Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I Chronicles 12:32 ...they understood the times...

12:32 From Issachar there were 200 leaders and all their relatives at their command – they understood the times and knew what Israel should do.

Imagine being fit, capable of marching for miles over hill and dale, equipped, knowledgeable of weapons, generously supplied, and understanding the times.

Being able to cut through the liberal, biased media. Being able to discern and be strong. Imagine. Imagine a family of relatives all of one mind.

And then that being what is remembered about you for all time in the Bible!

We have been enjoying perfect weather. Able to open the windows during the day. Clear skies. And the rye seed Bob planted has spouted into the best green grass. He mowed it for the first time, and picked up the last of the leaves.

I heard fireworks last night at intervals. But, went to bed early. We started celebrating with each section of the planet. Our thoughts turned to where our son is deployed at 1:30pm our time. Midnight there. So interesting to read of the folks in Samoa skipping Dec. 30th. No one can claim it as their birthday. They wanted to be the first to celebrate the New Year. Too funny.

In a few weeks firstborn will be home. Reunited with his family. Then we can truly celebrate. And the January birthdays begin: first grandchild turns five January 10th. Then Baby James turns one January 22nd. Then Bob's big six-oh on January 26th. YAY.

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Have a great New Year, Bob and Joyce!