Saturday, April 21, 2012


Waiting around for four hours yesterday for the Toyota dealership to send their "courtesy" van was a hoot yesterday. I still don't understand it. They called at 11:20am and said the car was all done being repaired. A bearing under waranty was the source of the noisy tires. yay

I was promised that the drive would be right along to pick me up. So I sat by the phone and kept an ear out for the front drive. I feel like such a dupe. dummy. Each hour, I would politely call, only to be met with excuses like, "well, the driver went to lunch" or "he has to pick up someone in Keller, but you are next on the list..."

When he finally pulled into the drive, I was not a happy camper. Then I had to hold on while the guy tried to make up for lost time by driving too fast and the traffic was heavy. This drive gets off at 4pm, and we were minutes from that. And he received three cell phone calls while driving on the freeway into which he barked that the traffic was heavy.

If only....I had driven Bob to work, then I would have had a car to go pay for the car, and then pick up at our leisure. If only....I had had the driver pick me up at the car was finished on time. If only...I had made other arrangements. Good grief. Just be honest. Tell me you are going to let people in front of you get in line ahead of you on a silly list.

While I'd much rather wait around at home, than at the dealership---dropping the car off the day before mean three hours of dealership daytime tv, and being shuttled to an Enterprise Rental place that had no cars into which I fit. (and the promise of a $5 rental turned out to have all sorts of hidden fees, like the $16 insurance, and $5 a gallon gas...)

I am thankful that the bearing was still under warranty. But does that mean we have three more bearing that might wait to go out in 10,000 miles? Our warranty is only good until 75,000 or June of 2014, whichever comes first.

And I would like to apologize again to my longsuffering husband. Not only did he have to endure the hourly emails, but I have been wanting a full coverage warranty next time we buy a car. But, unless you specify limo service with a driver, it would be a waste of money. We paid an extra $1314.00 for the 75,000 warranty. Between the bearing going out and some warranty work early on, did we get our money's worth? Time to pore back over all the receipts I have faithfully kept.

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