Monday, July 11, 2011


I keep thinking of good blog posts, but then I get scared. I don't want to reveal too much or endanger my soldier sons and nephew.

We have been in grandparent heaven though, this past month. One son came home from his one year deployment as the other cycled over. We were so hoping they'd at least get to shake hands, but no.

Our daughter-in-law in Alaska decided to come back to Texas while her husband is deployed for six months. yay. So, we get to see the four and a half year old granddaughter. And play with the nine month old grandson. They motored on down to Houston to see her folks, the other set of grandparents last weekend, and then our recently returned son and his wife and sweet baby boy decided to make our weekend fun. They are stationed just three hours away. And the baby did good on the trip. He is getting so big. We are so thankful our son is home to be a Daddy and help out with all the diaper changes.

I awoke Sunday morning to running water...our son was giving his five month old baby a bath in the kitchen sink, but no towel...and the water felt kinda cold to grannie. I just love bathing babies. So, I elbowed in and gave him a shampoo. And fetched the towel. And we entertained him for an hour to let his momma sleep.

They scheduled our son's mid-deployment leave for this baby's birth, and while he saw the baby on skype, holding a squirming little guy is much different in person. We are amazed how much this baby is changing before our eyes. Tracking more. Grabbing. And so intense about everything, especially teething.

And the nine month old is crawling everywhere---so we get a sneak peak of what the youngest grandson will be doing in four months.

And what with the huge doggie and is a three ring circus here these days. We are loving it. Bittersweet in that our son is deployed, but cursing turned to blessing in that we get to enjoy the grandkids and the daughters-in-law.


Bag Blog said...

Yep, you are in grannie heaven! Jesse gave me photo frame that looked like a pink pig, because I was a hog when it came to the grand-baby.

joyce said...

and with two here, we don't even have to share! I am a hog!