Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Waiting for word. Checking facebook for posts and pictures. Captain Andy saw the sun come up in Germany! YAY


Thank You, Lord!

No sign or word that he is headed to Baltimore yet...but maybe in the morning, our time, he will be in his wife's arms at last. I'd love to see it. I'd love to be there but do not want to intrude. I ask too many questions as is.

Months ago, it seems, our middle son, Captain James and his wife asked to use our church's Fellowship Hall for first birthday party for Baby James. One year old already. We knew Captain Andy was due back, but had no clue we'd still be waiting. We asked if we could invite folks from our church, but felt like we were hyjacking Baby James' party. They said they did not mind, but even today, there are no guarantees Captain Andy will make it. And how do you word an email or post an invitation with so many unknowns?

So we wait. And I am so thankful Captain Andy is out of harms way. When I was down yesterday, and needing an attitude check, and a Divine infusion of Thankfulness, I sat in the back yard and prayed. Even before I was done praying, and elderly lady from church called and asked to come by. How do I tell her she was God sent? Then today, before I was done getting dressed, God sent another friend. Dear Heavenly Father, please help me to be sensitive to your leading tomorrow...who can I visit and help? You have been so gracious to me. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Last Wednesday night, at Bible Study, the Pastor did the next chapter in Second Samuel. It has been a while since I read through those chapters...and read together, it was one of those times when I wonder, "Has this chapter always been here??" Abner is being pursued by a warrior in a civil war, and this sprinter runs so fast that somehow Abner's spear goes through the sprinter butt end first.

It caused everyone to pause. The force. Abner tries to get the guy to go away a couple of times, but the sprinter keeps coming, and instead of hand to hand combat, there seems to be the issue of it would be unfair. Did the sprinter not have sufficient armor? Because Abner advises him to take the armor of another. Abner is no spring chicken. What is God teaching us here? Why was this an the whole "insane" Saul versus David conflict put in the Bible? God anoints David king, but King Saul is still around and living out his miserable life of disobedience.

We look to God for direction. Daily. Hourly. We look to God for how to love the hard to love among us. We look to God to dispense justice. We look to God to work it all out in His perfect timing. And sometimes, it won't be until heaven home that everything will make sense. I might ask God, why ten days in Kuwait? What all were you teaching our son? us? Why couldn't Captain Andy make it home just a few days earlier and be there for Abby's fifth birthday? God has His reasons, and He says to trust. Just trust Him. Lean on Him.

And He sends friends to visit. Thank You, Lord.

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