Friday, May 7, 2010

Trying to Remember

Last year this time I wrote:

"I am learning more about Army son's day from his fiancee than from him. What happened to that guy that would phone us for a five to ten minute chat each evening? He hath droppeth us like a hot rock. Oh, well. As it should be. I guess. I don't have to like it. So there. I think I will order extra starch for his shorts...I mean shirts."

And now, a year later, that married son is indeed headed out on a deployment, and we are learning more from his dear wife and we are so thankful she shares with us.

I was trying to remember what we did for Mother's Day last year, and Ben said, surely, I was not going to cook like I did last year? I remember cooking because the eating establishments are all so busy on Mother's Day....well, Wendy's wasn't that year we visited A&M right before Andy's freshman year on Mother's Day. And sometimes we can visit better at home where it is somewhat quieter than a busy restaurant. But, since James is headed out in a few months, and our visits with him are getting close to the last few, I'd like to let him chose. Whatever he is hungry for. Because next Mother's Day, he will probably still be in Afghanistan.

Food is food. That is what Bob's says. And I am starting to agree. Since it is just the two of us most evenings, we try to keep it simple. light. And save Friday nights for Ben. Last night, Bob ate some pizza we had frozen from our pizza craving last week. And I ate yogurt with all sorts of nuts and raisins.

Since Bob drove in today (instead of taking the train) he was going to recycle some old laptops, and maybe pick up tamales. Thataway we will have tamales for our guests as they come and go this weekend. We like to stay flexible. I have discovered a way to steam the tamales back to perfection using my broiler pan and foil in the oven, putting water in the bottom of the broiler pain, and sealing the tamales on the top in foil. But, I don't think it is something I could leave going in the oven whilst we were at church. Best to keep an eye on them in case they need more water added.

Sometimes food does not taste very good these days. And I can't blog about it...yet...if ever. Gotta respect the privacy of certain relatives. I couldn't even mention it at church when they asked for prayer requests, which is kinda sad, and made me wonder how many other folks were dealing with heavy stuff they were not at liberty to share? Especially, at church! Church is like a hospital where we get together to heal, and encourage each other. Church is like a hospital for our souls. emotions. spirit. minds. relationships. right? As well, as a place to learn about God, and worship and serve Him.

I cornered our preacher last Sunday and confirmed he would not be proceeding on to the next verse in Acts 23:23 for Mother's Day, which means we will be getting a syrupy Mother's Day message on Sunday morning. yuck. My own Mother is working Sunday. And while I don't begrudge those that like to celebrate Mother's Day, I think it is overrated. I don't need gifts. I enjoy my sons and daughters-in-law and granddaughter---visits in person, and by phone. But, I don't want them to feel obligated. Sorry, but I was needing to dump my angst. Wish I could say more.


Mrs. JP said...

No need to say's your blog!! I, too, am thankful for a sharing DIL. Our son is deployed and they faithfully stay in touch via Skype. Our granddaughter is having more of a hard time this deployment since she's six and really misses her daddy. Kinda puts mom in the back seat but I ever stay thankful the my son is faithful to his wife and child. All I want to know is that he's safe - the details will come later.
You have a happy mother's day!

joyce said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! Mrs. JP! Has your son talked about how he wishes he had brought more socks or anything?

Mrs. JP said...

no Joyce, he's finally got this packing thing down. This is 6th deployment. But he still got an Easter box with his favorite goodies. :)

joyce said...

wow---I think I would pay money for his packing list ! Is your son a Marine? how long are his deployments? they are telling our James 13 months now. and maybe an extension. and since it is hot there now, did you send jelly beans or licorice?