Monday, April 30, 2012

Honesty and the consequences of sin

Wow.  I am glad Bag Blog gave us a heads up on the new blogger thing. 

Today I would like to ponder the subject of honesty.  And the consequences of sin.

Without naming names and gossip, let us just say that someone we know got knocked up, and is having to learn the hard way that when you skip the steps of marriage first, you'd better employ a lawyer because the daddy stole her baby.   And when the baby's grandma called and asked for prayer and cried, I cried, too.  Now I am in the anger stage.  Angry at the girl for being so trusting.  Angry at the grandparents for not getting some paperwork done.  Come to find out, like the grandma told me, if you call 911 and report a dangerous manhole cover missing...they will send someone right out so no one gets hurt.  But, if you call 911 and report your baby was stolen by the daddy not married to your daughter, the police will tell you sadly, no.  Without paperwork, you lose.

Sin has consequences.  And they are not pretty.

Hang in there---I see a corilation---

Five months ago, the water department installed "smart meters" up and down our street.  Supposidly, these meters talk to the home office and report your water usage.  No more meter men and women checking by hand. 

Well, our bill dropped $20 a month.  In fact, it showed zero consumption.  We still paid $25 for sewer and garbage, but there was a zero in the gallons consumption column.  So, I called.  They sent someone out to test the meter, pulled the lid off, had me run some water, and lo, it was working. 

But, our bill continued to show zero.  Our usual 5,000 or 4,000 was not showing up.  So, today, I called again.  It is no fun dealing with "press one" to hear a menu in English.  And "press zero" to talk to an operator, who is dealing with 12 folks ahead of you...  But, I waited.  And Vivian assured me they had sent someone out months ago and it was fixed.  Had my water usage changed??  No, I assured her we were still showering, washing, flushing and doing laundry... and our bill still read zero consumption.   I thought of lots of snarky comebacks, but I am a Christian, and bit my tongue. 

Vivian said she would put in a work order, but it might be 5-7 days.  No problem. I told her it was not an emergency, and I understood.   But, a few hours later, I happened to be washing my hands and noticed a city water truck out front, and a man checking the meter.  I ran outside with my bills---a year and a half worth to prove I was not crazy.  The man thought he had figured out the problem, that it had something to do with the lid too close to the meter, shutting it off.   And that he'd send a crew to either raise it up or lower it.  But, it might be a few days. 

I played around on the computer some more, took a bath, and was getting dressed when I noticed a truck out front again.  this time a crew was pulling out bricks and digging up the meter.  They installed a new box, and only had to turn off my water for under an hour. 

Honesty means we pay what we owe, even if we have to prove we owe it.

Honesty means your pipes might cough and sputter, and that we should not take fresh, clean water for granted.  Honesty means Bob will have to spend a few hours resetting the bricks and restoring the sidewalk.  Honesty and sin both have consequences.  

I am so sorry, Lord, that we have to learn some lessons the hard way.  But, what is best for this child?  To be restored to his unwed momma, or to grow up with his young dad?  Please comfort the grandma's heart.  It is so painful to contemplate losing one of our grandchildren.  But, when one of your Christian friends and sisters-in-Christ is hurting, then so are you.   It is so tempting to think of very non-Christian ways of getting that baby back.  Your will be done, Lord.  In Jesus Name.  Amen

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Bag Blog said...

Yes, there are consequences for sin. Very sad indeed.