Thursday, December 16, 2010

Update on Ben

Our youngest son, now 23 years old, had surgery on Monday and is doing super. He tried taking the heavy-duty pain meds, but they made him throw up. So, Wednesday morning, he gave them up, and sweated throughout the day, but says it is just a little numb back there at the surgical site. He has to be careful getting up and down, and stands rather than sit. But, since he is glued back together, there is no open wound. no drainage. no packing or changing the dressing, like we did with James when he had this done at age 18.

Ben is determined to get up and be independent again. He is pretty bored with us. And while he appreciates our help, he is driven to do stuff for himself. My mothering is smothering to him. Someday, when he has a child of his own, he will understand. And that is as it should be. Even then, being a Dad is different. Dads are more into pushing the child to be independent, whereas the Mom is for nurturing, meeting needs, and preventative stuff.

It was so warm here yesterday, over 76 degrees, that we turned on the AC as Ben was sweating. The wind turned around after midnight, and we closed up the windows and have the furnace ready to come on if it drops below 68 degrees in here. But, it was so nice to sit outside and enjoy a non-winter day. We sure need rain, however.

Cute Ben story---when Ben came home from the pre-assessment appointment, he said that the nurse asked him if he was bulemic. Ben thought that was the most ridiculous thing because he thinks he has gained a little weight since Thanksgiving and his jeans are fitting tighter in the waist band. Why on earth would the nurse aks him that? I suggested maybe she asked if he was anemic, as she was taking a blood sample. And Ben said, "bulemic/anemic, same thing, right?" And I laughed. No, anemic means low iron, dear one.

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