Thursday, July 28, 2011

When to bite my tongue, and when to say something

3:30am Thursday, July 28, 2011
Dear Andy and Lauren,
I don’t know if I will have the courage to mail this to you. I don’t care if you throw it in the trash. In fact, it would be best if you did throw it in the trash so that when some CPS officer or policeman suggests you get rid of your big dog you can honestly say no one else in your life cared enough to warn you.
Bob says I should not say anything. Let the Holy Spirit. Lean on God. But, God gave me eyes to see, and I just want you to consider –think about---the danger a big dog is to you and your children.
Tifa is a sweet dog. She has some wonderful qualities. God has kept her alive and in your possession for a reason. And maybe her big size will thwart any burglar and hence justify her place in your family. But, over the last 75 days, every time she jumped on me, every time her heavy clawed feet walked on me or scratched me, I wondered, what if it had been Baby David? Or Abby? Is it really worth Abby or David losing an eye or finger? Would it truly be “an accident”?
Yes, the danger of something happening to your children exists tripping over a sidewalk, but Tifa is a big dog, and she goes crazy when someone comes to the door. What if Baby David is caught underneath her exuberance?
It is amazing, and I am so glad you, Lauren, found Tifa on Saturday morning when she ran off. (and may I say, I was relieved it was not on my watch, but GrandDad’s) But, I hope you will consider a better home for her where she can run and get exercise, and not be a danger to you or your precious children.
I would not recommend a small yappy dog like Brody, either---the reason I am up at 3:3am is because James and Amber’s Yorkie would not be quiet. Small dogs bite, too. (I actually have scars on my face from small dogs biting me when I was Baby David’s age)
So, consider the source: I got rid of a big dog when Andy was Abby’s age. And I have had cats put down for bad habits. I love you, and hope and pray the best for you all. I just felt that I had to voice my concerns.
Thank you for allowing us to “help” you by keeping your animals while you transitioned from Alaska to Houston. It has been interesting studying Tifa, and figuring out how to keep her in the yard and exercised. I am thankful she never knocked me down. But, again, let me say that your children are so precious. Please put their well being first. And please forgive me for being meddlesome, but when your children engage in risky behavior, I am sure you will speak up, too.
Love, Grannie Joyce/mom

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