Monday, July 15, 2013


First, this most unusual weather.  To have a low sit upon us from the northeast in July giving us rain, gentle, soft, sweet rain ALL day and night and Day again...a miracle.  In July. In Texas--where most summers we see no rain until Sept./Oct.  Wow.  Windows open.  I walked around during and after my birthday saying, "wow".  Again yesterday.  and today.  "wow."  You have my attention, God.  Wow!  Blessing rain.  no wind.  no thunder nor lightning.  Just gentle, sweet rain.  I want to sit out in it.

Thank you, Lord.  We neither earn nor deserve it.  You know we need it.  And I hope it helps dampen the anger and protests.

Now, the political.  I am a news junkie.  I poke and prod the internets looking for conservative news: the truth.  I think we have been played.  The mainstream media stirred up the emotions and anger and are partly to blame for the rioting.  And skittles and Arizona tea and robitusson makes a sipping opiate.  It was not just a young boy buying candy.  Trayvon Martin was a druggie. a thug. a punk. He towered six foot two inches.  He was in shape, but it was just a matter of time, as the drugs made him angry and he slunk around burglarizing houses.  He was kicked out of school because of a third violation with stolen property, jewelry missing from local houses, in his backpack.  His parents received a huge settlement suing the housing association.  Supposidly, his mother is a church going, Bible verse quoting, praying lady.  Surely, she knows her son.  She had to endure weeks of listening to the shots, the pictures, the stories, testimonies...she even testified.  She mourns for her baby.  Did she pay for his cell phone?  minutes?  Did he ever steal from her?  Pawn her jewelry? 

Would one relative, one honest person please come forward and say the truth?  Trayvon was punk.  He was going to hurt someone.  It was just a matter of time.  he texted and facebook chatted and spoke with friends about getting a gun.  He was a ticking time bomb.  But, no. 

As parents we are cowards.  Our baby.  Our reputation.  Our family story.  We are too afraid to admit that our children are SINNERS.  we are all capable of murder.  And we all desire self-defense. 

What of George Zimmerman?  He co-operated with police!  He had a judge for a father.  He knew the rules.  He tried to comply.  He tried to be a law abiding citizen.  he tried to be a man protecting his neighborhood from robberies.  His life was taken from him 17 months ago when after the night he defended himself, after trayvon tried to pound his head into the concrete, after the gun went off in his hands and after George was able to roll Trayvon off of his chest, he helped the police.  He answered all their questions.  He had his hands cuffed.  he was CLEARED.  He even did re-enactment walk throughs with cameras recording.  (should have been filmed at NIGHT, however, to be correct, as in daylight, things look different.)  all those videos and interviews were used against him during the trial.  the trial that the media and liberal progressive politically "correct" mob insisted upon.  And they were not going to be satisfied with manslaughter, either.  the threats on the family, the jurors...

Imagine being in your fifties, minding your own business, not bothering with news or newspapers.  Busy taking care of your own families, work, grandchildren, pets... hearing about some "young boy" being shot...but not bothering to research it.  Well, you get called onto a jury.  six women.  peers.   They get to sit through the trial.  Listen to all the evidence.  See the grieving parents, and family, and hostile witnesses.   Lawyers rant and rave and act and do their performance.   And these six ladies had to sit there and take it.  They had to become familiar with the new lingo, the legal terms, the strict times, sequestered...not allowed to talk about the case until it is dumped in their laps.  And the whole world waits for their verdict.

the whole world...except for my own children...too busy to pay attention as they have children, road trips, relatives to visit, sites to see... and yet they want the guns for'd think they'd be curious how this case went down.  But, no.  and I am still in shock.  As the country melted down with riots, where were my children???  wearing black hoodies in one of the cities.  that  night.  I. kid. you. not.   I guess I should be glad they were not wearing sheets to a kkk rally.  But, seriously?  black hoodies in a downtown where stores were being looted, windows smashed?? 

Saturday night...we are watching the Texas Ranger game on TV.  we are only allowed to WATCH the baseball game on Friday nights on channel 21 or 27.  but, for some odd reason, getting ready for the all-stars break, Fox 4 generously showed the game.  on a Saturday night.  we marveled at the Detroit crowd---NO black people in the stands in any of the games...neither Friday night nor Saturday.   I have heard bad stuff about Detroit.  How come only white people attend the games in a stadium downtown Detroit??  Don't the black people and muslim people of Detroit like baseball?  And they refused to show our black manager.  They kept showing Mattox, not Wash.  strange.  prejudice cameramen???  WTF?

So, I check twitter after the game, and the jury said, NOT GUILTY.  I find the live lawyers blathering and patting themselves on the back.  They should have shut up.  The Florida prosecutor that blocked evidence and fired whistleblowers was blathering on and on...someone should have cut her mike.  yikes.  now is not the time for celebration.  was she out of her mind?  or just loving her fifteen minutes of fame?

George Zimmerman's brother, Robert junior, spoke eloquently.  Revealed how their family had been homeless, on the run. persecuted, silenced.  Unable to respond and were on their own.  Their brother tried to defend himself, and their lives were forever changed that night in February. the 26th of Feb.

Did you know George has been on a curfew for 17 months?  wearing an ankle monitor?  hated by the press, and all who believed the lies?  Yikes.  His mother was born in Peru. 

Irony---a Zimmerman is buried at Arlington. 

Is George Zimmerman safe?  Will his marriage survive?  Where can he live and breathe free?  What can he do?  Write a book?  The Department of Justice is threatening to come after him.  Angry black mobs have sworn to murder him.   He desired to become a policeman someday.   He feels betrayed by a country, a media, a government, and has been unable to defend himself except through paid lawyers.  His father has had to hire lawyers.  The other side outspent them by how much??  I'd like to know.  If your son defends himself and shoots a matter what color, should we get an insurance policy just for this?  So that we can afford the lawyers, the hotels, the life put on hold?

On the spiritual side:  did Trayvon's church going momma take him to church?  did he hear the gospel?  will we meet him in heaven?    and Martin L. King's daughter---she is all for nonviolence, but she just wants a boy like trayvon to be able to go about his his candy and walk home on a rainy February night in a neighborhood that has been suffering break=ins.... 

When are we going to talk about the black on black murders in Chicago??  When are we going to talk about the black abortions??  broken homes? 

apathy.  ignore the news, and you get to be on a jury.  stay current, and your children will wear black hoodies in a downtown city where riots are breaking out.    what a country.

Wednesday, July 17  More thoughts on the trial. verdict.

Again, what I'd like to ask Trayvon:  did your momma take you to church? any of your step moms?  Did you hear the gospel?  Let us assume you did.  Knew your need of a Savior, and are now in heaven.  What would you like to warn your friends?  future boys your age?

1. eyeglasses.  I saw you wearing them during a formal occasion---one of your Dad's weddings?  But, other pictures do not show them.  Did you have lasik? contacts?  or did your glasses get broken playing sports or rough housing around?  Were you too embarrassed to admit it?  Boys are rough on glasses.  And being sent to three or four stepmoms/girlfriends houses, did any of them notice your need?  Is that why you acted up in school?  any reading problems?  Counselors and teachers need to be alert and aware of students who for want of eyeglasses...  But, in this looks-is-everything culture, all it took was some stupid girl making fun of your or your friends calling your four-eyes for you to be too embarrasses to wear them? 

2. drugs? Did you take drugs? autopsy showed brain damage and liver damage.  Who paid for the drugs, cell phone, minutes chatting all day with your friends? 

3. Did no one warn you that slinking around in the dark in a dark hoodie was dangerous?  Sure, we'd all like to roam about, but in a neighborhood plagued with robberies, was that such a good idea?

4. Were you a ticking time bomb?  Talking guns and drugs and immoral behavior with your friends? What were your plans?  What kind of music, video games, movies did you enjoy? 

5. We don't get a do over.  But, I sure wish parents, teachers, pastors would use your life to redeem others.  Too, too many are murdering each other in Chicago.  Innocents are being caught in the crossfire.  I heard Rachel J. say she "doesn't do def" but someday, we will all die.  What is our legacy? 

6. since you were six foot two inches...why not basketball? did you enjoy football?  back to the eyeglasses question. 

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