check came up clean. He was suprised. Ha. The Incident back in Alpine when he was twenty was mysteriously gone. I think he was suprised at that.

Ben recently built a friend a bunk bed set. He showed us the picture on his phone. Impressive. Ben is able to see something and then build it. He is gifted. We are so proud of him for going back to college and working toward an electrical degree. It was over a year of boring classes and challenges, but he stuck it out. He enjoyed the hands on parts. Told us stories and we are so glad his prof recommended him for his new job. The solar industry was dying, and while he enjoyed the challenges of climbing on roofs, and putting systems together, there was no money for it anymore. Government "stimulous" money never materialized. Companies went under waiting for promised money.

If Ben were in town, if Ben were home, I'd bake him a cake. Pineapple upside down cake. My presents run to the practical. Tee shirts, towels...something red or orange, his favorite colors.

Happy Birthday, Benjamin! Love, mom

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