Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Sorry. I just was not feeling it this year. And our church's song service excuse instead of teaching never fails to dissappoint. Mental note: skip Christmas and Easter at our church. Unless you like singing. Even then--it was hard to tell when we were suppose to join in, and when we were suppose to be good listeners. I got a few funny looks. To hell with them. ha

If I wanted good music...

If I wanted karaoke...

And we are preparing to leave on a trip. (is it safe to post this here?) Should I say instead, hey come rob us, we'll be gone ten days?

We enjoy helping our sons and their families at this stage in our lives. And Bob would leave tonight, but Amber's folks don't leave until tonight, so we need to wait until tomorrow. Then help them load up whatall they are hauling themselves, and drive to Missouri. James has a six month class.

Paring down whatall is in the frig...I'd love to leave it empty. I'd love to completely empty it out and do a defrost. Get rid of all the water and ice that does not go in the usual defrost cycle.

We got home from church yesterday, and Bob tried to mow before it rained. I fetched sandwiches from Schlotzsky's. We had eaten the dozen eggs by means of egg salad sandwiches on Saturday. We are down to one apple...a ham bone, and condements.

The strangest Easter of all. No chocolate...except the cocoa puffs.

But, our children blessed us with pictures on facebook, and little mini movies of Baby James chatting on the cell phone (case) of his mom's cell phone. He even harumps through a little cough here or there as if talking under his breath. It is a hoot. We have watched it on facebook over and over. Bob has spent time trying to break down every if Baby James is ordering out for pizza.

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