Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Grandkids are coming! The Grandkids are coming!

Unable/unwilling to travel up there, we are so glad firstborn's wife and kids are flying down here from Alaska.  yay!  Firstborn graduates from captains school the end of July, so this way, firstborn's wife and kids can visit friends in Houston, see a new baby born to a bridesmaid, see the other set of grandparents and great grands...then come back here and we will watch the kids whilst firstborn's wife goes to see her husband graduate.  No children allowed.  so sad. 

I really need to write a thank you to the Air Force for being anti-children so we get to watch them!  ha. 

Carseats are installed.  A chore we tackle early in the morning down here in Texas!  The toddler bed is re-assembled.  I even found the little "L" wrench and did it myself.  Thanks to how well our youngest son took it apart and taped the screws and bolts to the frame so they did not get lost.  yay. 

I found a "Cars" themed stroller at Walmart.  $14.  what a deal.  the umbrella-fold kind that fits nicely in the trunk area.  And I already had "Cars" themed sheets on the toddler bed.  Baby David likes cars.  I have a "Mighty Machine" DVD for him that he might like.  Purchased it many moon ago for just a time like this.

And Walmart had these cute pink tees with flags on them for $2 !!!  I should have bought more. 

I am excited.  Anything we can do to help our military folk.  We just want the trip/flights to go smoothly.  And for them to have a good trip.  They move to Florida in September, and things will be hectic then---to hectic for much of a visit, if they even get to come through here.  If it were me, I'd have the cars shipped, and fly directly to Florida.  It is just toooo long a drive for kids. 

But, however we can help.  Bob is saving vacation days.  Soon we will find out where the middle captain and family go next.  They move one more time this year, too.

I still have their high chair from last summer, too.  yay.  Glad I hung on to it.  I figure with three grands under age 2, we will still use it for years to come.  And the pink queen sized sheets were a good investment, as granddaughter loves pink.  I even have some pink towels just for her.  Am I a crazy grannie or what. 

And our youngest son moves back here from Austin July 20th.  yay.  He is an electrician.  I have a list of things that need fixed---the garage light, install a new dishwasher.  He says he will be working at the airport.  The company he has been with for a year now allows transfers and he jumped at it.  His friends are here, and it will be so good to have him back!

He will get to see his niece and nephew and be closer to help out when Cam is in the hospital, too.

Cam was suppose to come this weekend for another round of chemo, but some numbers were not right, so next weekend.  

and today--Saturday, July 7th is lima day at Cracker Barrel.

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