Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ring Fling

As an old grannie lady, my fingers swell and shrink throughout the day and night. So I have a larger size ring from Walmart to wear when my wedding ring is too tight. Last night, I was grabbing the pillow I prop up my arm with as it was slipping to the floor and heard the bigger ring ping against the wall. Thankfully, it did not bounce far, and I was able to find it when I turned on the bathroom light.

This bigger ring reminds me of a James story. Maybe Bob has blogged about it better, but it still amazes me whenever I think about it. I would not put this past Ben---in fact I won't be suprised to hear Ben do this. But James? no. never. he wouldn't. How could he? Not James.

When Amber was very pregnant with Baby James, her fingers were swollen to the point that she could not wear her wedding rings. I offered to buy her a ring like mine at Walmart, but she wanted to wait for James. She felt funny being so pregnant and unable to wear a wedding band, so when James got home for the birth, they were in Walmart stocking up, and James talked her into getting one. The clerk was not convinced they were truly married. Which in this day and age is too common. But, after purchasing the ring, James GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE AND ASKED MY SWEET DAUGHTER-IN-LAW TO MARRY HIM. This just confirmed the clerk's suspicions, and was laughably embarrassing to Amber. I can't believe James would do this to her. She laughed. I told Bob that if he had pulled a stunt like that ---he'd be eating yogurt and rice crispy treats for a year. (Bob hates yogurt and rice crispy treats---the only two foods he hates, well, that and sweet and sour stuff at Pei Wei).

It is a funny story. But, Amber lost that ring and looked high and low for it. It rolled under their bed and I am convinced that Brody found it and carried it away. But, she found it last week and was SO thrilled. This ring has a story behind it. Yes, the wedding rings are important, for they represent covenant...and have the dates inscribed.

I was "married" with my Dad's huge bevealed wedding ring. I had forgotten to give the ring to the best man, as it was part of the set, and we laughed and laughed at Bob's face at the "with-this-ring?" part. My Dad had handed his up to be a substitute for the ceremony. Even the pastor, Bob's oldest brother, asked if we had taken our vows seriously because we were all laughing so hard. Being his first officiating, Bob's brother had carefully typed out the ceremony and was sticking to the script.

I'd like to get another ring. One inbetween the sizes of the two I wear. Call me silly. I switch them around all day. One day, the wedding band slipped off and I could not find it. We went through the garbage, as it was garbage day, and I was afraid it had slipped into the huge bag at the street in the cold. But, thankfully, I found it sitting in the rim of the washer by the drain holes. Whew.

Oh, James. I still cannot believe you did that to your dear, precious wife. I am glad she has a sense of humor. And I am glad that is not the regular Walmart she uses. Thank you, Amber for putting up with James. He is Ben's brother, after all.

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Bag Blog said...

I wore Toby's wedding band when I was pregnant with Jesse - it was one that he had outgrown and he had a new one. I still have it, but I have outgrown it.