Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Like to Make my husband Laugh

We have been plagued by this robo call promising never to call again. Every week we get this call and no matter what I do, no matter how many times I ask, they won't take us off the list. I have tried everything. I have gotten mad. And I can't afford that anymore at my age. Besides. I am a Christian. I am not suppose to yell and rant and rage like a mad woman.

So, I determined, next time I get the call, just witness to them. Might as well. How often do I get to give the gospel.

We have caller ID on the phones in the living room, but if we are caught in the bedroom, and waiting for a call from one of our sons, then I will pick up. Saturday morning, Bob started laughing hysterically when he heard me say into the phone in the bedroom:

"Did you know that Jesus Christ died for your sins?"

"Well, it does not do any good to tell y'all to put us on the no-call list."

"Good." "I am glad you have heard the Gospel."

another good answer might be: "I'd love to scream and yell and curse, but I cannot, because I am a Christian. Jesus Christ tells me to love you and share the Gospel, the Good News with you. It is no accident that you called me today. There are no accidents with God."

I can't wait for the phone to ring. Now. He-he.

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