Saturday, March 24, 2012

Exactly fourteen months older than his baby brother

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joyce said...

We had SO much fun with fourteen month old Baby James in the waiting room. Our son, James would take Baby James in to see his mom, and when Baby James needed to play, the waiting room was perfect because we could close the door, and there was space to crawl around, play hide and seek, push the little children sized chairs like a walker, and share snacks. Baby James loves to share his food, and is fascinated with lids, and caps on bottles. And cell phones! wow. no need for baby toys if you have a cell phone he can play with!!! He can push buttons and the cell phone beeps and flashes and changes screens for him. Some combination of button pushing allowed BAby James to call Uncle Andy in ALASKA all on his own!!! We thought the battery was about dead, so why not let him play with it, but Baby James pushed the buttons just right to turn it on by himself, then call up the menu and contacts and then A for Andy being the first ont he list, calling him!!! We could hear Andy's voice and realized, that just like Andy's daughter did at about Baby James' age...he is a button pushing wonder!

I want to remember these fun, and good things that happened. I want to cherish the good and laughing and preciousness that is a fourteen month old that does not care that we are old and fat and ugly. Baby James just grins and grins and laughs and shows off, and makes life so FUN! And the contrast in size! Fourteen months ago, Baby James was smaller than Baby Matthew!! amazing how far he has come, and where Baby Matthew is headed!