Monday, May 2, 2011

Way to Go Navy Seals !!!

It is an answer to prayers. No one can hide from God. God knows, and God can direct and protect. I am so thankful none of our soldiers were killed or injured getting evil.

I must admit, that last night, as we watched TV, they announced that the president was going to make an announcement at 9:30pm our time, and no subject. We thought that was kind of presumptious. I never guessed news of Libya nor pakistan.

The president is so hard to listen to. Halting speech. The way he pronounces pakistan. And where was he on 9-11?? Didn't he speak out against 9-11??

Such relief. Brought to justice. I am thankful there will be no trial.

But, let us look at pakistan. Why are we sending them any money?? They allowed evil to hide amongst them in plain sight. In fact---within a block of their West Point and police stations. And let us beware hamas---listen and keep them at bay. Do not support nor help anyone critical of getting rid of an evil terrorist.

Remember the 1998 US embassies in Africa where 231 Americans died.

Remember the 2000 USS Cole where 17 American sailors died.

Remember September 11th where at the WTC, the Pentagon and Flight 93 where over 3,000 Americans were murdered.

This story was interesting: A guy moves to a "quieter" town where his wife and child are injured when a police van hits their car, and then the biggest story ever happens over his head. Too funny. irony.

Can't wait to hear the Navy Seals give us the details. God bless our troops.

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Bag Blog said...

The story will make a great movie some day. Yay America!