Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting my hopes up

Will we see the two captains together at last??

Last year, as our firstborn was headed to A-stan, and our middle son was headed home from there, they had this one week overlap which was stolen when orders were changed, and firstborn had to head out quicker than planned.

Middle son, captain in the Army came home and was reunited with his wife and baby son in a 3am ceremony. Firstborn, captain in the Air Force, his family moved to Texas to be closer to family during his deployment.

Any day now, firstborn will be headed home, and middle son and his wife are planning a party for their son's first birthday. Will the two captains be together? Will we rejoice that both are home safe and sound? Even while two nephews, one with six months to go, and one just starting his year long tour, stay in our daily prayers?

Two years ago, my birthday was the departure date. Last year, it was coming home for one, and departure date for the other. This year, my birthday should see all but one home.

It would be fun to point out the two captains to their high school. How often does that happen? They both graduated from Lamar, one in 2000, and one a year early. One went to A&M, one to UTA.

Those two blue stars in my service flag represent two captains. Captains that are also husbands and dads. They have not been in the same room since middle son's wedding. To share a share a go to the same schools, and share the same teachers...for eighteen years. And then be scattered to opposite sides of the globe. I know it is not unusual, as how often do I get together with my brothers? How do you tell brothers that you will be best buddies for 18 years, and then, flown the nest, it will be a rare day to visit the old homestead at the same time?

Captains, our captains...

Captain Andy...Captain Andy... (Showboat song)

They won't both be captains long. Soon, one will pull away into the rank of major. Then it will be major and captain for a while. And our nephew will be a captain. And both Jameses will be captains for a time. Then Major James M., and Captain James G. Then the Major Jameses? The Major James cousins? fun. fun.

And we will put the miles on the van travelling to see those grandbabies!

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