Saturday, March 24, 2012

Composing a post

Driving back and forth, I had time to compose a post in my head. At first, I thought I would like to keep it light and funny, as if composing a post for a future grannie.

What advice would I give a future grannie? You will start sleep deprived because you will not have slept well for days and days waiting by the phone for the call. Wondering if you packed enough or too much, you will take a while to get organized with bags and gifts and extra tee shirts for the urps to be upon your shoulder.

Big weather systems tend to bring on labor, and hence, watch the weather. At one point I wondered if we were under a tornado watch, the sky was so dramatic with clouds and rain and wind. Be ready to jump out at the door with your bags and food and drinks for the father of the baby. If I carry any more stuff, I am going to have to find a purse on wheels. Have snacks for the older sibling, and an extra outfit for him, as the waiting rooms and hospital rooms tend to be hot. You, too, will need extra showers for all the sweating you will do.

Bring money for the vending machines. Thankfully, ours had bottled water and kid friendly snacks. Food to get into the good graces of the nurses would not hurt either. Try to forget your prejudices against tattoos and piercings, as that is what nurses are wearing these days.

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