Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Slippery Slope

When we, as a local church, allowed the "music ministry" to take over the Sunday before Christmas service...and next year, ON Christmas day...when we alllow just music instead of Bible teaching, it is a slippery slope to just a play on Sunday morning before Christmas. yikes.

To some, the music and the plays and the dog and pony shows--speak to their hearts. I am happy for them. But, I find it appaulling that on a Sunday which happens to be Christmas Day...our pastors and elders/planners wimp out.

I'd attend a regular service---with just a FEW hymns (even Christmas carols from the hymnal) and a regular sermon where the pastor opens the Bible and reads from it and teaches what the Hebrew and Greek words say. I don't believe in catoring to this being one of two days some people are able to rope their friends and relatives into the pews. (Easter and Christmas). I don't believe in using these days to attract the unchurched. Why lie to them? Why put on a show and then next Sunday revert back to the regular?? That is deceit. And what are we teaching the children? What are we modelling?

How about we as Christians take back Jesus's birthday? How about some Sunday in April closer to when Jesus was probably actually born, we acknowledge the clues from the Christmas story?? Where is the church that talks about Jesus?

Where is the line to see Jesus? I don't want to watch a stupid play about a family having hardships in Kentucky with costumes and parading on a stage. If I want entertained, I go to the movie theatre---the new Narnia movie is wonderfully done.

So, we vote with our feet, and stay home, and listen to good messages online this Christmas season:

Start at the beginning of the six part series. dated 12-10-2010. Learn about Biblical, God-honoring marriage, parenting, and be encouraged.

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Bag Blog said...

Come on up; our church does not do anything special for Christmas - just the normal music and message. It's the same at Easter too.