Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Wow--we got to skype with James last night from A-stan, and Andy and Lauren and Abby and baby David in Anchorage after noon our time. (their morning of unwrapping presents) And we got to see Abby unwrap presents we had mailed them. wow This new technology is fantastic. And it helps to have such thoughtful, kind, loving sons who are willing!

I am afraid lunch was a little too rare, and too bloody for Ben. I even called my mom because it has been years and years since I have cooked a prime rib roast. We found one on sale at Tom Thumb. A little bit big for three, but hopefully, we can heat up the leftovers...

Cooking a prime rib roast at 500 degrees for one hour, then turn down the oven for half an hour or more as you finish with the smashed potatoes, dressing, and rolls.

The microwave quietly quit. Just like that. Last night, we noticed the light was not on and Bob and Ben tested it. dead. Lovely. How to heat up the dressing? and how will we heat up leftovers?? oh. well.

I like what Steve H. said on his facebook page to put the day in God's Hands.

My problem is getting everything to the table hot at the same time. We were finished and the kitchen cleaning underway by noon. And good thing, as that is when Andy and Lauren called. Way too much food left over is my other problem. ha

Since I had been without a stove for almost a year, I had not made mashed potatoes in a while, so I hid the beaters from myself. Looked high and low. And here I have to touch them every time I get out the pyrex measuring cups Andy and Lauren gave us. I had placed the beaters in the cups... (the mind is going)

I use those pyrex cups a lot for heating up hot water in the microwave...

And using the shiny electric mixer James and Amber gave us...made me tear up for James. James should be home. Home with Amber.

But, God brought it to my mind---pyrex bowls set in boiling water on the stove heated up the dressing nicely. Not that Bob nor Ben are big dressing eaters. The veggies were hidden in the dressing, so they did not get their daily requirement of celery, apples, cranberries, nor onions. And a little dressing goes a long way. Smelled good anyway.

So, I am thankful for sons that skype.
And good rain. And some sun today.
And a smooth lunch. And Ben wrapped his straight A grades. 4.0 None of us had every seen such numbers on a report card. We even showed Andy and Lauren.

Part of me wants to just drive around today. See whatall is open, and what is closed. Today is Christmas Day. It is a Saturday. Tomorrow lots of places will still be closed because it is Sunday. (and the candles at C. Barrel will be half price!)

The house still smells of prime rib smoke. Best to cook the next one someday on a day when we can open windows. (spring and fall)

I wonder if the puppies next door have found those prime rib bones?

Merry Christmas to all. And may I recommend this video:

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Bob said...

The prime rib was too rare only in the sense that we can't eat it often enough. Dinner was a huge success! And it was great to see the kids. (It'll be better when we can hug them, too.)