Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Birthday 2012

Dreaming:  I awoke in Alaska to the sound of my grandchildren laughing and giggling.  The cool mountain air ...  

Hey, I warned you it was a dream.  If I were thinner...in shape...if I could fit in an airline seat...

Dream Two:  to actually visit Iceland and see these places they feature live on live cams.  Looks so nice and cold.  Anything cold in July and August in Texas is a daydream.

Reality:  woke up listening to the radio, as Bob was getting up, getting showered and ready to go to work.  Our plan is for me to take him to the train, then pick him up after work at the train station and motor up to Carrabbas for some veal piccatta and garlic mashed potatoes.  Yummy.  I live a blessed life.  That was the plan.  anyhoo...

Gross out alert.  You might want to stop reading now if you would care to dwell on everything pure, gentle, beautiful and poop free.  You have been warned.  here is where I dump stuff.  Bob has no time to read my crap at work, so I dump it here.  Kinda an online journal.  A place where I dump crap and then turn and count my blessings.  For I am truly blessed.

This is 2012.  I was born in 1956 and I turn 56 this day.  Fun with numbers.

Now for the crap:  For the past few years, my periods have become irregular.  A few years ago, they got strangely heavy, so I went to my regular doctor, who sent me to a gnocologist and failing to make it through that visit due to bleeding everywhere and making a mess, and losing it, I sought another opinion from another gynocologist who reccommended lots of tests, one of which went awry and is already documented on this blog.  That gynocologists solution was to recommend a hysterectomy.  I wanted to wait and see if I was indeed in menopause.  Last year, I got five months "off".  Not consecutive, but, hey.  Heavy bleeding in Sept of '11, but heavy spotting and blood clots started up in January of this year, 2012.  I got March "off" but I have experienced heavy bleeding almost 24/7 except for the month of March.  Feeling tired, at times constipated, sitting on towells, taking showers, has been my life.  Washing underware, sheets, pants...soaking towels in the "soak" cycle of the washer for hours on end...laundry today is lined up for their turn.  I see three loads. 

The stores have been plentiful with ripe fruit:  strawberries, cherries, watermelon...

And I am an impulse buyer.  Walmart had this huge bag of natural almonds.  Bob loves cherries, and I bought two bags so we'd have plenty for the 4th of July.  Well, eating a handful of almonds, and then lots of cherries---and maybe something we ate on Sunday at Mexican Inn---I have not had to worry about constipation.  Blowouts, more like. 

I dropped Bob off at the train station.  And treated myself to a trip to Walmart.  They are not crowded at all early in the morning.  In fact, you have to go in the west door, as it is the only one open 24/7. 

I looked at the clothes, admired the baby clothing.  Cute slogans on little kid shirts.  Tempted to buy the one with an arrow that said, "my brother did it".  But, it was way too big for Baby James.

I got some yarn.  Fun colors.  They stock was low, but fun to look.  1.77 a skein nowadays. 

By the time I felt the urge, it was too late.  Just pulling down my pants smeared it everywhere.  Thankfully, I carry wet wipes.  But, I could not wait to get home and take a shower, then a bath.  Yikes.  What a mess.  Blowout on my birthday.  That oughta make it memorable.  Just like the day I was born.

while typing this--our local WBAP had this adventure.  Steve Lamb drove to a northern county to purchase fireworks.  they featured his purchases live online, which were funny to hear--like a kid in a candy shop.  But, ran into a snag wanting to drive them back to Dallas/Tarrant counties.  afraid of being arrested, he arranged to donate the firworks to a local church.  But, on-air kept saying things like he did not have them, he'd dumped them, he was someone else, etc... what a hoot.

Now for the blessings:  Count your blessings, name them one by one...

I am thankful for God's Perfect Plan.

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joyce said...

3:30pm update: got the stains out of my pants! yay! and outa the towels, and pawned the ice cream off on the neighbor child. yay! if I am gonna eat ice cream, it is gonna be a flavor I like. Red Velvet Blue Bell needed to go on someone else's hips.