Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last Sunday in May

Today I want to worship You.
And just marvel at what You created.
And just be amazed at the miracle of babies.
And just thankful for the gift You gave of children and daughters-in-law.
And I want to think about how You know all about the over 500 souls who died by tornadoes this year.
I have to believe You know and You care about each tiny detail.
You are The God who comforts.
You are The God who judges, and who will set all things right someday.
In heaven there will be no tornadoes. No fear. No lurking in closets and listening to warnings on the radio.
In heaven there will be no mosquitoes.
And we will all be good spellers.
We know a lot about Your character. And everything You wanted us to know is in Your Word.
Creation reveals such exquisite detail, and points to You: Our Intelligent Designer.
But, I have read the end of the Book, and things look so bleak before things get better.
You made the cricket. And the doggy’s mournful howl. You put in nature lessons for us all.
Please put Your song on our lips. Clean out my soul, form in me a new heart.
Please be with all those who lost loved ones in tornadoes so that they are not bitter, but turn to You.
Please help us be accurate and true in teaching Your Word. Please put in our voice the soft love and gentle whisper---attractiveness instead of distain. Let others see we care, and in that care is help, not indifference. I need Your patience, long-suffering, gentleness. On my own, I am critical, judgmental, and impatient. Please mold me and make me like Your Son: our example and Savior. Redeemer and King. For we ask this in His Name: In Jesus Name. Amen.

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