Saturday, May 22, 2010

One plus two on the way !!! Yippeee !!!

How do we say it?? Grandparents times three !

My husband, Bob is the math man. Math degreed.

He would be GrandDad X three !

a three year old, and the three year old is going to get a brother or sister come the middle of October. Then there is the newest...the newlyweds of 301 days...they are SO excited to be parents. They link their blog on facebook even.

So, I hope it is okay to link it here. I woke up my husband early this Saturday morning, and he laughed and laughed at their post. Such joy. Such happiness. We are so excited for them.

Our cups runneth over. Halelujah !


Bag Blog said...

Yeha! Grand Babies are the best! Congrats to the all parents involved.

James said...

Yes Mom, it is ok to link to Amber's Blog here. We Love Y'all and are Grateful to See How the Lord has Blessed You When He Blessed us. This is very exciting.

Mrs. JP said...

congratulations to you and yours!!