Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It just make me feel a part of the Army experience...

Oh, goody. I got one of those calls today:

Left a message on our answering machine (and what must he thought of my Grannie message??)

"Hello, this is Seargant Rangle...Colonel so-and-so said to contact you about t-shirt design. My number is, xxx xxx xxxx."

So, I called the startled seargant back, and he confessed he was driving---could not write another number down, so he asked me to call his number back and leave a message. so I did.

I just feel such a small part of my son's Army experience when I get calls like this. Maybe every other month---someone looking for my son from an old, old call list. This guy found my son's number back at the "company" but I explained that my son was in the field this week, so call him Monday to talk about the t-shirts design. I am sure jobs get passed on, and it is easier to contact the last guy that dwealt with the problem.

My son hates for me to get these calls, as he has gone to much effort to find every calling list and correct his phone number. But, I just feel so needed. Useful. A true Army mom. Hoohah !

Too funny. Now I wonder if the tee shirt design is for a fun run or challenge or something. And I hope James knows where the logos are kept, and which tee shirt design company they used last time.

Army Mom, reporting for duty.

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