Monday, June 25, 2012

Crime Scene

I feel like going to the police station and filling out a pre-crime scene report.  This pre-menopausal heavy bleeding is ridiculous.  I am doing sometimes two and three showers a day.  And at my size and the bathroom after each visit means I am going through cases of wet wipes. 

I am thankful for the washer "soaker" cycle.  The only way to get blood out of towels and clothing.  And I am wearing out towels and clothing out by washing everything twice just to get the soap out. 

I have no desire to travel far.  And no way dare I sit in anyone else's house or car...  and if I do, I am nervous the whole time and check the chair when I get up.  Had to scrub a seat at church with a wet wipe. 

I don't think the evening primrose oil is doing anything.

I try to remember to take my iron tablet each day.

I can barely stay awake for late baseball games. 

Sure wish I had a clue as to how long this is going to go on. 

But, if anything happens to me, there is a record in my checkbook register.  Just say, "look, officer, her husband is innocent."  

I am thankful for wet wipes, extra long pads, pad with wings, and a working washer and dryer.   This must have been so vexing for women a hundred years ago.  

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