Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Be a Good Mother-in-Law

Repeat after me:

1. Thank God for this acquired son or daughter.

2. Treat this man and woman as adults with adult responsibilities.

3. Remember your daughter or son now belongs to her or his spouse.

4. Allow them to form a new family---it's theirs, not yours now.

5. Expect this new entity to be different from you and your family.

6. Let the newly formed family do things in their own way.

7. Do not dish out gratuitous advice (which is what I'm doing now)

8. Pray for them daily.

9. Never criticize the "in-law" to his or her spouse.

10. Encourage them in every way you can think of.

My husband's Mother died just after he was commissioned. I never met her, nor had a hands on "mother-in-law". So, with much trepidation, I became one when sons married. I have heard the horror stories. And I desire to be a good mother-in-law.

I think my friend, Nance gave me the 10 point lamenated keeper which I have copied above. Can anyone think of more points to add?? How about:

11. Try to do a good job when asked to keep your children's animals so that maybe they will trust you with keeping the grandchildren.



Bag Blog said...

I've seen you in action, and you are a good MIL.

joyce said...

Thank you, Bag Blog, but don't you have a rule or principle to add to the list?? What has worked for you as a DIL and what do you wish others knew as a MIL???

Mrs. JP said...

Be your IL's friend. Be able to listen to criticism of your son/daughter without exploding!