Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

My memory is such that I do not remember what we did for Christmas last year. So, I journal blog here that this year was a very quiet day. We went to the 10am service which smelled of cinnamon rolls Donna baked in the church kitchen. The service was on the history of the Christmas songs interrupted by singing some of them led by the teen. Our "lead" guitar soloist/leader was not raised on hymns. And had not bothered to practice. His crew tried to help carry him. He even apologized after the first flub, but flubbed again. And by the third song, the tired drummer and tired guitar leader played musical chairs with one of the gals leaving her standing. This distracting drama raged right behind the pastor...and I was tempted to take said chairless a chair, but my dragging it 10 feet across the stage would have been more distracting than the bad manners exhibited.

We came home and ate leftovers. Done cleaning the kitchen by noon. Spent a quiet afternoon. Skyped with James and Amber and found out they were coming the next day instead of the day after. yay. Had fun contemplating playing with the baby grandson. Bob vacuumed and babyproofed on Monday while I headed to the chiropractor and Walmart for more victuals.

Excitement reined when said grandson arrived with his big smile of cuteness. Seems he likes forward facing carseatedness.

It is strange how most places close for Christmas. We knew of 2 McDonalds open in the area. Which is somehow comforting. But, I found a cute 4 episode series to show to Bob, Lost in Austen, as in Jane Austen. You tube to the rescue to finish the final two shows.

This year I had this desire to concentrate more on Christ's birth. And contrast how Egypt was a place of refuge in Jesus day. Now, Egypt is in full revolt, and anti-Israel and Christian. Egypt will turn back to God when Jesus comes back. So there must be a remnant there. Israel will be surrounded, outnumbered, devistated and looking bleak when Jesus rescues them in a very obvious regathering and renewal. ALL eyes will see, ALL knees will bow.

The sad part of the story jumped out at me, too. Parents of two year olds and younger in the Bethlehem and surroundind districts lost their babies. Evil king herod murdered them. To hold a precious baby grandson, and know hundreds were slaughtered is too sad to take in. A whole generation wiped out. Rachel weeping for her children.

And I never really noticed before (even though the Bible is plainly marked) that the story starts in Nazareth and ends in Nazareth. Joseph considered relocating...but when he heard which evil son of herod's ruled, reconsidered, and then received another dream.

Angel Gabriel appears face to face with Zacharias, in a voice/quiet presence with Mary, and in dreams to Joseph. Another set of threes. And emphasis on the individual needs? How many of us trust our dreams? And yet others were so living their lives on the faith in God keeping His promises to them---Simeon, and the old widow at the temple.

And what of the wise men? Bringing all creation into the story? The stars, and the angels say HE shall be for all people. The Jews are the keepers, the spotlighted ones trusted to keep God's specific instructions down through the ages. And Jesus sneaks into the enemy's camp, and starts taking victories. From fulfilment of the prophecies, to the flight to Egypt, to His earthly ministry, Jesus takes ground. Victory on the Cross and Resurrection with a promise to come back in God's Perfect Time to set everything right, and rule from Israel...oh happy day. There will be no more tears, sin, traffic, violence, injustice...there will be the earth ruled as God designed originally. The Garden revisited. A new heaven and new earth.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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