Monday, February 25, 2008

The List

Cain's wife
Enoch's wife
Irad's wife
Methushael's wife
Tubal-Cain's wife

The first moms. Cain's line. Cain's wife was also Eve's daughter. Why aren't we given her name??

Eve's replacement son after Cain killed Abel: Seth's line:

Seth's wife
Enosh's wife
Kenan's wife
Mahalalel's wife
Jared's wife
Enoch's wife
Methuselah's wife
Lamech's wife
Noah's wife

These are all significant women, moms all, but we are not given their names.

At the Flood, the numbers will telescope down to eight people: Noah, his wife, three sons, and their wives. Eight people.

So, the pre-Noah women of the Bible could have been a hundred or a thousand or a million. Genesis chapters 2-5 only infer twenty. Twenty significant moms. How many children did they have?? What was their daily life like? Did they live almost a thousand years each just like their husbands? Did they see a thousand springtimes and harvests? What sort of shelter did they live in? Did they roam about with herds? The Bible is mostly silent about this group between Adam and Eve and Noah. Some call on the name of the Lord. Some are corrupted in the Genesis chapter six and are so evil, that God floods the earth to start over.

How many women are in the Bible? I count 98 named in the Old Testament. But, 549 significant women that we know only as Mrs. Noah, for example. Solomon throws the number up a thousand with his one thousand wives and concubines, but we only know a few of their names. Thirty women in the New Testament do not include the wives of the four and five thousand fed where the headcount was only done by the men.

To do a word search to find them all, plug in these words in a Quickverse wordsearch: wife, wives, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, nieces, aunt, harlot, concubine, midwives, female servants, queen, widows, girl, virgin, prophetess, nurse, cook, seamstress, dancer, and the plural of each. Some were rich women, some were poor. All were witnesses of the Greatest Story Every Told.

How many of the women of the Bible can you name? Who are your favorites? If you were compiling a list, how would you go about doing it? Why is it important to count the women of the Bible??

Little girls identify with the women and girls in a story. Little girls are fascinated with the daughters of kings, called princesses. Little girls can be taught science and can be shown the possibilities of working on the space station when shown women who pilot the shuttle and space station. Little girls need to be rescued from the present day feminist lies by the stories of women in the Bible. The warriors, and strong women who used what was at hand, like the story of Jael.

To one extreme, for every man mentioned, we know he had a mom. Every man except Adam, that is. But, I think God gives us the names of women in the Bible for a reason. And for some reason, it is a fascinating study to me---to find them all. And ponder why we are given the names of some really bad girls, but not the name of a woman an angel appears to, Samson's mother?? The angel appears to her twice, and gives her specific instructions. I call her, Mrs. Manoah, for lists and counting purposes. Her story needs telling.

I want to encourage women to know their Bible. Never tire of studying it. The five women of the kingly line of Jesus Christ have always fascinated me. And the heroines of Hebrews chapter 11. The role of mom means the training of the next generation, the continuation of all we hold dear. Moms train by word and example. All these women in the Bible are given to us to study, and learn what God would have us know by their example, good and bad. And unless we teach the next generation that being a mom is a worthwhile and necessary profession, the next generation may see nothing wrong with aborting children as inconvenient. The Bible teaches again and again to favor children, to honor the elderly, and take care of the widow and orphan. The Bible teaches life as valuable, God-given, God breathed, in the image of God, and His perfect, beautiful design. Blessed by God is the life He gives. God breathed life into Adam and Eve. Think about breathing life as in CPR. It is very hands on.

So, start a list. I am sure I missed a few. But, I can't wait to interview these women in heaven and learn about their lives.

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