Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Email exchange...you might want to read it from the bottom up...

(Bob just called to tell me he was on the way to the train station --5pm--and how my email came just as everyone was headed to lunch, but his loud belly laughs caught everyones attention...and then my second one came in, the one about the one leg, and they all died laughing. again. Bob was laughing so hard walking to the train hours later, that I am sure he is a sight to behold. There. I hope I have not ruined it for you nor gotten your hopes up.)

RE: lunch, selfishness, God's sense of humor
From: Robert
To: joyce


My, my, you have had an interesting day.


From: Joyce
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 12:48 PM
To: Williamson, Bob
Subject: Re: lunch, selfishness, God's sense of humor

I am glad I made you laugh.

But, I would want to know if I had given someone something I was proud of and it had a dead insect in it. I just keep telling myself that it was a dead cricket. (saw blade back leg) (singular) I just hope it was not a dead roach. And was it drowning by hotsauce or cooked in hot sauce? did the cricket come from her pots and pans or was it hidden in the chillies? And I know she uses the blender for some portion of the sauce...so how did Mr. Jimminey come out so whole? (just missing one leg?) I need to quit thinking about it.


From: Robert
To: joyce
Sent: Tue, May 24, 2011 12:01:45 PM
Subject: RE: lunch, selfishness, God's sense of humor

Yeah, you made me laugh. (I’m so ashamed.) But there was no need to feel guilty about hoarding the hot sauce. I’m not much of a Picante fan. (But I’d also say there’s no need to tell Amber about the cricket. That would just make her feel bad.) Just look on the bright side – it wasn’t a dead mouse.


From: Joyce
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 11:51 AM
To: Williamson, Bob
Subject: lunch, selfishness, God's sense of humor

Amber made and brought us a jar of hot sauce. She said it was her best batch, as she had finally found just the right chilies. or is it chillies. Anyway. I keep forgetting to offer you some, and since there are fresh avacadoes in it, I have been eating it for my lunch. I insisted she leave it with us, as I did not want her to have to juggle it on her way to her sister's. I was selfish.

I dumped the last of it in my bowl, and took a call from Rachel, your niece (in town next Tuesday, wants to just do supper somewhere) and I was thinking about how selfish I had been. But, I decided to justify it as the avacadoes were fresh, and I did not want to let them go to waste...and in that last bowl was a dead cricket.

Suddenly, I was not hungry anymore. My hot sauce craving was gone. (as was my guilt)

I wondered if Amber was having a cricket infestation at her house.

I wondered if I should tell her.

I wondered if I was being punished, and if only I'd sent the jar with her to her sisters--who would have eaten the cricket?? And would she have told me??

too funny, huh? Are you snorting with laughter at your computer?

Hope so. I hope I made your day. Love, John the Baptist


Bag Blog said...

I really hate crickets, but I'm sure this one was well cooked.

Mrs. JP said...

I bet he was a sight to behold--laughing as if he had told himself the best joke. It happens to me sometimes, I just crack myself up.
Now, I don't have the story straight...who made the sauce? who was the poor recipient? I tried reading bottom to top and then in reverse! Still funny.

joyce said...

Amber is my daughter-in-law, and mother of our almost 25 pound baby James. (middle son in A-stan)

Amber made the homemade hot sauce. And I ate it all gone, except for the last bowl with the dead cricket in it...minus a leg.

Bob works in cubicle hell. So, he has no privacy. I have to be careful what I email him, but being near lunch, I thought I was safe. Sounds like I made everyones day. ha

joyce said...

Amber had driven down on Saturday, and then to her sister's for a visit on Monday...so my lunch was on Tuesday finishing off the rest of the hot sauce.